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Posted: 8/10/23 at 5:34pm

Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere, but I wasn't able to find it via search. Has anyone sat in the VIP seats/lounge area for this show? We saw it last month in the floor side seats and was curious about the view from this location. (The standing room isn't an option for our group or we would try that this time). I know it's all subjective, but any advice is appreciated.

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Posted: 8/11/23 at 8:17am

Here is the view from the VIP seats. I actually wasn’t a huge fan, mostly because a lot of the action happens at the far stage (where the M is), so I felt like I was sitting in rear orchestra. And as others have pointed out, some of the action happens above you in the walkway in front of the mezzanine seats. So you watch those scenes on TV.

I sat in the floorside seats as well; I think I prefer those over the VIP seats. (Also, you have to go to the floor during the last 15 minutes of the show; otherwise, your view will be of a bunch of people’s legs.)

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#3VIP Seats
Posted: 8/11/23 at 8:37am

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#4VIP Seats
Posted: 8/11/23 at 9:18am

I'm guessing this is for HERE LIES LOVE ?

There are pros and cons. I haven't sat in VIP but my friends did and during walk-in I was able to see VIP area. The big pro is space and being able to sit down on a real chair. You also get a private bar and drink throughout the show (for floor ticketholders, you cannot bring a drink inside so a few who didn't know that will chug their drinks in the lobby before entering the dance floor.)

It's also easier to exit and go to the bathroom during the show, if needed.

The other poster mentioned some of the cons.