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SUNSET BLVD to transfer to Broadway
 Jul 13 2024, 12:33:41 PM

I would LOVE to see Caroline Bowman take on the role in any capacity. Having seen her in both the Evita and Frozen tours, I think she's a very powerful performer - a true triple threat.

STEREOPHONIC Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 Jul 7 2024, 04:55:15 PM

I finally got around to this last night, and I really hate to say this... but I absolutely abhorred this. I thought it was slow, tedious, and extremely repetitive. The characters felt ambiguous, very thinly drawn, and unrelatable. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I left absolutely baffled by the heaps of praise and awards this has received.

This clearly was not for me by a long shot, and I definitely realize that I am in the extreme vast minority with my opinion,

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA musical headed to the UK and West End in 2024
 Jul 7 2024, 03:46:00 PM

This was terrible in Chicago. Disheartened to see that they've kept so many of the same songs. Some songs were fine (Dress Your Way Up, Who's She, and the title song were all fun), but others (Bon Voyage, I Miss the Old You, and In Your Twenties) were baffling bad. Hopefully they've been heavily reworked... I do think that there IS a good musical in the story of The Devil Wears Prada, but it seems like creative teams might be having a hard time mining it out. 

HELLO, I'M DOLLY bio-musical headed for the stage!
 Jul 2 2024, 10:29:21 AM

I do love Bartlett Sher. He's one of my favorite directors for the stage. However, he is the last person I would have thought of for a show like this...

OH, MARY! Previews
 Jun 30 2024, 06:30:25 AM

This show is uproariously hilarious and clever. I laughed A LOT. This is the PERFECT show to escape the summer heat and the daily realities of the world.

OH, MARY! Previews
 Jun 26 2024, 07:39:19 AM

TaffyDavenport said: "Not sure why they waited so long, but they ended up releasing a ton of seats for the first 5 previews, mainly in the orchestra."

Thanks for the heads up! Just snagged a rear orchestra ticket for Saturday evening. I can't wait to see this!

Slave Play. Not a movie. A play.
 Jun 23 2024, 10:50:11 AM

I hated the play when I saw it pre-pandemic. Pretentious beyond belief. I also find Jeremy O. Harris to be absolutely unbearable.

THE GREAT GATSBY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 22 2024, 09:25:44 AM

I will say that the orchestrations sound beautiful - very lush and full.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Jun 21 2024, 10:59:10 AM

Add me to the list of folks who would LOVE a recording of this incredibly talented cast!

ANNIE returns to NYC at the Theatre at MSG for the 2024 holiday season; tour will switch from non-Eq to Equity
 Jun 21 2024, 10:00:05 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "jpbran said: "Guessing the move is to entice/placate a “name” for one of the roles maybe."

Faith Prince, perhaps?

Faith Prince was a replacement in the 2012 revival (following Katie Finneran and Jane Lynch). Unfortunately, she was out the afternoon I went, though.

MOULIN ROUGE! Broadway Casting Thread
 Jun 20 2024, 05:10:38 PM

Just ONCE I'd like to see a casting announcement for this show that doesn't make me yawn.

 Jun 19 2024, 10:25:03 AM

WOW - Kelli hit the nail on the head there... and so eloquently too. Her performance shattered me. As a 4+ sober alcoholic myself, I can testify that her performance was spot on and so visceral and real. A beautiful and heartbreaking performance that I won't forget.

The 77th Annual TONY Awards Performances
 Jun 17 2024, 10:19:18 AM

Here are my thoughts on the performances...

-Cabaret - Pretty solid

-Hell's Kitchen - Ghastly... just like the show itself

-Illinoise - Absolutely beautiful, and made me want to revisit the show again

-Merrily We Roll Along - LOVED this production, but the Tonys performance was kinda "meh"... This show is kind of hard to showcase on an awards show, though

-The Outsiders - Pretty good, but a little choppy

-Stereophonic - A blink and you m

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:22:02 PM

I know I'm biased since I hated the show, but the Hell's Kitchen number was an absolute mess...

 Jun 16 2024, 05:07:19 PM

I loved the show live, and I'm loving the cast album. Probably one of my favorite cast albums from this season.

What Tony Upset Are You Hoping For?
 Jun 12 2024, 06:38:24 PM

-Anything other than Hell's Kitchen for Best Musical

-Kelli O'Hara for Best Actress in a Musical

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 8 2024, 12:32:52 PM

As much as I hate to say it, I fully expect Hell's Kitchen to win best musical.  Personally, I would give the top honor to any other musical this season, but I really think it's going win. Hope I'm wrong.

THE WIZ 2024 Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 7 2024, 04:17:13 PM

The two songs they released do sound great. I had a lot of problems with this production, but the vocals and orchestrations were truly stellar. Looking forward to the full album dropping.

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season!
 Jun 2 2024, 10:05:26 AM

Aw man... Shuffle Along! That was a show I definitely didn't appreciate as much in the moment as I do now in hindsight. I was at the second preview and thought it was a MESS, but looking back, what a beautiful 3+ hour mess it was. I went back post-opening and it was MUCH tighter and cleaner. I will always cherish seeing that one earlier in the run, though...

The Outsiders is the most Genre elevating musical since Hamilton (IMO)
 Jun 2 2024, 09:20:26 AM

I found the show to be fairly solid overall, but I left feeling slightly cold and indifferent to the evening's proceedings. The rumble in the rain was cool, but I honestly thought Ivo Van Hove's short-lived West Side Story did it better. I am enjoying the cast album, and it is one of the better scores this season.

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