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Broadway Flash
Posted: 5/12/24 at 10:48pm

Does anybody watch grand slam tennis?  It seems to get more and more popular every year, I love going to the US open 

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Posted: 5/13/24 at 9:00am

Yes, I watch it and love it. Still play tennis several times a week although at my age now it is mostly doubles. I have been fortunate to have gone to the US Open 7 times, last time I was there was 2022. I try to go to the day sessions, more tennis for your money. Head to the practice courts as soon as I get there, have seen some top players practice over the years including the Williams sisters. Then go to Armstrong to catch 30 minutes of first match there before heading over to Ashe for the main matches of afternoon session. After that it is cool to go to the outer courts and catch some doubles. Will not be able to go this year but hope to in 2025.

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Posted: 5/15/24 at 10:05pm

US Open tennis? Absolutely.

Love watching it on television, and it’s fun (if a bit exhausting) to see it live. 

Oh look, a bibu!

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Posted: 5/24/24 at 11:09pm

Have watched tennis for many years. Wimbledon and the US Open are my favorite two. Do a number of years I took a week off to watch the second week of Wimbledon. In 2017 I finally got to go to the US Open and saw Venus Williams play.

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