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SUFFS Previews  Apr 16 2024, 11:23:11 PM

Well, I’ll eat my hat! Sometimes I love it when my preconceived notions about a show are dead wrong. After seeing the three or so songs the show did with Playbill a few weeks ago, I pretty much wrote Suffs off as “not for me”. However, after reading the thoughts on here, I decided to check this out for myself, and I’m so glad I did.

First things first, the horse now has a head! It’s gold and looks pretty cool. The show itself is just so SOLID. The cast, th

THE WIZ Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Apr 16 2024, 08:11:36 AM

I'm expecting praise for the performances, especially the vocals. Everything else, particularly the lack of decent and strong design elements, will probably not be well received.

LEMPICKA Reviews  Apr 14 2024, 07:26:21 AM

While far from perfect, I definitely enjoyed this more than most folks on here. Curious to see what the reviews are tonight, but I have a feeling that will be negative with a few mixed if they're lucky.

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews  Apr 13 2024, 05:41:03 PM

Caught the matinee today. I don't have much new to add. The Great Gatsby is the textbook definition of “flash and trash”. Aladdin and Moulin Rouge! are tame in comparison to what is on display at the Broadway Theatre right now.

The entire affair is pure bombast from start to finish without a hint of subtlety. Everything is gaudy and garish - the singing, the acting, the choreography, the sets, the lighting, the costumes…

Anyways, I really did not care for

Favorite spots for Pre-Broadway Drinks/Dinner  Apr 11 2024, 04:38:43 PM

I enjoy The Dickens as well! Dutch Fred's is pretty good too. My guilty pleasure is Iron Bar... it's a little dive-y but the food is usually pretty good.

THE WIZ Previews  Apr 9 2024, 02:17:33 PM

It truly is a damn shame just how CHEAP this production is. It honestly makes Spamalot and Water for Elephants (two other shows this season that I found to be very cheap looking) look like Wicked and Lion King.

THE WIZ Previews  Apr 3 2024, 03:35:37 PM

WldKingdomHM said: "Do they still make Evillene appear in Act 1?"

Yes - she first appears atop this really strange looking structure of sorts that serves as what is supposed to look like her castle/den/lair, I guess...? Maybe someone else can describe it better than me, but it was a big clunky set piece... Then I think there's one more brief appearance when she's in front of the weird tiki tree panels.

THE WIZ Previews  Apr 2 2024, 11:41:51 PM

This was a very mixed bag for me. The performances, vocals, and orchestrations are all top notch - zero complaints there. However, as others have pointed out, the physical production looks dirt cheap. 

95% of the set consists of what appears to be AI projections. The few actual set pieces they do have are sparse and rickety. This is definitely the cheapest looking show I’ve seen on Broadway in a very long time.

The direction is very static and straightforward. Nothing

HELL'S KITCHEN Previews  Mar 29 2024, 12:24:32 PM

Also curious to hear about changes made to the book since the run Off-Broadway.

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread  Mar 28 2024, 07:58:35 AM

I revisited Chicago last night primarily to see Robyn Hurder as Velma. It has also been a couple years since I had last seen the show. Robyn Hurder did not disappoint. This is her showiest role yet - she gets to show off her singing, acting, and dancing chops. She’s a true triple threat in every single way.

What I was NOT expecting tonight was to be completely blown away by Ariana Madix. She has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand. A truly phenomenal Broadway debut. I

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 27 2024, 06:52:47 AM

Peronista said: "It's astounding to me that people are just seduced by the design. Yes, the automation is amazing. The projection work is cutting edge. But so what? It's like... "Squirrel!!""

Not sure if this is directed at me... However, to be fair, while I admired the design a great deal, there were other things in the production that I enjoyed a lot as well that I highlighted in my initial review. For me, it was not just a "Squirrell!!"

What Is The Best Way To Resell A Broadway Show Ticket?  Mar 25 2024, 04:37:47 PM

I love the theatr app - easy, fast, and clean. I posted a ticket for sale on a Sunday morning, and it sold in seconds.

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 24 2024, 12:25:36 PM

chrishuyen said: "I thought this was one of the stronger shows of the season so far, especially this early in previews, though I feel like something is stopping me from loving it (and I'd say it's still a little uneven in places). I think right out of the gate, the way the show starts is quite thrilling (the pop/rock element comes in hard and heavy on the first downbeat), and Eden is a fantastic presence on stage.

The story itself is a pretty interesting character

Once Upon A One More Time Cast Recording  Mar 24 2024, 07:40:50 AM

I would have loved a cast album for this. Rather surprised we didn't get one.

HELL'S KITCHEN to open at the Shubert Theatre this spring  Mar 23 2024, 04:30:26 PM

"Kaleidoscope" is easily the best number in the show. One of the very few bright spots in an otherwise very messy evening of theatre. I'm curious to hear if they make some book changes for Broadway. The book Off-Broadway was a disastere... However, I have a feeling this will mostly remain the same.

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 23 2024, 12:04:41 PM

binau said: "in any case, how is ‘woman is’ live? I find the recording stunning."

Eden Espinosa sang the hell out of "Woman Is" on Wednesday night. It was thrilling.

Yes, the show has flaws, but I still really enjoyed it. The performances are great and the design elements are beautiful. Those two things alone made it worth the time and money (at least to me).

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Opening Night Critics' Reviews  Mar 22 2024, 07:41:58 AM

Between The Notebook and Water for Elephants reviews, I'm beginning to question my own taste considering they're the polar opposite of a majority of the reviews - LOL. Also interestingly enough I wasn't a fan of the book/movie of The Notebook, but loved the stage adaptation. On the other side of the coin, I loved the book/movie of Water for Elephants, but I pretty much detested the stage adaptation.

Anyways, very curious to see if these reviews will translate into

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 21 2024, 12:09:22 AM

I was very impressed with this for the most part. This is a show that grabbed me right from the first note and didn’t let go until the final curtain.

Eden Espinosa. The woman is a force on that stage. Strong acting and astounding vocals. I have to wonder if she will do all eight shows a week throughout the run or have an alternate post-opening. The role is very demanding, but she executes it flawlessly and effortlessly.

The supporting cast is also excellent. Amber Iman and

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24  Mar 19 2024, 10:32:13 AM

Excited for this! Ticket prices are very reasonable IMO too. Snagged a pair of front mezzanine seats for the first weekend. $133 each including fees isn't bad for front mezz.

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 18 2024, 07:53:14 AM

Wednesday night for me! Beyond excited for this one - probably my most anticipated show of the season.

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