Walking With Bubbles

#1Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 2/8/23 at 4:09pm

Saw it posted on facebook that Jessica Hendy's one woman musical Walking With Bubbles is going to play a limited run off-broadway this spring.  Just wanted to say that I had the pleasure of seeing a developmental production of it last summer and it's incredible. It's an intimate story told with a lot of humor, heart, and big vocals.  Just all around great and I felt a need to post about it.  You won't want to miss it.  


#2Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 2/9/23 at 1:28pm

Agreed. It's very, very good. 

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#4Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 2/28/23 at 6:45pm

Walking with Bubbles


#5Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 3/13/23 at 4:15pm

Just got my ticket through TDF.  I've enjoyed Jessica Hendy in 54 Below concerts and have heard from my friends in the biz that she has quite the story. Very intriguing ads and social media content for this show.  I'm interested to see what actually goes down.  

#6Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 4/3/23 at 3:05pm

Previews started last Friday...has anyone been, or is anyone planning to go soon?  I'm holding open the last slot for my May trip until I hear more about this. 

#7Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 4/9/23 at 11:37pm

Saw it last Friday -- it's terrific.  She has a Hell of a story to tell, and she unfolds it in a really compelling way.  Rising songwriter Brianna Barnes has supplied a half-dozen beautifully crafted songs that Hendy knocks out of the park.


Don't miss this one.  Highly recommended.

#8Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 4/10/23 at 10:24am


Been meaning to post. I saw it this weekend as well and it really was an incredible story and performance.  It's the epitome of "feel everything" and I feel like the less you know going in the better.  Not that there are any huge twists but it unfolds in a unique, and simple, way that was quite effective.  I could see this getting developed further or getting a well deserved cult following. This is really going to resonate with a lot of people and it's well done.  Plus, every girl is going to want this sheet music ASAP.

#9Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 4/22/23 at 10:35am

Got around to seeing this last night and it really is a wonderful show.  Been thinking a lot about it.  Curious what others have thought?  There wasn't a dry eye around me last night. 

#10Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 4/22/23 at 11:38am

I found it to be an incredibly moving story, and Jessica was so earnest in her performance.  There was a strong emotion payoff at the end, but I did feel like it took a long time to get there.  In some ways, I wish the show were structured more like a cabaret or a one woman show or even a standup set.  Blow up the fourth wall...let it just be a storytelling session with song.  But that's nitpicky...it's a good piece, and I hope Jessica and her team keep developing it.

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#11Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 6/4/23 at 12:00pm

This was excellent and I'm surprised more people aren't talking about it.  It's a unique show.  The story is unbelievable but so relatable on many levels.  Although my story is very different from Jessica's, the themes are universal.  And her performance is really incredible.  Not sure how she does it twice in one day.  Vocally and emotionally.  Each song was a majorly rangey power ballad.  Anyway, a few more chances to catch it and I recommend you do!

#12Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 8/23/23 at 11:40am

Final weeks and I saw there is a talkback hosted by one of the BroadwayWorld podcasts this Sunday.  Just wanted to draw some attention to this one.  Easily one of the better shows I've seen this past year and wish more people were talking about it.   Try and check it out, you won't be dissappointed. 

#13Walking With Bubbles
Posted: 8/25/23 at 12:23am

Caught this a few weeks ago and it is FANTASTIC! They recorded an album and I can't wait to revisit. Go see in the next few weeks! Jess Hendy is a powerhouse!