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 May 8 2024, 11:35:50 PM

IdinaBellFoster said: "It appears it was Thomas Gates, their production stage manager, who passed away. Absolutely awful. Sara Bareilles just posted about his passing as he was the PSM for Waitress as well…"

Here’s Sara’s post - beautifully written and heartbreaking.

SHUCKED will close January 14, 2024; TOMMY rumored for the Nederlander
 Oct 12 2023, 10:16:12 PM

Noooooo!  Loved this show and am hoping to see it again - definitely sad to see it go, especially as a new, original comedic musical.  

Could this potentially transfer off-Broadway, like to New World Stages or something?  I feel like this show feels very in line with a show like Avenue Q that was able to find great success with its brand in a smaller theatre.

Question about possible strike
 Jun 20 2023, 07:07:16 PM

Question - what about shows where actors appear "courtesy of SAG-AFTRA?"  I remember seeing My Fair Lady and noticing that Harry Hadden-Paton was credited as such - if their Broadway gig is through SAG and not Equity, would it impact things if SAG were to strike?  Are there even any shows currently running where there are performers working through SAG as opposed to Equity?  Or is this all a moot point?

Musical Performances on the 2023 Tony Awards
 Jun 6 2023, 11:21:49 AM

Selfishly, I really want Shucked to do "Best Man Wins" - I know they did it on one of the morning shows (Today Show, I think?) but it's such a great number that showcases every element of the show at its best, from the choreography to the orchestrations to the lighting and set design.  I could see them doing a medley of Independently Owned and then Best Man Wins - it would give a moment to each of the acting nominees from the show, too.

Alex Newell Vacation/Schedule Performances Off in July for Shucked?
 May 30 2023, 09:05:15 AM

I actually saw Shucked the other day with the whole OBC - and I could definitely see a bit of vocal fatigue in "Independently Owned."  (Still absolutely incredible and show-stealing, of course, but just something my parents and I noticed.)  No fault of Alex, but they've kinda become the mascot of the show with their performance and that song, and I could see the strain of Tony campaigning, performing, interviewing, being flown out to do the Voice, etc. necessitating a

Licensed Shows - Opening "No Phones or Talking" Spiel
 May 29 2023, 10:44:47 AM

willep said: "Am I the only one who thought it weird that he does that intro and says “now some music from the Shucked orchestra” only to have the overture end?"

In the show proper, the whole spiel happens in a vamp that is represented on the album by the first 30 seconds of the overture, then the rest of it happens without any dialogue over it - although the storytellers come onstage and wave at the audience and stuff.  It is kinda weird on the albu

Licensed Shows - Opening "No Phones or Talking" Spiel
 May 28 2023, 10:18:54 PM

I saw Shucked for the first time yesterday and was listening to the cast album, and I noticed that Kevin Cahoon's opening spiel is part of the overture on the recording.  It made me think about the fact that since the overture starts in the middle of the speech, there are lines in it that act as a music cue for the band - and I was curious about how that would be translated into a script if/when the show becomes available for licensing down the line.  So I was wondering, are the

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread
 Mar 15 2020, 07:25:02 PM

poisonivy2 said: "Ok went to the matinee today and they've made a major addition: there's now random snippets of jail interviews with the Manson girls where they talk about the effects of acid tripping on the Helter Skelter murders. As someone who enjoyed the lighthearted tone of the show I did not like this addition at all -- it seemed weird to go from a Tony Yazbeck dance number to Susan Atkins talking about murdering Sharon Tate."

Please tell me the unders

Flying Over Sunset - Previews Thread
 Mar 15 2020, 05:59:27 PM

Of all the people here, nobody noticed when they turned out all the lights and then brought out a camera and reprised "Pore Jud is Daid" revival-style with Reeve Carney and the ghost of Johnny Cash (who I think was played by Ethan Slater, cause of course he has that range)?

Satine buzz?
 Jun 8 2021, 05:02:08 PM

My vote is for Ciara Renée or MJ Rodriguez!  They're both super cool women of color who have the perfect star quality and confidence the role exudes.  Also I second Ashley de la Rosa - she would be amazing in the role!

Wearing Costumes/Cosplay to Broadway Shows
 May 31 2021, 05:56:00 PM

I always love dressing a little bit "in costume" when I go see a show - it makes me feel like a part of the show.  Obviously, it isn't enough to be distracting or impeding to the cast or other viewers - but it's like, wearing a folksy outfit with flowers to Hadestown, or a blue dress to Dear Evan Hansen, or flannel to Oklahoma, or a star on your shirt at Hamilton (which are all outfits I've worn seeing shows) - that's totally fine.  For me in particula

Beloved shows that will never be revived
 Apr 27 2021, 01:46:34 PM

One of the things that I love about "It Takes a Woman" is that it's actually an indictment of the idea of gender roles themselves.  Women are supposed to be beautiful and dainty - but also do all the housework and take out the trash.  Its lyrics contradict themselves on purpose and shows how wild and meaningless gender roles are - and it's made even stronger by the already-established fact (which becomes exceedingly clear later on) that the female characters in the show are just as intelligent, if not more so, than any of the men.

