Fall theatre trip advice

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Mike Barrett
#1Fall theatre trip advice
Posted: 7/14/19 at 6:15pm

Hey all. Time to book another trip and I frankly always appreciate the advice on here! So right now Im considering multiple shows and Id appreciate anyone's thoughts. Cost is a bit of a factor too. Likely seeing 2-3 shows.

- Slave Play. Super intrigued by this one, $39 tickets sound incredibly appealing. Last row view seems decent as well but I have never sat up there. I like the Golden though. Is this too provocative where it just tries to be provocative or is it successful? No spoilers please..

- The Sound Inside. Have LincTix for this, anyone seen this before? Im intrigued but not sold completely on this. Would love to hear any reports.

- Betrayal. I am not too familiar with this play, but again and intrigued by the cast and story. Would love any reports form someone who has seen this play before or saw this revival in London.

- Jagged Little Pill. I prefer plays over musicals generally, is this one a must see?

- Waitress. Ive never seen it, but really liked Allison Luff when I saw her as Elphaba so I wouldnt hate seeing her in the show. If I wanted a musical, Waitress vs JLP?

I wont be seeing The Inheritance due to cost and wanting to save that for January so Im aware of that one but not for this trip. Thanks in advance for all suggestions!

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#2Fall theatre trip advice
Posted: 7/14/19 at 6:48pm

Jagged Little Pill is a must see.  Saw it at the ART and loved it

The Sound Inside got terrific reviews out of Williamstown 


#3Fall theatre trip advice
Posted: 7/14/19 at 7:36pm

You should see Slave Play as early as possible before everyone sees it and spoils it. For $39 yes it is successful.

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#4Fall theatre trip advice
Posted: 7/14/19 at 8:04pm

The Sound Inside was incredible at WTF, and is a showcase role for MLP.

Jagged is a mixed bag for many people, but I'd put that as a second choice, personally. I liked it a lot, and suspect a lot of the minor things I didn't like about it would be worked on since Boston.

"The Spectacle has, indeed, an emotional attraction of its own, but, of all the parts, it is the least artistic, and connected least with the art of poetry. For the power of Tragedy, we may be sure, is felt even apart from representation and actors. Besides, the production of spectacular effects depends more on the art of the stage machinist than on that of the poet."

#5Fall theatre trip advice
Posted: 7/14/19 at 9:35pm

The mezzanine at the Golden has an incline that is very steep. I sat in the last row for The Waverly Gallery because it was cheap and almost had to leave at intermission because I was feeling off balance. My advice would be to sit as far down as possible if you're sitting up there. 

I haven't seen any of these shows but do plan to see JLP in the Fall.

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Mike Barrett
#6Fall theatre trip advice
Posted: 7/15/19 at 7:28am

Appreciate the advice evrryone! I’m also holding out Incase Lehman Trilogy gets announced for this fall, so I’m a bit torn.