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TOMMY To Close on July 21, 2024
 Jun 25 2024, 08:10:46 PM

"see me"


It was fine, but a bit spare for me. 

Why don’t actors share roles on Broadway?
 Mar 1 2024, 11:58:14 AM

The8re phan said: "Laura Linney and Cynthia Nixon alternated the two leading roles in the recent revival of the Little Foxes"

Was a great decision for the producer's pocketbook. I ended up seeing it twice because of this.

 Jul 25 2023, 10:46:43 PM

EDSOSLO858 said: "How was tonight’s first preview?

Listed running time is 90 minutes, no intermission.


I was there tonight. A few amusing anecdotes. Quite a lot on the conflict between Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss but I don't feel like I learned anything I didn't know reading a few articles. 

Oh, Roy does smoke in the show

Oddity for The Shark is Broken
 Jul 19 2023, 08:35:15 PM

The website is broken?

Here Lies Love Rush
 Jul 18 2023, 01:25:14 PM

quizking101 said: "It appears the option for the floor for lottery has gone away"

It's been hit-or-miss for the last week

  1. Some days 2 lotteries--one for seats, one standing
  2. Some days only a seated lottery
  3. Some days no lottery

They are clearly looking at sales the day before and using the lottery to fill unsold seats, rather than reserving some seats for the lottery in advance. I'd expect the floor to come back for slow s

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 17 2023, 12:18:14 AM

For this following the lottery, both standing and seated are open for Tuesday

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 15 2023, 01:05:56 AM

The lottery is back up for Sunday @6:30. Seats only.

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 14 2023, 09:45:43 AM

They had no standing seats for the last 2 days of lottery (seated only) and no lottery now. I wonder if they're using the lottery just to fill empty seats or maybe reconfiguring the lottery so it doesn't run on weekend and doesn't take up the dance floor?


I posted about the lack of standing seats in the lottery in the thread a day or two ago, but those posts seem to have disappeared

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 9 2023, 12:51:04 PM

jkcohen626 said: "yyys said: "I think Circle in the Square Theater might have been a better venue for this and way less money spent on renovations."

People keep saying this, but it's totally not true. I just don't understand how people think it would work. Where is the standing room supposed to go in that case? Is it on stage blocking the view of everyone sitting?

Not Broadway, but the shed would have been a good venue for this.

CHESS Champions?
 Jul 8 2023, 11:54:16 PM

Just give me the cast of the Chess concert from the Entertainment Community Fund (Actor's Fund) from December

The Official TDF Thread
 Jul 8 2023, 02:59:27 PM

Phillyguy said: "Koy23 said: "Thanks, do I need to bring proof of TDF membership? I have the membership number as screenshot and driver license, is that enough ?"

Just give them your name.

I've done lots of will call pickups of TDF tickets. Some theaters will ask you for ID, but they're asking for any ID with your name on it to confirm that you're the person who's supposed to pick up the tickets. A driver's licen

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 7 2023, 12:24:09 PM

Voter said: "Even with the promo code, these prices are ridiculous! (or maybe it's just the recession like era we're currently in...) but I'll be waiting for a TDF offer or lottery win for this one"

Interestingly, TDF now has "standing" tickets up for Wednesday Matinee, although there's a disclaimer that it's possible they become seated tickets...

"While it is highly likely these seats will be standing (floor) tickets, as

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 6 2023, 12:15:53 PM

chrishuyen said: "...They got rid of the second line dance..."

That's good. It was a pain to get up in the seats and there was little room to move. The second one seemed to be time filler to get the show to last 90 minutes-we got the point with the first one.


If I'm going to do the time warp, I'd rather be at a midnight show.

HERE LIES LOVE - Broadway Previews
 Jul 3 2023, 10:55:39 AM

Saw it saturday. Not clear to me that the Broadway was the right venue for this--they've reconfigured it well, but the back mezz is so deep that you can't bring it into the action. Lots of empty seats in the back. I feel like a wider, shorter theater with a shallow mezz would have worked better (Vivian Beaumont?).  I'm not sure I see this making $$ with the back half of the mezz being such a tough sell.

As for the show, really enjoyed it. Agree with some of th

Back To The Future previews
 Jul 1 2023, 07:50:01 PM

starlightlocamotion said: "...'For the Dreamers' & 'Teach Him a Lesson' also don't currently work for me. "

Interesting to see different takes on this. 'For the dreamers' (and it's little reprise in the clock tower scene) was the only song I really liked

Back To The Future previews
 Jul 1 2023, 12:53:23 AM

Also at tonight's first preview. Like but not loved the show. It's Broadway comfort food: lots of little references and jokes to things that happen in the movie that were omitted for time or other purposes, forgettable songs, and a story arc that the entire audience knows where it's going. It'll probably do pretty well with tourists, and I may see it again when it's a little more polished, but it's not high art. 

 Wondering what their marketing peo

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart is wonderful
 Mar 15 2023, 11:04:36 AM

It's back?

I saw it a bunch of times in 2017 at the McKittrick. Really enjoyed it.

What is the lowlight of your theatre going experiences?
 Sep 18 2022, 05:57:45 PM

bholtzinger544 said: "Hands down seeing King Kong on Broadway in 2019."

I jokingly told some of the my friends that the animatronic ape called its agent and asked to be let out of its contract.


I have too many to name. I've only left once at intermission, and I can't for the life of me remember what show it was...apparently a coping mechanism to deal with the PTSD: post theater stress disorder.

 Sep 18 2022, 05:08:26 PM

Saw it last night and agree about the difficulty of keeping track of such a large cast, especially as some of the children characters are played by adults in latter time periods (it covers a number of distinct time periods from 1899 to 1955)

I miss the opening song from Great Comet that laid out who everyone was-they do have a family tree as one of the scene transition images--perhaps they can add that to the playbill (to facilitate repeats).

Otherwise, I found it strong

Dave Malloy is suing GREAT COMET producers over unpaid royalties for int'l productions
 Apr 22 2022, 10:54:49 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "trpguyy said: "It also didn’t help that the production was actively sabotaged by certain prominent members of the Broadway community."

Yes, that's what we call "eating your own."

But the reality is that even without the Twitter sabotaging, it would have closed soon after Patinkin's run (which was only going to be less than a month). They were running on fumes and there are a finite number

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