Trumpcare 2.1

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#50Trumpcare 2.1
Posted: 7/6/17 at 1:34pm

I can only speak for myself, but I never thought Obamacare was the silver bullet health care solution. Any plan that the Heritage Foundation thought was a good idea is clearly not the ideal.

However, what needs to be said is, at this juncture in our political system, Obamacare is the absolute best we are going to get and FAR FAR FAR from the worst (see Trumpcare). 

It's also worth noting that this bill was never given a chance to succeed. The success of the law rides on the individual mandate and access to coverage regardless of preexisting conditions working together in sync. In order to cover those with preexisting conditions, you need the individual mandate to bring healthy people into the pool. When the Koch Brothers and GOP governors across the country scared healthy people into not getting coverage, you get stuck with rising premiums. 

I realize I'm defending a law that I think is the lesser of two evils, but based on what the dip$hit President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader have proposed, it's all we got right now and we should fight for it.

"I shall stay until the wind changes."
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#51Trumpcare 2.1
Posted: 5/1/24 at 5:24am

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#52Trumpcare 2.1
Posted: 5/1/24 at 11:50am

You make a great case for universal healthcare.