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BWAY Baby2
#75London- West End Help/Recommendations
Posted: 7/2/23 at 3:46am

I London now- saw 5 A plus shows so far- loved them all---and highly recommend--Lion King, Hamilton, Groundhog Day, The Crucible, A Strange Loop- all excellent. Hamilton was an easy ticket- third row center- a much better experience of this masterpiece up close and center.


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Jordan Catalano
#76London- West End Help/Recommendations
Posted: 7/2/23 at 5:02am

amiyagi said: "Would've love some suggestions; plays or musicals! I'm in London the third week of September but with Aspects of Love closing early I've got an empty spot and no idea what to fill it with. I leave the day before Sunset Boulevard opens.”

SONDHEIM’S OLD FRIENDS will be starting when you’re there. I also, the Old Vic’s new PYGMALION with Bertie Carvel and Patsy Ferran will be on then, too.


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#77London- West End Help/Recommendations
Posted: 7/2/23 at 7:21pm

Concluding our June/July London theatre:

28 June - Harry Potter I and II - such stage magic in service of a meandering story. But the magic is magical enough to carry you along. And those dementors were scary!  4 stars

30 June - Operation Mincemeat - such a fun fun time. thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. Boght the CD cast recording. DIdn't mind paying the top price for a Friday evening. Five stars.

1 July - Crazy for You - matinee - got a fabulous ticket at a fabulous price at box office. It's is theatrical ambrosia. (Even with the added hold when set pieces didn't come on). Charlie Stemp is a star and carries the paper thin story. And, for me, just the right amount of tap! 4 stars.

1 July - Motive and Cue. Generally well performed - but to what end, I'm not sure. I was entertained - the laughs were plentiful - the Hamlet scenes informative. The actor playing Elizabeth Taylor grew on me - despite the usual UK "flat American" accent that is not Elizabeth Taylor. Mark Gattis's John Gielgud was similar to his Mycroft Holmes on Sherlock. I did not think the build-up to Burton's "breakthrough" as seen in a recitation of To Be Or Not To Be communicated how the breaakthrough actually happened. It just, sort of, did after a little nudging from Gielgud. I'll have to check the book about the story from the library. 3 1/3 stars.  This will be transferring to the Noel Coward later this year. 

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#78London- West End Help/Recommendations
Posted: 7/2/23 at 7:30pm

Just wanted to add that I was in London in mid-June and “Operation Mincemeat” was my favorite thing I saw. So creative, funny, interesting - and, surprisingly, very touching at moments. I haven’t been able to stop listening to the cast recording. Can’t recommend it enough.

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#79London- West End Help/Recommendations
Posted: 11/28/23 at 12:47am

Jordan Catalano said: "I'm not seeing "Pillowman" until the end of the run but I find what you said interesting. I consider the play itself to be an absolute masterpiece so I'm so curious what it is about this particular production that fails the text so much, based on a lot of what I've read.


If you posted your thoughts on the Pillowman after you saw it, I missed the post. I tried searching for "pillowman" and you without success. What did you think?