As for the person who mentioned Hairspray, it made me think of an excellent article that I keep coming back to by actor/writer Heath Saunders where he talks about Hairspray and many other shows that use Black bodies without truly considering their Blackness.  Hairspray, Heath argues, is a show that cannot truly understand the struggles that Black people face when it tries to move past the Blackness of its characters entirely.  No show can speak for Black people when its triumphant finale tells us that the characters' future - our present - "don't know white from Black."  

The article also mentions Once On This Island, which is another show that I think won't get revived anytime soon - not necessarily because of the points mentioned in the article, but I feel like the newest production gave the show such a clear, indivisible vision that any revival risks falling into "copycat" mode, like many productions of Cabaret after the Sam Mendes revival - and my personal belief is that for a revival to work, it has to do something different, say something new about the material, not just rehash something we've already seen before.

JLP Controversy
 Apr 16 2021, 09:11:47 AM

OK.  So as the Broadway Stan Twitter (TM) representative on this board (that was a joke, by the way, but the rest of this isn't), I feel like I gotta explain a few things that y'all have pointed out - from my point of view this time.

1. So yes, the role was created for Patten.  If you know from the start you're going to be bringing a cis woman into this role, here's a suggestion: maybe don't write the character as nonbinary?

2. The excuse th

Movie Musical Trailers
 Mar 24 2021, 08:50:32 AM

santeFEEE said: "Are they reshooting some scenes in West Sude Story because of the allegations against Ansel? Will that move the date back?"

Unfortunately I don't think so, considering that they haven't announced a new Tony and Rachel Zegler just got a new gig in Shazam 2, but let's PLEASE not start debating the verity of the allegations on another thread, there are plenty of other places to talk about that on this board.

Anyway, I'm really exc

Possible changes to be made to Book of Mormon
 Mar 15 2021, 08:59:17 AM

This is a huge stretch for changing the show cause it completely changes the plot, but I'd like to see a Book of Mormon alternate-universe version of the show where instead of going to Uganda, Price and Cunningham are sent to Orlando - but it's the "Orlando Project" part of Orlando outside of all the theme parks that Price has idolized since he was little.  He can be disillusioned by that, and how even his greatest dream is tainted because of the

Which cast member won’t return after reopening
 Mar 14 2021, 04:48:28 PM

Call_me_jorge said: "Ginna Claire Mason, who was playing Glinda on Broadway, announced on Instagram she’s expecting a baby back in December(I literally only saw the post the other day). Not sure when exactly she is due, but I could see her taking this opportunity to retire from theatre and start a family. Also, it would give Wicked the opportunity to cast Brittney Johnson as the full time Glinda."

That's awesome news for Ginna!  I don't think this

More minor changes in other shows?
 Mar 14 2021, 12:31:58 PM

During a recent livestream on Twitch, Matt Doyle said that Stephen Sondheim is working on ways to change the reference to "hepatitis" in Getting Married Today to a coronavirus joke, at least for the first few performances back - which I think would be hilarious.

Possible changes to be made to Book of Mormon
 Mar 13 2021, 09:58:04 PM

ACL2006 said: "I mean, when the show was at the top and raking in the $$$, why was nothing said then? Afraid to get fired?"

For the record, many people have complained about this show’s racist tropes for years now.  It’s just that nobody was paying attention.

Broadway By Fall?
 Mar 2 2021, 10:11:38 PM

Matt Doyle said on his Twitch stream tonight that he got an email from one of the producers of Company today, March 2nd (which was the anniversary of their first preview) saying that "the hope and goal is for the fall."  He said it's looking likelier every day, especially after Biden's updated May timeline.  As someone who's starting college in New York State in the fall, I'd love for at least one of the show's opening nights (preferably Dear Evan Hansen and/or Hadestown) to coincide with Columbus Day weekend. wink

Songs for Calling Someone Out
 Feb 23 2021, 02:34:02 PM

"I Say No" - Heathers (West End)

"I've Shrunk Enough" - Alice By Heart

"See, I'm Smiling" - The Last Five Years

"Last Midnight" - Into the Woods

"Show Me" - My Fair Lady

"Waiting" - The Addams Family

"This Had Better Come to a Stop" - Falsettos

"The Meek Shall Inherit" - Little Shop (this one's more backhanded but it still works)


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