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THE GREAT GATSBY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 21 2024, 12:06:41 AM

Jordan performing "For Her":


Samantha Pauly (Jordan Baker), Ricketts, Eric Anderson (Wolfsheim), and the company performing "New Money":


Noblezada performing "Beautiful Little Fool":


MOULIN ROUGE! Broadway Casting Thread
 Jun 20 2024, 10:07:58 AM

Aaron Tveit and JoJo will return as Christian and Satine from July 23 until October 13. 

THE WIZ 2024 Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 19 2024, 02:31:00 PM

I didn’t know that cast recordings could also have the ability to take you to church, and if it really did, this Wiz would be an example of one.

This is one of the best-sung musicals on Broadway right now, the cast mastering every entry in the soul voice thesaurus. They’re helped out a lot by some exuberant new orchestrations (by Joseph Joubert). Not a weak link in the vocal department, I thought each principal actor I heard was better than

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 19 2024, 12:01:49 PM

Finally got around to this after a hectic Tony and Father’s Day weekend - sounds brilliant. 

Some of the cast members have described this show as a “joy machine” and that’s precisely what this album is. Lewis’s catalogue is infectious at every corner and has been effectively re-orchestrated for the stage. A pair of a capella moments gave me some In Transit vibes. 

The new song he cowrote (with music supervisor Brian

Tony Award Viewership Decline Over the Years
 Jun 18 2024, 01:10:32 PM

MezzoDiva47 said: "also my predictionis that once the cbs contract is up the tony awards go completely to streaming

for such a huge event the year over year decline in ratings is really concerning

like everything else the viewing audience is getting divided up into smaller and smaller pieces of the pie


What makes you think people will stream this instead? Nobody’s watching it to begin with.

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL to close on June 23
 Jun 18 2024, 11:32:55 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Jonathan Cohen said: "Unfortunately not surprising, but not giving two weeks notice does seem a little unusual."

As someone stated above (and has also been said by castmembers on social), the cast was informed a while ago. I don't know about everyone else in the theatre, but it's highly unusual to let them know in advance of an announcement and even more unusual that nobody squealed.

Oh, don’

SWEPT AWAY transferring to Broadway this fall
 Jun 18 2024, 10:55:26 AM

yyys said: "It's probably gonna do better than Lempicka since it will attract Avett Brothers fans, but guessing it will only last a year or so."

It will close before Christmas. 

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL to close on June 23
 Jun 18 2024, 10:34:52 AM

This was the kind of musical that would have been a sleeper hit, say, about 10 (or even 20) years ago. Shucked and Some Like It Hot would probably also apply here.

Sleeper hits cannot and do not exist post-COVID partially because of today’s ridiculous prices, while audiences are already built-in fans of A-list celebs or some other big selling point, and cannot be built up. 

Death Becomes Her will be

SWEPT AWAY transferring to Broadway this fall
 Jun 18 2024, 10:13:05 AM

Always hate to say this, but DOA. 

2024-2025 Broadway Season
 Jun 18 2024, 10:10:21 AM

The Avett Brothers musical Swept Away begins previews October 29 and opens November 19 at the Longacre Theatre. 

Julie Taymor’s niece
 Jun 18 2024, 09:23:30 AM

Isn’t Danya also directing a new play this Broadway season? 

Tony Award Viewership Decline Over the Years
 Jun 17 2024, 10:35:11 PM

Mr. Wormwood said: "Anything on linear TV except the NFLis going to have a chart similar tothat. Sitcoms, dramas, newsmagazines, other award shows, talk shows, late night shows. It doesn't matter. Linear TV viewing is not going to reverse the trend. Although the Tonys ratings have gone down, they're not that far off from a lot of shows. Whereas they used to be incredibly low relative to other things on linear TV. Now everything is just low."

I’d say NFL

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 17 2024, 05:48:25 PM

As expected, viewership plunged down to 3.5 million viewers, a 14% hit from last year. 

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 02:13:06 PM

LYLS3637 said: "1. Tommy

2. Illinoise

3. Merrily We Roll Along

4. The Outsiders

5. Suffs

6. Hell's Kitchen

7. Water For Elephants

8. Cabaret

Call me crazy, but I will be bummed for a long, long time that we didn't get a mash up of Amber Iman performing"Don't Bet Your Heart" followed by Eden's "I Will Paint Her"... Have a feeling that could have blownevery other

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 12:11:05 PM

They really should’ve let DeBose dance through the nominated musicals with company members for the opening number. 

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 10:48:19 AM

Yeah, Stereophonic was brief, but I thought it also served as a nice “prologue” to the best score award. How fitting that the instruments were left on stage.

I’ll admit, when I saw Brody on the side of the stage for the Outsiders performance, I was expecting him to start with the iconic “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight…” Still, a solid showcase, and that RUMBLE!!!

I’m so glad&n

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 17 2024, 10:22:32 AM

Of the nominated musicals, Suffs will probably now close mid-August instead of early January had they completed the Triple Crown.

The pinballers and kinkers should follow after the holidays. 

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 17 2024, 12:59:38 AM

Thoughts on a surprising yet meh evening:

The ceremony was a million times better without scriptwriters. Sorry, guys. 

The Koch was a bit too intimate for a Tony venue.

Lousy opening number... another recent misfire from Tom Kitt (along with Amanda Green and Adam Blackstone). DeBose's singing voice sounding iffy probably made Eden Espinosa sound like Pavarotti to some of you. Also, why did DeBose look like she was exiled from the female ensemble

Nick Jonas and Adrienne Warren to star in THE LAST FIVE YEARS Broadway Revival
 Jun 16 2024, 11:58:04 AM

I did wonder if Adrienne would post a picture of a snake on her Instagram story like Audra did with the cow.

Oh well.

Nick Jonas and Adrienne Warren to star in THE LAST FIVE YEARS Broadway Revival
 Jun 16 2024, 12:38:54 AM

This production’ll be tough to live up to the gold standard that is the 2021 virtual production w/Nasia Thomas and Nicholas Edwards, but it will have no problem selling tix as long as Jonas takes care of himself.

Assuming the director part of the rumor is true, 2024-25 will be a banner season for Michael Arden. He has worked / will work on:

  • Ben Platt’s concert residency
  • Maybe Happy Ending
  • The Last Five Years

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