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NYP: Broadway sings New York’s blues as crime, costs slow post-COVID comeback
 Jun 20 2024, 11:27:30 AM

BorisTomashevsky said: "Biden can’t string a sentence together. But being a nice guy is apparently enough these days.

And that’s what’s got us into this mess. Kamikaze empathy.

Complete nonsense and lies. Listen, I wish we had a Democratic nominee that was under 80. But the person who can't string a coherent sentence together is Trump. He is clearly mentally unfit for office.

This is why Trump is already trying to lower expect

Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 May 1 2024, 09:45:56 AM

Adeliciaboy said: "Dear Broadway World message board readers. Please allow me to inject a note of sanity into the severalfavorable reactions to this travesty’s first preview. I was there tonight too. First off, this is NOT a Broadway musical. It’s a trashy Vegas comic act masquerading as theater. The show has no coherentscript and no music except for one 11 o’clock number sung by the two leading ladiesthat is so ridiculously over the top that you listen in disbelief

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Apr 5 2024, 12:40:38 PM

Jmuep2 said: "I think the young Tommy portion of the original production was set during World War 1. The cast album had a song "1921" that seemsto have been updated.

CJRochester said: "dramamama611 said: "The setting has always been WWII; if for no other reason than the pinball machine wasn't around till the early 30s"

Thanks, I must have been thinking of the original album, which did start during WWI. Still

Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?
 Mar 18 2024, 02:20:43 PM

tacotheatrelover said: "Am I the only one who wants SpongeBob back at the palace"


SLAVE PLAY headed to London?
 Feb 29 2024, 01:40:06 PM

binau said: ""Tell me you're white and clueless" -god - is this the level of argument that is considered not just acceptable but even morally virtuous in the USA today? Imagine if you said "Tell me you're black and clueless" in response to something someone said. It feels ugly to be using people's race in an insult, and I'm pretty sure in a couple decades we will look back on these times and be shocked at how we spoke to each other, and us

SLAVE PLAY headed to London?
 Feb 29 2024, 12:42:00 PM

TimeToStartLivin said: "The TONYS cameduring Covid when few shows were open. Slave Play was an anomaly and to claim the nominations, while true, are really misleading. Saying it was a "huge Broadway hit" is also really poor reporting. Slave Play couldn't give tickets away. They hardly could sell out 1/4 of the house, and that only through the dedication (misguided, I'd say) of its producers who seemed OK tolose money in the name of supporting a new black Yale wunderkind playwright who happened to write a ****ty play but sold the producers on his brand of koolaid.Itwas a precocious ego effort at best. What has he done since? And this "Black Out"**** for "safety" for black audiences, and "free from the White gaze"? What the hell is that? Why is no one calling out this racism at its worst?And making the show affordable to underprivileged people? They could not give tickets away in NY. No one wanted to see the show. Curious to see who will buy the 30 pay-what-you-can tickets and 10 seats priced at£20. WOW! 40 tickets !!!!!!! I hope the London audienceand press eviscerates this show both for its racism and how crappy the show is."




  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

    "a program to combat racism"

 Oct 5 2023, 02:41:51 PM

Dylan Smith4 said: "I swear, what these people are doing is just wrong. There are other ways to protest, but disrupting a theatrical performance is the last straw in my book! Imagine if this were to happen on Broadway!"

People used to say the same thing about ACT UP.

Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY - News & Discussion Thread
 Apr 25 2021, 08:44:37 PM

Better than I had hoped. Can't wait.

 Aug 25 2021, 09:03:12 AM

PlayItAgain said: "She made a terrible movie called Red Pill about woke liberials getting killed by white should be a big hint"

I'm guessing you never saw it? 

Red Pill is no way pro white supremacy or anti liberal.

Delta Variant and Broadway
 Jul 29 2021, 02:59:24 PM

I understand the concerns over fake vaccine cards etc.

However, as more businesses require people to show proof of vaccination, far more people are going to choose to get vaccinated than go through the trouble of forging a vaccine card. From what I have read the number of hard-core anti vaxers is small. It has been encouraging to see the vaccination rate going back up this week.

