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STEREOPHONIC Previews  Apr 3 2024, 11:39:13 AM

Same! Just snagged an online rush ticket for tonight. Thanks for the reviews everybody!

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews  Mar 31 2024, 02:11:22 PM

Yes, there was someone next to me. The first 2 boxes have 2 seats in them and the last box has 3, but they're only selling 2 seats in those boxes online. Very strange! Also it looks like they're not selling box seats in advance after they open.

I'll probably just let it go, especially because I don't think my seat would've changed my thoughts on the show. Something is off with this one...

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews  Mar 31 2024, 01:12:00 PM

Sauja said: "Has anyone seen a show at the Broadway from the boxes? I see they’re selling them as partial view and wondering HOW partial and whether it might be a good deal."

I sat there last night... oof. When I snagged the ticket online Friday afternoon (Box E, Seat 2) it wasn't even showing the other boxes, but it looked closest to the mezz. When I arrived yesterday, I was escorted to the box closest to the stage. Ugh. The usher kept saying &qu

THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews  Mar 26 2024, 12:49:17 PM

I caught this on Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised. For whatever reason, my excitement level for this one was low. Out of the recent streak of "meh" new musicals, I would give these guys a Best Musical nom. The cast is excellent, it moves rather quickly thanks to some exciting stage moments (the barn, the rumble etc.) and while the music did start to sound the same, at least it sounded pleasant and cohesive.

I do want to comment on whatever is all over the stage: ru

LEMPICKA Previews  Mar 18 2024, 09:55:10 AM

I'll be there tomorrow night! So much to root for (Eden, Beth, Matt Gould- loved Invisible Thread etc.) so really hoping this brings that it factor most new musicals are missing this season IMO.

LEMPICKA announcement teased for next week  Mar 15 2024, 05:47:04 PM

I actually find "Perfection" pretty thrilling and have had the released track on repeat in anticipation for Tuesday. Maybe the so far mediocre scores this season have me yearning for an ear worm, but from what I've heard (and seen after today) I'm holding out hope for this one!

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Mar 8 2024, 03:41:42 PM

FANtomFollies said: "It's very telling that with these new photos released, they continue to hide the elephant puppet from all marketing."

Very telling. It also matches the teasing of Rosie before her "big reveal" in the show. With those cartoon eyes, boy is it disappointing.

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread  Mar 8 2024, 01:57:41 PM

I agree the situation was less than fair, but I'd say she's doing ok after opening Back to the Future in the ensemble and landing the female lead in The Outsiders.

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway Previews  Feb 26 2024, 02:43:08 PM

Just wanted to share my rush experience from Sat: I arrived around 9am and was roughly 20th in line. Not only did I get tickets, but I recognized a handful of people at the show who were behind me in line. A lot of us were in "partial view" seats located in the side front mezz. It looks like those seats (as well as side orch) are blocked off in the near future for this. It wasn't terribly limited, just the upstage corner.

As for the show, count me in the disappointed

What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 16 2024, 03:38:51 PM

Forgot where, but I heard Stranger Things which I think is smart... feels like it's big enough and it's own thing to not struggle in Phantom's shadow. I also love the idea of keeping it spooky at The Majestic.

SMASH Reading Lottery  Jan 31 2024, 09:41:14 AM

Ugh I'm just reading about this now, would've totally skipped school (my 9-5 corporate job) to attend! Telecharge emails me about every other little thing... I guess I'm on some blacklist which is why I didn't win a single one of those My Son's a Queer drawings.

Sweeney Todd Rush  Oct 11 2023, 12:46:12 PM

I rushed a couple Saturday's ago and showed up around 9:15am, was around 30th in line and thought "there's no way" but waited anyway. The security guard was announcing that they had run out for the evening performance by the time I reached the box office (he was having a good time, I got a kick out of it). To my surprise, I got a rush ticket for the matinee as did the couple behind me and I recognized some people at the performance who were even further back in line... we we

DEATH BECOMES HER Teaser  Aug 31 2023, 11:30:45 AM

Brilliant move from the marketing team. Brava!

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Broadway Reviews  Aug 30 2023, 03:08:41 PM

Just had to share that my friend and I keep entering the lottery this week...and losing. Maybe we just have the worst luck but looking at the houses for this weekend, I'm shocked they're not just filling it up for closing. I snagged an online rush ticket to Bad Cinderella's final performance hours before curtain. I'm just annoyed!

Unpleasant theater audiences  Jul 3 2023, 03:53:50 PM

BuddyStarr said: Thanks. yeah I thought the same thing about the show maybe being a bit more proactive in their "no recording/picture taking" policies.

Sorry you had to go through this too, it really does make an unpleasant experience and taints future visits to live theatre.

Oh goodness, mine was nothing compared to your traumatic experience. Wishing you pleasant and uninterrupted performances moving forward!

I've seen the show a han

Unpleasant theater audiences  Jul 3 2023, 11:04:01 AM

I'm so sorry that happened to you @buddystarr. Feeling frustrated and distracted is one thing, feeling unsafe is another.

My struggle is always to either silently suffer or say something and risk setting the patron off, making more of a scene. 

I was at & Juliet the Tuesday after Tony's (hmm a theme here... maybe that show needs to explore a more in-your-face announcement rather than just a sign). I was in the front row next to a woman who shamelessly filmed all

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Broadway Previews Thread  May 23 2023, 10:40:32 AM

The gal who was handing them out on the way into the theatre on Sat night definitely explained how to activate them.

I agree with whomever said they should be incorporated into the show more. However, I'm not sure how much they can control them after they've been activated. Might be why they only turn them on for curtain call/megamix.

ONCE UPON A ONE MORE TIME Broadway Previews Thread  May 22 2023, 07:25:39 PM

I caught this on Saturday night and wanted to add my two cents.

Firstly, I walked up to the box office around 3pm and used the oops50 code for a rear orch seat (Row Q). Audience was a nightmare! Not for singing, but full voice talking and the woman next to me kept texting. Lucky for me, side orch was completely empty so I moved pretty far down at intermission. By the looks of it on Ticketmaster, they're not selling these seats but sightlines were totally fine so I'm not sure wh

& JULIET On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread  Mar 8 2023, 04:06:15 PM

Yeah curious about this as well. I have tickets for Sat night and while I'm sure the covers are terrific, I am looking forward to seeing Lorna.

According to Rachel's IG, Kim went on today and Rachel will be Juliet tonight.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread  Feb 24 2023, 01:39:25 PM
PipingHotPiccolo said: "What are the extreme sides of orchestra like? The end of the rows are "partial view" which suggests to me the far sides are generally a no-go?"

I went for a pair of these when they were released, however my performance is in March so I can't comment on the view. While they're not listed as PV online, the very kind woman at the box office did inform me they are in fact PV. She also advised going with house right, because (as ot

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