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Current WICKED broadway cast

#25Current WICKED broadway cast
Posted: 1/13/20 at 1:29pm

I'm seeing the show at the end of the month because TodayTix was having a very surprising sale ($46??) I know it's rear mezz, but I'm still super excited to see it!! 

I shall report back! 

#26Current WICKED broadway cast
Posted: 1/13/20 at 1:57pm

I saw Hannah and Ginna back in November. It was my first Wicked so I don't have anything to compare to. I thought Ginna was fantastic. I met her mom in the lottery line and she mentioned she'd been in the role for about 4 years (tour and Broadway combined) and it really shows through in her comfort with the character. Hannah was fine. Not bad not spectacular. I saw her as Yitzhak in the national tour of Hedwig and the Angry Inch where she really blew me away and was the main draw of seeing Wicked was for her but I guess I just expected... more (?) vocally in her Elphaba particularly I really enjoyed her rendition of No Good Deed. As someone one mentioned I can't really put a finger on it either. Seems she's still adjusting to the role to say the least but nonetheless I love her voice and it is a little more unique from past Elphaba's. 

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#27Current WICKED broadway cast
Posted: 1/14/20 at 11:15am

steven22 said: "hamiltonstradition said: "Hannah calls out when she needs to. (Could be a Sunday Matinee, could be a Friday evening, but she doesn't have a pattern really).Ginna Claire is rarely out, and if she is, Brittney Johnson (standby) will post when she finds out."

I saw Brittney a few months ago and she was excellent. One of the best Glinda performances I've seen over the years.

Hannah was great too. Not my favorite Elphaba, butI can't pinpoint why.

Exactly. Brittney is the best Glinda I've seen in years. Hannah was great, but there's something that I can pinpoint about her Elphaba that leaves me unsatisfied.