Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush

#1Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
Posted: 3/6/23 at 9:35pm

Hey all. Anybody have any luck with the todaytix rush for The Sign in SIdney Brustein's Window? It doesn't seem to be alerting me around 9am even though I have them turned on. I was dying to see it but I waited too long to buy fp seats. Is there another cheap way to get seats under $100? Thanks in advance everyone.

#2Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
Posted: 3/6/23 at 10:13pm

Outside of rush, I would think the odds of getting a ticket under $100 are pretty slim.  Maybe if a member who bought when prices were more reasonable can't attend and decides to sell for less than what they paid (example: my member ticket was $180).  But given the demand, undercutting face value probably isn't necessary.

Updated On: 3/7/23 at 10:13 PM

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#3Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
Posted: 3/6/23 at 11:16pm

Was able to get them a few weeks ago so it's possible. Just have a separate alarm for 8:55am so you'll be ready by 9am.

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#4Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
Posted: 3/7/23 at 2:07pm

When my wife and I saw it last Sunday, I overheard a $96 Row A Balcony ticket being offered to the young man who was first in the Standby line. But I have to imagine standby is pretty hit or miss.

The only discount I've seen for this show besides the TodayTix rush is BAM's 50% off same-day tickets offer for their members.  



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#5Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
Posted: 3/8/23 at 11:00am

Edit: ticket claimed

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#6Sidney Brustein Todaytix rush
Posted: 3/8/23 at 2:08pm

#1Elphie said: "Sorry if this isn’t the place, but I have a spare ticket to this show this Friday, March 10th at 7:30pm. My friend isn’t able to make it anymore, so you’d be sitting next to me and I’d meet you outside the theater to give you the ticket (I have to pick up the tickets at the box office). It’s a balcony seat and face value is $35 (without fees); we’d love to get that back."


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