Matthew Perry has died.

#1Matthew Perry has died.
Posted: 10/28/23 at 9:21pm

He was 54. Apparently he drowned in his hot tub. I never watched Friends,but I was rather shocked to read this.

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Jay Lerner-Z
#2Matthew Perry has died.
Posted: 10/29/23 at 10:58am

Awful news, but somehow I am not shocked. He paid a very high price for the success Friends gave him.

Beyoncé is not an ally. Actions speak louder than words, Mrs. Carter. #Dubai #$$$

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Highland Guy
#3Matthew Perry has died.
Posted: 10/29/23 at 11:29am

Very sorry to learn of his passing.  His acting on "Friends" never disappointed.  My condolences to all who mourn his loss.  Rest in Peace, Matthew Perry.


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