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Stephen Pasquale to star in NINE at Kennedy Center
 May 22 2024, 06:49:49 PM

Ooooh Pasquale as Guido is perfection. Elizabeth Stanley strikes me as more of a Carla, but she’s brilliant in everything. And Carolee!

The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations for 2024
 May 22 2024, 12:23:16 AM

SondheimTesori said: "Anybody else think Kelli's gonna win Best Actress? The OCC win bodes well, and I could also see her picking up the Drama League (they've been opting for celebrated Broadway stars recently even-Sutton, Annaleigh, Danny)giving her even more momentum. Know the show is closed but feels like this strange year could work in her favor.I know Maleah has a great shot too but I wonder if they'll just reward Hell's Kitchen in Featured Actress."

 May 20 2024, 02:22:57 PM

yahyahyah said: "Of course honesty is important when sharing your opinion. How did you glean I thought otherwise? Not sure how that is applicable to my point/ board members denying influence over word-of-mouth, etc."

Well there seemed to be an implication that posters sharing their honest, negative reactions were not wielding that influence (however small or large it might be) responsibly. I’m sorry if that’s not what you meant. I’m just frustr

 May 20 2024, 11:07:11 AM

yahyahyah said: "And word of mouth is powerful. It creates the “buzz” in our community, and yes, the concierges of the hotels and the like stay on that pulse too. Critics are also aware of it before they step into a show.

This board does wield power. I’m surprised you don’t understand that, or maybe you are just refuting any responsibility. I’d encourage everyone to consider that power/responsibility when they post.


Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 May 18 2024, 02:25:31 AM

Wbooks said: “Someone on YouTube re-edited all of the released footage in chronological order with the broadway score underneath. Makes you realize how much of the first act they've already shown"

Well they might’ve shown less of the plot if they were allowed to use any footage that indicates it’s a musical!

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 6 2024, 04:00:49 AM

I’m just starved for a good original score with good lyrics. I hope this show delivers that. With the cast and source material, I’m really rooting for it to succeed. 

What’s Your Favorite Song From the 23-24 Season
 Apr 26 2024, 07:15:02 PM

“There Go I” from Days of Wine and Roses

Shows that were considerably changed after their Broadway run
 Apr 22 2024, 03:21:01 AM

Follies has been tinkered with quite a bit since its original Broadway incarnation. Most notably its original West End production saw several songs replaced and some pretty significant book changes

Lempicka false advertising
 Apr 20 2024, 11:43:48 PM

The deceptive quoting is definitely an issue and something I’ve only grown to despise more in this age of increased misinformation. And while Lempicka is far from the first show to do it, it’s not surprising it’s getting extra attention considering the discourse around the reviews. Plus the ad featuring the dishonest pull quotes is very obviously trying to play off of said discourse, so it just draws more attention to the fact that they’re deceptive. I r

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Apr 19 2024, 04:04:08 PM

How exciting! This could go so many ways. My guesses are:

Klea Blackhurst - “Broadway Baby”

Harolyn Blackwell - “One More Kiss”

Norbert Leo Butz - “Buddy’s Blues”

Len Cariou - “The Road You Didn’t Take”

Carolee Carmello - “I’m Still Here”

Christine Ebersole - “In Buddy’s Eyes”

Santino Fontana - “The Right Girl”

Jennifer Holliday -

NINE & BYE BYE BIRDIE at Kennedy Center - Cast?
 Apr 16 2024, 04:41:48 PM

I’d love for Santino Fontana to get another crack at it. 

Cabaret stunt casting
 Apr 13 2024, 03:00:52 AM

I haven’t seen this Cabaret so I’m not sure how she’d fit into this specific production’s vision, but I think Lindsay Lohan would truly be perfect casting for Sally.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Apr 11 2024, 01:05:13 AM

I think that’s great casting! Wish it was more than just a voice role, but he’ll be great nonetheless. 

HERE WE ARE heads to the recording studio
 Apr 5 2024, 12:45:04 PM

I’m so happy they’re doing a vinyl! I can’t wait to add it to my collection of other Sondheim original cast albums

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Apr 2 2024, 12:03:20 AM

TBFL said: "How do you know he's not a humanoid lion from the front? lol All of the characters/costumes in that shot are just slightly different from the 1939 version that everyone knows. You recognise them, but they're not the same. Basically they were not paying for licence to be able to copy the costumes. From the back, Bert Lahr's costume was the most realistic, even using real lion hair in it. To make it different for the film, they couldn't go backwards, as it w

Titanic Musical Based on Movie 1997
 Mar 31 2024, 11:57:03 PM

I’m curious why the OP thinks a musical based on the film Titanic would be immune to the issues they pointed out in other new Broadway offerings (weak scores, cheap production values, etc.). Great source material is not what Broadway is missing right now. If it were that easy/affordable/marketable/trendy to just whip up a great score and dazzling visuals, don’t you think every show would have those?

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 22 2024, 01:52:12 AM

If the brief shot of the lion in the teaser is any indication, Dillamond will be a literal goat instead of a humanoid goat

Hedwig Fan Casting
 Mar 14 2024, 10:49:00 PM

What funny timing! I was just revisiting this show today. I’ll throw J Harrison Ghee’s name into the mix

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread
 Mar 9 2024, 03:03:19 AM

Oh she’s gonna be so good! Her Roxie was the best I’ve seen live.

Jeremy Jordan missing in-person rehearsals because he had a few concerts! OUCH
 Feb 19 2024, 03:31:10 PM

Well they did just do a run at Paper Mill. I can’t imagine they’re changing that much (unfortunately). He’ll be fine.

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