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Jeremy Jordan missing in-person rehearsals because he had a few concerts! OUCH  Feb 19 2024, 06:43:36 PM

Between this and the “is Satine really dead?” thread, I truly worry about these boards.

APPROPRIATE Transferring to the Belasco  Feb 13 2024, 01:33:09 PM

Are they even selling the balcony? I looked at a few random dates and didn’t see one balcony seat.

SLAVE PLAY headed to London?  Feb 13 2024, 10:23:25 AM

I hope that it is FINALLY filmed over there. I’m honestly surprised Netflix didn’t do it the first (or second) time.

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?  Jan 31 2024, 12:36:02 AM

Evan sound great! Darren.. meh.

Naked Boys Singing has closed  Jan 29 2024, 01:28:30 PM

Last Saturday I had some extra time alone in the city and I always joked about seeing Naked Boys Singing and I figured if I could get a cheap ticket, it would be a fun thing to see between French Republic and Days of Wine and Roses (lol). So I went to the box office to see if they had any kind of rush (they did) so I went. 

It turns out the performance I randomly attended was actually their last performance. Nothing was said at the show, their social medias aren’

Helen Hayes seating for Appropriate  Jan 29 2024, 01:03:47 PM

I was in F9 yesterday, and I thought the seat was just fine, especially for the price. You do miss a few moments but you can still see the staircase (I heard you couldn’t) and just about everything in the play. Well worth it. And the show is GREAT and lived up to the hype.

Helen Hayes seating for Appropriate  Jan 25 2024, 11:34:15 AM

I’m in F9 this weekend. It’s labeled partial view but next to a $269 seat, so I figured it wouldn’t be TOO bad. Now I’m nervous. :(

The Official TDF Thread  Jan 19 2024, 10:09:25 PM

The rush for Days of Wine and Roses are all over the theatre, not just rear mezz. I noticed that if you don’t like your tickets, to exit and go back into it.

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 14 2024, 02:50:04 PM

It’s hilarious to me that some people are complaining that people are whatever about Mendez missing shows, yet when others miss shows people have their torches out. Nobody has even been outright rude about Mendez missing performances lol

KIMBERLY AKIMBO to close in April  Jan 6 2024, 08:22:30 AM

ShowBro said: "Tickets are not yet available for the final performance. Do we think the house will be reserved for friends/family of the show and any remaining tickets will be released to the public closer to closing? I was at the very first preview at The Atlantic and must have this full circle moment with the closing of this brilliant piece."

Tickets, as of now are sold out. They never took them off for sale.


KIMBERLY AKIMBO Reviews  Dec 20 2023, 07:57:06 PM

Hoping everything is alright at the Booth. There are have A LOT of understudies on as of late. 

KIMBERLY AKIMBO Lottery Ticket - Sunday @ 3 - $45  Dec 17 2023, 09:24:27 AM

I’ll take $30 if anyone is interested! Just don’t want it to go to waste.

KIMBERLY AKIMBO Lottery Ticket - Sunday @ 3 - $45  Dec 16 2023, 01:19:09 PM

I won the Kimberly Akimbo lotto for tomorrow and accidentally got two tickets but only need 1. The seat is row BB, seat 7 in the orchestra. It’s tomorrow, Sunday at 3PM. Asking $45.

I can text you the ticket and get the money through PayPal. If you’re interested just shoot me a message or reply. :)  

What’s next for The Broadway Theatre?  Dec 15 2023, 10:30:56 AM

OhHiii said: "Broadway Flash said: "OhHiii, since you seem to know what goes on, do you have any idea what’s coming into the Broadway?"

Yes, as I've said. Papermill Gatsby.

And it's just so funny to me some of you are the HORRIBLE to people on here. There are people on here who know that they're spewing false or made up information and ya'll eat. it. up. And as we all know, there are people who are in the industry with me

What’s next for The Broadway Theatre?  Dec 15 2023, 10:12:01 AM

OhHiii said: "Jordan Catalano said: "A few weeks ago I was talking with a Shubert employee who told me (and I can’t verify this, I was just told by him) that for HLL, The Shuberts changed the contract so that the cost of restoring the theater falls on whatever show comes in next, changing it from how usually is on the show that closes. If anyone can verify or even tell me they’d not true, I’d be very interested."

Well I guess we can add

Golden Globes Snubs for “The Color Purple,”  Dec 11 2023, 09:53:52 PM

For the love of Taylor Swift, what is wrong with some of you people? There is nothing wrong with what Jordan said and it is met with gross snark and negativity, Most of the people on this board need a damn life and not harass random people on the internet. 

Also, Jordan is one of the only posters keeping this ridiculous rat hole alive, so there is that. Be kinder, folks.

Spamalot Stagedoor  Dec 3 2023, 09:21:39 PM

They didn’t even have the barricades set up after the matinee yesterday.

HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO Broadway Previews  Nov 15 2023, 11:29:37 PM

I saw the out of town last year and my thoughts were basically the same. Super bummed, was hoping they did the work on this one but it doesn’t seem like they did (or it just wasn’t enough). The score is definitely Dear Evan Hansen lite and a total snooze.

Santino Fontana and Judy Kuhn in I can get it for you wholesale  Oct 20 2023, 03:54:48 PM

Do they not offer the under 35 tickets for the extension? I’m not finding any

COMPANY Revival On Tour - News & Discussion Thread  Oct 9 2023, 11:50:53 AM

seaweedjstubbs said: "n2nbaby said: "seaweedjstubbs said: "n2nbaby said: “Matt Bitter needs a lot of work. His Broadway counterpart is as hilarious, and he just didn’t nail any of the humor.”

Matt Bittner is currently out of the show and will rejoin the tour later. You saw one of his understudies.


If that was the case, there was no slip in the Playbill and I’m 99% sure the cast board was e

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