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#1Sally and Tom
Posted: 6/17/24 at 8:32pm

This was brilliant!!  Fabulous play, Bravo to Suzan Lori Parks, Steve H Broadnax III, Sheria Irving, Gabriel Ebert and the entire cast and crew.  Just wonderful!  Does anyone think this will transfer to Broadway?  It certainly should

#2Sally and Tom
Posted: 6/17/24 at 10:51pm

I saw it during its opening at the Guthrie in Minneapolis. I liked it a lot, even though there were some elements that I thought could have used some tightening or clarification. I'm glad to see it was received well off-Broadway, and I love that Alano Miller was cast as Kwame.

It'd be interesting to see if there's interest in transferring it to Broadway. Based on my admittedly limited experience, I could see it playing well in a theatre like the Booth or the Music Box.

#3Sally and Tom
Posted: 6/17/24 at 11:08pm

not likely they would need some bigger names or to partner with a broadway non-profit 

#4Sally and Tom
Posted: 6/17/24 at 11:43pm

Not that there's a lot, but here's an earlier thread:

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#5Sally and Tom
Posted: 6/18/24 at 1:32am

I felt like I was watching a truly great modern american play.  The lack of attention and respect to plays on Broadway makes me sick.  There is a desperate need for a non profit on Broadway to bring all the great plays from off broadway to Broadway.  Downstate, Infinite Life, the comeuppance, Mr burns. MTC, second stage, and roundabout focus on their stuff.  The only way for anything else to come in is if it’s done commercially.  Why doesn’t the Atlantic or the public buy a broadway theatre?