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London Trip July 4th  Apr 7 2024, 01:28:12 AM

We are there end of June and have booked People Places & Things, Two Strangers and Next to Normal. May add Standing at Sky’s Edge.

Operation Mincemeat should be on your list. 

and check out for views on shows. 

Mayer-helmed GALILEO musical and more part of Berkeley Rep season  Apr 3 2024, 11:32:35 PM

Prelude to a Kiss also was presented at Berkeley Rep with Mary Louise Parker and Sydney Walker in fall 1988 - I think it may have been a joint production with South Coast Rep who premiered it in January 1988. The Rep's version was later in 1988 and may have been the revised version that went to Broadway.  Parker was Rita at Berkeley Rep and then on Broadway. Sydney Walker played the Old Man in the film version.  

Not sure if this count, but The Virgin Molly had

PATRIOTS Previews  Mar 31 2024, 10:14:50 PM

I wouldn't say that Putin is shown to be "misunderstood" or a person to be pitied, based on what I saw in London. He is not sympathetic. But, I also just think he is underwritten. Putin's "change" really seemed, to me,  to come out of nowhere. Now, this is Berezovsky's view, so perhaps understandable. Both Putin and Berezosky claim to be "patriots" - who only love Russia - all the while profiting from their supposed "love". So

“MJ: The Musical” at the Prince Edward Theatre on Wednesday  Mar 27 2024, 08:53:15 PM

Considering how long Thriller played in the West End (11 years), it may not matter what the quality of MJ is (I have not seen it), 

Sheridan Smith Staring in new Rufus Wainwright/Ivo Van Hove Musical OPENING NIGHT in London  Mar 27 2024, 11:08:07 AM

JasonC3 said: "I thought it needed a lot of work, but it did pull some pretty decent reviews (several 3 and 4 stars) when the online chatter suggested it would be uniformly massacred. It will be interesting to see how tickets sales and audiences respond moving forward."

I had the sense that even the positive reviews were for Sheridan's performance - and not the play/musical itself - which is consistent with the message board postings I had seen. 


BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!  Mar 23 2024, 06:58:04 PM

Poor City of Angels.  It really does need an A+ revival. 

Theater in Chicago  Mar 22 2024, 10:39:33 PM

Should I leave my conference early and see Judgment Day at Chicago Shakespeare this May?

Could be good. Could be terrible.

Sheridan Smith Staring in new Rufus Wainwright/Ivo Van Hove Musical OPENING NIGHT in London  Mar 7 2024, 11:56:40 AM

Here is the scene performed outside the theatre but then shown inside the theatre ala Sunset Blvd or any number of van Hove shows:

Sheridan Smith Staring in new Rufus Wainwright/Ivo Van Hove Musical OPENING NIGHT in London  Mar 6 2024, 11:41:33 PM

blaxx said: "jacobsnchz14 said: "Would love to know if anyone plans on catching this soon."

Early reports claim it's a disaster.

Well, one poster on theatreboard used that word. Others were mystified, confused, incredulous. I got sort of the same feeling that I had reading the first impressions of Spider-Man that were posted here. 


2024-2025 Touring Season  Mar 4 2024, 05:04:13 PM

Denver just announced:

Kimberly Akimbo (national tour launch and previously announced) 22 Sept to 5 October

Gutenberg the Musical 2 November  - 4 May 2025 (in small Galleria space) (not a touring version)

Funny Girl 10 December - 22 December

Back to the Future 22 January - 9 February 2025

Life of Pi - 18 March - 3 March 2025

The Wiz - 8 April - 26 April 2025

& Juliet 4 June - 15 June 2025

Some Like it Hot 8 July -20 July 2025

with extras: 

Second City Comedian Rhapsody - 17 July - 11 August 2024 (small Galleria space0

Erma Bombeck At Wit's End - 4 Sept - 22 Sept 2024 (small Galleria space)

Hamilton 16 October - 24 October 2024

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - 29 November - 1 December 2024

Manheim Steamroller Christmas 6 December - 8 December 2024

Mean Girls 25 February- 2 March 2025  (seems like the national tour was just here)

The Addams Family 2 May- 4 May 2025

Book of Mormon 6 May - 18 May 2025

Mamma Mia 25 June - 29 June 2025

Moulin Rouge 5 August - 10 August 2025 (I know the national tour was just here)


Borle, Sykes, and Rodriguez will lead Kennedy Center's BYE BYE BIRDIE  Feb 20 2024, 01:42:51 PM

Before I opened the post, I saw Sykes in the title and was intrigued the by idea of Wanda Sykes as Albert's mother. 

Five (A Six Parody of the Five Women in A Certain Politician's Life)  Feb 18 2024, 08:22:04 PM

I have no idea if this is any good. But it started this last weekend. Photos from Daily News and Video:


Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 13 2024, 09:52:04 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Dreamboy3 said: "When I give money to Broadway cares I don’t think I’m giving money to aid organizations in Gaza."

From their mission statement:

To support efforts by the entertainment industry to address other critical health issues or respond to an emergency, in each case as approved by the Board of Trustees

and in case you haven’t been following; there is an emergency in Gaza.

In case you haven't been following, there are emergencies in lots of of places. -


Broadway Cares ripped for directing funds to Gaza  Feb 13 2024, 09:39:59 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "And what’s the problem?"

The problem is asking for donations to help ailing actors (and other theatre persons) and then not spending the money for that purpose.



Tom Holland Will Star in ROMEO & JULIET in London's West End  Feb 13 2024, 09:34:47 PM

Theatremonkey says the first row is great value for those "willing to accept neck ache".  Reader comments (admittedly a self selected group) didn't find the high stage too much of a problem (except for a production that jutted out). 


Barnum has a pro shot?!  Feb 13 2024, 12:27:54 AM

I"m more amazed that there are three filmed versions of Stop the World - I Want to Get Off.

I tried to watch the 1966 B/W version - I really tried. Did not know of the later two (Sammy Davis, jr. 1978 TV version and and a 1996 TV version) until I looked up the show on Wikipedia. 

Boy George in MR  Feb 8 2024, 11:46:20 PM

quizking101 said: 
It could also be a situation like how CHICAGO leans on Charlotte D’Amboise - coming in as the steadfast player for a role and getting leave to do other projects or take a break when they get a star/stunt cast coming in"

D'Amboise as Zidler?  (More likely her spouse, Terrence Mann, who would be terrific. Is he done with filming Foundation? Is he really 72?)

Non Equity Tours  Feb 1 2024, 09:17:52 PM

It's tough to beat the inflatable Cats set for "I guess this isn't Broadway" - and I do wonder if that set ever deflated during a performance. I mean - it had to happen at least once.

Would a Juke Box musical of the BEACH BOYS work?  Feb 1 2024, 09:15:54 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Zeppie2022 said: ""Good Vibrations was not only a flop. It was the worst thing Broadway has ever seen."

Did you see "Lennon"? I think that was worse.

Those shows were masterpieces compared to BKLYN. Those were a ROUGH few years on Broadway

Was it Good Vibrations or Lennon that the NYT reviewer (I think) decided to not name the actors as the show was not their fault? And that the only

PATRIOTS to open at the Barrymore Theatre for 12 Week Run beginning April 1st, 2024  Jan 22 2024, 01:10:44 PM

Will be interesting to see how this is received in NYC. Hollander was electric on stage - but I found the play itself problematic in terms of pacing, character development (yes, I know it is based on real people) and even theme. I do recognize that "patriots" is an ironic term for all the characters who assert they are "patriots" but are really out for themselves. The play sort of tried to get you to sympathize and relate to Boris Berezovsky - but it didn't work for me

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