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Would love to see a Sound of Music Revival
 Jul 15 2024, 11:52:18 AM

Sara Bareilles as Maria. 

I know, I know... she'd be an older governess but she has my vote.

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jul 15 2024, 11:38:33 AM

Wick3 said: "I hope the cast members get better soon.

A few weeks ago I saw Garnet Williams perform as Grizabella and she was amazing! I heard people sobbing around me and audiencegave her a standing ovation after she sings Memory in the second act.

One thing that was a bit confusing for my friends is when is the curtain call and is it ok to videotape it? I've seen youtube videos of curtain call but a friend went this past week and told me when she filmed th

'CATS: The Jellicle Ball' at PAC reviews
 Jul 15 2024, 11:33:31 AM

Caught this on Sat night and I'm still thinking about it. What a refreshing, joyous, educational, moving production of this classic. I'm one of those that gets annoyed when people's go-to for the original is "there's no plot!" I've always appreciated the absurdity of Cats. So while I don't feel this unique lens necessarily brings a new understanding... damn it fits like a glove. 

My only critique were a few moments of chaos that could be

Music Man 2000 Revival Cast Recording
 Jul 12 2024, 01:36:50 PM

Adding the 2001 revival cast recording of 42nd Street and Brooklyn! 

I'm sure there's more. It must have something to do with the record label and distribution rules yada yada.

Frozen Tour
 Jul 11 2024, 11:29:40 AM

Call_me_jorge said: "They will probably do with this what they did with Beauty and the Beast and send out an entirely new designed tour production with a non-equity company like NETworks."

For someone who saw a handful of dress transformation malfunctions, I can't wait for the folks in Eugene to watch Elsa rip off her own coronation dress in 2026 lol

Frozen Tour
 Jul 11 2024, 10:43:35 AM

Between North Shore Music Theatre and this, we love to see the fabulous Alyssa Fox get some closure with Elsa as well:

Frozen Tour
 Jul 11 2024, 10:35:51 AM

hearthemsing22 said: "I have no idea what project it would be, but I think she is leaving for something else. I think she loves the role and wouldn't leave unless something came up."


Think this tour will go non-eq?


Frozen Tour
 Jul 11 2024, 09:50:11 AM

I don't know... she's leaving the tour just one month before the whole thing wraps up. You'd think she'd hang on till closing unless she has something lined up that would force her to depart so close to the end.

Regardless, brava to her and that impressive reign!

 Jun 14 2024, 10:17:53 AM

Miserent said: "They really took Eden’s vocal from the 2022 recording of Woman Is and put it over a new orchestration…"

I had the same thought, but there are definitely differences. Could be a mix.

& JULIET On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Jun 7 2024, 10:11:14 AM

Somebody was doing an IG takeover and got asked if they had tour casting news. The company member directed the question at Daniel in a very tongue-and-cheek way as if they knew something. Of course he responded with “no idea”. Maybe I’m reading into it, but hopefully they continue the pattern of promoting understudies who’ve been killing it a la Rachel.

& JULIET On Broadway - P/reviews & News Thread
 Jun 7 2024, 09:23:08 AM

Just a hunch but I think current swing, Daniel J Maldonado will be Romeo on tour. I've seen a couple of coy moments on Instagram which kind of alluded to that. Could be totally wrong, however America would be in for a treat (and get "Can't Feel My Face" belted...)

& JULIET Replacement Casting
 May 15 2024, 01:11:58 PM

I was there last night! Keeping in mind it was her first performance, she was totally solid. Her Juliet was a little more grounded and mature than Lorna's. She had some great vocal moments, but the higher stuff was thin. I'm sure she's still working out pacing, stamina etc. and will undoubtedly grow.

The biggest delight of the evening for me was Oliver Tompsett! High energy, chemistry with Betsy was off the charts and vocals were stellar. Probably my favorite of the 3 Shake

LEMPICKA closing May 19
 May 13 2024, 07:29:44 PM

Ugh I'm so disappointed to hear that others have had similar experiences.

I just want to add that I'm no straight-laced grump at shows. I love an appropriately placed hoot and holler, I was wiping away tears at Hell's Kitchen last week, hell I'll even join a mid-show standing o if the spirit moves me! I just think the intention behind some of these audience member's behavior is annoyingly obvious and they cross the line from genuine support to pulling focu

LEMPICKA closing May 19
 May 13 2024, 02:24:53 PM

I just needed to vent about how insufferable this fan base is. I actually enjoy the show, have already seen it a handful of times and took a friend over the weekend. It ended up being a miserable experience thanks to this "look at me watch the show" group. I understand deeply connecting to a production but when your response is so over-the-top and performative that you negatively affect patrons around you- idk I feel like they're alienating the very thing their beloved 

 May 8 2024, 04:45:22 PM

Just got an email that tonight's performance is cancelled due to a "tragedy within the community of Illinoise". Yikes, I hope everyone is ok.

 Apr 3 2024, 11:39:13 AM

Same! Just snagged an online rush ticket for tonight. Thanks for the reviews everybody!

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews
 Mar 31 2024, 02:11:22 PM

Yes, there was someone next to me. The first 2 boxes have 2 seats in them and the last box has 3, but they're only selling 2 seats in those boxes online. Very strange! Also it looks like they're not selling box seats in advance after they open.

I'll probably just let it go, especially because I don't think my seat would've changed my thoughts on the show. Something is off with this one...

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews
 Mar 31 2024, 01:12:00 PM

Sauja said: "Has anyone seen a show at the Broadway from the boxes? I see they’re selling them as partial view and wondering HOW partial and whether it might be a good deal."

I sat there last night... oof. When I snagged the ticket online Friday afternoon (Box E, Seat 2) it wasn't even showing the other boxes, but it looked closest to the mezz. When I arrived yesterday, I was escorted to the box closest to the stage. Ugh. The usher kept saying &qu

THE OUTSIDERS Broadway Previews
 Mar 26 2024, 12:49:17 PM

I caught this on Saturday night and was pleasantly surprised. For whatever reason, my excitement level for this one was low. Out of the recent streak of "meh" new musicals, I would give these guys a Best Musical nom. The cast is excellent, it moves rather quickly thanks to some exciting stage moments (the barn, the rumble etc.) and while the music did start to sound the same, at least it sounded pleasant and cohesive.

I do want to comment on whatever is all over the stage: ru

 Mar 18 2024, 09:55:10 AM

I'll be there tomorrow night! So much to root for (Eden, Beth, Matt Gould- loved Invisible Thread etc.) so really hoping this brings that it factor most new musicals are missing this season IMO.

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