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Favorite Glinda in Wicked?

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#25Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 8/31/20 at 6:16pm

Of the ladies I’ve seen live, Christina DeCicco was my favorite. She walked off with the show the night I saw her.

#26Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 8/31/20 at 7:59pm

I'll always have a soft spot for Kendra Kassabaum, who was the first actress I saw as Glinda on the tour paired with Julia Murney. I thought she and Murney had this really soft, sparkling undercurrent chemistry that reminded me of the book Elphaba and Glinda, though Kassebaum's Act 1 Glinda was too childish and silly for my current preferences with the character. (Though compared to some of the other Glindas from that dominant "Let's have Glinda act like a toddler hyped on slushies" era she was practically tame, I guess.)

She wasn't my absolute favorite (I saw her very early into her run, so IMO she was still getting into things) but I thought Jeanna de Waal's take on Glinda in Act 2 was really interesting. She's the only Glinda that I've seen who felt like she was almost... naive? Unbelieving? During the finale where she confronts Morrible and the Wizard with the green bottle, rather than being triumphant and near gloating. Like she didn't know what to believe, didn't know what she wanted to believe, and was stepping into the role of "Glinda the Good" in glass shoes.


#27Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 9/1/20 at 3:05pm

Katie Rose Clarke, Allie Mauzey, and Ginna Claire.

#28Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 9/1/20 at 5:20pm

Katie Rose Clarke and Kristin Chenoweth.

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#29Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 9/1/20 at 5:42pm

I've seen many over the years on broadway and the west end. A few that stand out:

Megan Hilty
Katie Adams
Katie Rose Clarke
Brittney Johnson

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#30Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 9/2/20 at 12:25am

The humor that JLT, Megan Hilty, and Kendra Kassebaum all brought to the role was so unique to each of them and unlike anything I was expecting upon seeing their performance and knowing Kristin’s prior. Truly standouts

I am big. It’s the REVIVALS that got small.

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#31Favorite Glinda?
Posted: 10/15/20 at 9:06pm

I've actually had the pleasure of getting to interview a few of my favorite Glinda's recently

Allison Bailey: 


Erin Mackey: 


Jennafer Newberry: 


Plus am in the process of scheduling one more exciting Glinda interview right now!