Henry Kissinger is *FINALLY* Dead!

Henry Kissinger is *FINALLY* Dead!

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#1Henry Kissinger is *FINALLY* Dead!
Posted: 11/29/23 at 9:23pm

Should’ve happened sooner, if you ask the me. The amount of damage he and his minions in the 20th century Republican Party caused to our nation and world, in the name of keeping America first? Hopefully he rots in hell along with the likes of Reagan and Nixon.

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Jay Lerner-Z
#2Henry Kissinger is *FINALLY* Dead!
Posted: 11/30/23 at 10:30am

Jorge, thank you for starting this thread so I didn't have to. No doubt I would have been accused of bullying.

I'm not sure I would wish "hell" on anybody. If it exists. I'm just glad to know that this man no longer exists.

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Highland Guy
#3Henry Kissinger Has Passed Away
Posted: 11/30/23 at 11:46am

A long and sometimes controversial life.

Non sibi sed patriae

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#4Henry Kissinger Has Passed Away
Posted: 12/2/23 at 9:56am

Ask Brutalized Cambodians What They Think of Kissinger

Highland Guy said: "A long and sometimes controversial life."

Contoversial? Cambodia would like a word. He was a war criminal. 

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