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How is Jinkx Monsoon as Audrey.
 May 23 2024, 11:13:26 PM

I’m not paying upwards of $100 to see a drag queen in an Off-Broadway musical. This is the nadir of stunt casting. Producers cashing in on someone’s reality TV “fame” to line their pockets. 



Scott Rudin returns:
 May 14 2024, 12:32:02 AM

senorvoce said: "I don't care if he's the biggest pr1ck in the world. His shows run, and that means jobs."

Yes, of course because you weren’t the one who was abused and had a computer monitor smashed a good your head or had a stapler hurled in your direction. 

You guys are BEYOND ridiculous. You pick and choose who you decide to cancel based on what fits your needs.


Scott Rudin returns:
 May 14 2024, 12:25:17 AM

Broadway Flash said: "Slowly getting back into it. Broadway needs him BAD. He was a hitmaker!!"

Yes he was! Just ask the staff member he chose to hit with a computer monitor. 

Mike Nichols Biopic!
 Mar 4 2024, 10:15:04 PM

Jonathan Cohen said: "BrodyFosse123 said: "I’d love to see Sarah Silverman as Elaine May as she’s proven she’s a great character actress in MAESTRO."

I think the movie is primarily about the periodwhen Nichols was makingWho's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - Elaine May was 34 when the movie came out. Silverman is 53 now, she might have missed her window for that role.

Oh! So it doesn’t “touch lightly”

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development
 Dec 19 2023, 09:03:27 AM

I actually like the UK poster art more than I do the (US) one. 

Streisand Reworking Funny Girl Ending
 Oct 11 2023, 02:06:17 PM

Here is an article from Vanity Fair pleading her case:

Barbra Streisand on THE WAY WE WERE and Her Fight to Get It Right


Streisand Reworking Funny Girl Ending
 Oct 11 2023, 01:25:04 PM

There is some backlash in film circles regarding her decision to do this. Pollack felt the scenes in question were unnecessary, but Streisand always disagreed with his decision to cut them out.  Many feel she is taking advantage of the fact that he has passed on by doing this against his original artistic vision.


Streisand Reworking Funny Girl Ending
 Oct 11 2023, 01:20:18 PM

Brolin is referring to the new alternate cut of THE WAY WE WERE which will also be included in the upcoming 4K UHD/Blu-ray 50th anniversary edition of the film to be released on November 21st.

In close collaboration with Barbra Streisand and in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Sydney Pollack's classic film, Columbia Pictures presents a new extended version of THE WAY WE WERE — restoring two important scenes where the love story and the political story come together &mda

THE SOUND OF MUSIC super deluxe film soundtrack to be released
 Oct 1 2023, 06:26:23 AM

The Other One said: "I wonder if it will include this, Marni Nixon's guide for foreign dubbers."

It does not. It does however include her demo recording of “I Have Confidence”

 Sep 16 2023, 12:21:15 AM

A Chorus Line Revival
 Aug 25 2023, 03:39:34 PM

Alexander Lamar said: "Never in my life do I want to see A Chorus Line without the original choreography. For me, it’s as important to the story as the text and music."

I agree. The choreography is part of the show's DNA. For me it simply is not A CHORUS LINE without Bennett's choreography. 

A Chorus Line Revival
 Aug 25 2023, 02:42:00 PM

On the subject of replacements, I seem to recall reading somewhere, it may have been in the Mandelbaum book, "A Chorus Line and the Musicals of Michael Bennett", that Bennett was not confident in the fourteen newcomers that were hired as replacements for the original cast. They were signed to something called "conversion contracts" which gave the management the option to convert the performer's contract to a run-of-the-play contract after the fifth performance or leave

Chita : fell Saturday night?
 Aug 25 2023, 02:17:57 PM

Oh my! I am so glad she's okay and out & about! 


First Look - Bradley Cooper as Leonard Bernstein
 Aug 16 2023, 06:00:28 PM

Leonard Bernstein’s Children Defend Bradley Cooper’s Prosthetic Nose in ‘Maestro’: ‘Our Dad Would Have Been Fine With It’

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 5 2023, 04:20:13 PM

BETTY22 said: "I don't understand why this is closing.

In these ugly times when folks are chatting 'jews will not replace us,' we need shows like Parade.


It's a limited run. That is why it's closing. 

Your favorite Broadway show based on a movie?
 Aug 5 2023, 02:09:53 PM


A Little Night Music

Promises, Promises


Does anyone recall a 1971 Broadway musical titled
 Jul 9 2023, 06:35:00 AM

Total Deja Vu that this show is being mentioned here now! I was cleaning the house yesterday and as I tend to do I was listening to my theater playlist when all of a sudden "Deep in the Night" by Linda Hopkins starts playing - - - and I stopped dead in my tracks and stayed there and didn't move a muscle until the song was over. What a voice and what a song! I had forgotten that I had the recording in my digital music library so it was a very welcomed surprise! 


Leslie Odom, Jr. sets Broadway return in revival of PURLIE VICTORIOUS, directed by Kenny Leon.
 Jun 15 2023, 03:10:44 PM

ManOfLaMuncha said: "I've never heard anyone sing "I've Got Love" except Melba Moore. She sang the hell out of that song! I saw her in concert twice many years ago. Once it was at an upstate theater and got very foggy. People weren't showing up for the second show, so she invited us all to stay and sang for at least another hour! Amazing voice, and very nice lady !

Going back and reading the article, this is the non musical version of the play. I didn

Glenda Jackson has died, age 87
 Jun 15 2023, 01:56:45 PM

Echoing the sentiments here that this is a great loss. She left her indelible stamp on every role she played. A tour de force performance in WOMEN IN LOVE being one of them. 

Leslie Odom, Jr. sets Broadway return in revival of PURLIE VICTORIOUS, directed by Kenny Leon.
 Jun 15 2023, 01:53:18 PM

I believe this is a revival of the play and not the musical

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