The bigger problem are states that outlaw proof of vaccination and other precautions. But if proof of

Theaters Inaccessibility
 Jun 28 2021, 09:15:16 AM

Sutton Ross said: "People chose what they do with their money. I know people who did not have kids because they wanted a gorgeous home, premium seatsand to travel the world. I also know two young married teachers that know their limitations and know that they cannot spend a weekend in NYC as a family of four going to a Disneyshows and dinner afterwards. Life is about choices.

It's my opinion, it's based on logic, financial literacy and no, it won't be changing

Theaters Inaccessibility
 Jun 27 2021, 08:13:28 PM

Sutton Ross said: "To imply people can't afford theater tickets (or a movie ticket for that matter) is due to poor life choices is pretty ridiculous and a little bit gross.

Yet, completely accurate. Reality can suck sometimes.

Like a kid today couldn’t just cut school or take their allowance or lawn cutting money and take a train into the city and see a show. Something happened that made Broadway prices inflate significantly greater

Theaters Inaccessibility
 Jun 27 2021, 07:49:50 PM

Sutton Ross said: "I guess those people should make better life choices and get better jobs if they want access to luxury items like Broadway theater tickets. The organizations that run thingsare very comfortable with their choices. That will never change."

To imply people can't afford theater tickets (or a movie ticket for that matter) is due to poor life choices is pretty ridiculous and a little bit gross.


Scott Rudin takedown
 Apr 23 2021, 03:11:36 PM

ctorres23 said: "HogansHero said: "Non-sequitur alert.

Poseur alert.

Troll alert.

Racism alert.

This is not a pretty look, dear. It's didn't work out for AfterEight. Not going well for you either.

Let me hold your hand through the logic of this post.

1. This thread is about Scott Rudin being taken down for abusing his assistants

2. Yesterday there was a protest where, ostensibly,

Karen Olivo not returning to MOULIN ROUGE!
 Apr 14 2021, 06:55:31 PM

CATSNYrevival said: "I’m just glad she’s not calling for an industry that matches her work ethic."

Tone deaf.

Scott Rudin takedown
 Apr 14 2021, 04:52:25 PM

" I think the one that most offends me is that he would attempt to hurt the careers of people who quit or left by removing credits from IMDB, calling their subsequent bosses, etc. The explosive outbursts are also terrible but they come off as less willful than targeting people who've left."

Umm...he assaulted and employee and sent them to the hospital.

Dr. Faucci Now Says By April, Vaccines Will Be Available To Anyone Who Wants One
 Feb 11 2021, 01:29:51 PM

"In Jersey it is already open to just about everybody. We can go on the state website or individual healthcare facilities sites and sign up for an appointment."

Not true. In many parts of NJ it is still virtually impossible to get an appointment to get vaccinated. My 79 yo mother with several pre existing conditions has still not bee able to get an appointment and the sign up system is a disaster.

Everybody Rejoice
 Nov 7 2020, 12:16:45 PM

Any songs from musicals you're using to celebrate Biden's historic win? Everybody Rejoice from The Wiz is my go to.

Everybody Rejoice!

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands
 Jul 16 2020, 08:27:06 AM

candydog2 said: "ErikJ972 said: "candydog2 said: "ErikJ972 said: "candydog2 said: "ErikJ972 said: ""As far as audience goes, there are certain groups that like Broadway more than others. And that’s Ok"

This reminds me of the racist trope that black people don't like to swim.

Many of the responses on this thread just go to show why this document is needed.

Is it racist to say t

“We See You White American Theater” Publishes Demands
 Jul 12 2020, 10:11:38 AM

candydog2 said: "ErikJ972 said: "candydog2 said: "ErikJ972 said: ""As far as audience goes, there are certain groups that like Broadway more than others. And that’s Ok"

This reminds me of the racist trope that black people don't like to swim.

Many of the responses on this thread just go to show why this document is needed.

Is it racist to say that some forms of entertainment are more popular wi

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