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HADESTOWN Previews  Mar 26 2019, 08:09:13 AM


A0326T said: "How was it at mezzanine? I have C 2 n 4. I so looking forward to this."


Pretty much perfect. I was B-9. You're golden.


HADESTOWN Previews  Mar 26 2019, 07:35:48 AM


I sat front mezz at first preview and had no trouble understanding De Shields. He was fed a line at one point by an orchestra member, but if you're unfamiliar with the show, as I was, it was hardly noticeable. His was my favorite performance of the show.

Evan Hansen IS a sociopath  Mar 12 2019, 05:34:54 PM


In my defense, this was a parroty thread that never got deleted.

Dave Malloy is going conceptual with casting the title role in Moby Dick  Mar 7 2019, 09:21:23 PM

Thank you, everyone, for these reports. They've made my week!

Michael Jackson documentary  Mar 7 2019, 09:53:43 AM


No, hater. It's LOGIC.

Documentary Now's "Original Cast Album: CO-OP" Episode  Feb 28 2019, 12:35:39 PM


The YouTube videos have been removed. This is why we can't have nice things.

Actor who has yet to perform on Broadway who you would pay to see?  Jan 24 2019, 08:32:58 AM


Catherine O'Hara

Actor who has yet to perform on Broadway who you would pay to see?  Jan 23 2019, 08:54:10 PM


LEAR & BURN THIS Seating Qs  Jan 23 2019, 08:52:36 PM

The Hudson balcony isn't bad, per se, but it feels pretty high and far away. By contrast, the front row of the Cort balcony is, for my money, the best deal in NYC.

Actor who has yet to perform on Broadway who you would pay to see?  Jan 23 2019, 12:56:43 PM

ggersten said: "themysteriousgrowl said: "
Michael Emerson. Full stop."

Emerson was on Broadway twice per ibdb. Iceman Cometh in 1999 and Hedda Gabler in 2001-2002


Oh, thank you, gg! I totally misread the thread title. Back when he was filming LOST he talked about how he couldn't wait to get back to doing theater. Then LOST ended and he jumped right into "Person of Interest." He was so marvelous in Eno&#

Actor who has yet to perform on Broadway who you would pay to see?  Jan 22 2019, 09:34:55 PM

Michael Emerson. Full stop.

Previews  Dec 14 2018, 06:35:38 PM


Wow. Another deleted comment addressing MassiveMeGo's repeated refutation of literal facts in this thread. The mods are really doing a bang-up job of exercising judgment in which posts and posters to scrutinize on this board.



A long-time poster who thinks "Trumpian self-delusion" is actually an accurate description and not an attack.

PM QUESTION!  Dec 11 2018, 08:02:24 AM

BWW mods: *wildly hammering nails into coffin lid* "Y'know, I think this'll finally be the thing that gets this darn lid off!"

Trump supporter- Strikes again! At wicked!  Nov 30 2018, 06:20:03 PM

GreeneStreet said: "While I agree with you, he claimed while he was running he would support the LGBTQ community. How was I supposed to know a year later, he is threatening to pull transgenders from the military?"

Oh, this really takes the cake. Now I think you're just trolling.


Trump supporter- Strikes again! At wicked!  Nov 30 2018, 03:34:20 PM

I've learned over the past two, two and a half years that if you keep even the most seemingly rational and moderate Trump supporter talking long enough, particularly as talking points begin to give way to specifics, eventually their true colors will out. Et voilà.

Ruben  Nov 20 2018, 05:39:24 PM

You didn't even know who I was.

Ruben  Nov 20 2018, 05:29:55 PM

Fun fact: Kad and I were friends IRL before we realized we were Kad and growl.

The board's not fun anymore because the fun people started dropping off and it created a domino effect.


Ruben  Nov 20 2018, 05:19:09 PM


Ruben  Nov 20 2018, 05:04:30 PM

^ And being able to hear both of these posts in your actual voices is DELIGHTFUL.

AMERICAN SON Previews  Oct 12 2018, 07:59:08 AM

But consider the source, RippedMan. 

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