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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To the Forum film
 Jul 8 2024, 07:26:59 PM

BentleyB said: "Having been in the show on four different occasions and having seen professional productions (Nathan Lane was amazing) and amateur ones, it really is the director who can make the show come to life. It is a bump and grind vaudeville show. I agree the songs slow the show down, but they also allow the audience to catch their breath from the frantic pace of everything going on. I love the show and would love to see a revival with Josh Gad and Andrew Randell’s. The

Why did High Fidelity Flop?
 Jul 5 2024, 02:08:32 PM

I did not like this on Broadway but a couple years ago I saw a London rewritten production that returned the setting (of the original novel) to England. For some reason I liked that version a whole lot more.

THE GREAT GATSBY Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jul 5 2024, 02:03:10 PM

This recording simply underlines the fact that this was easily the best score of the spring 2024 musicals. Easily!

Did Jessie Mueller deserve the Tony?
 Jul 5 2024, 01:59:48 PM

So maybe we stop responding to Flash's nonsensical postings. We are giving him or her exactly what they want. A reaction. They are getting off on the many responses they are getting to their stupid opinions.

Broadway Rumors/Whispers
 Jul 5 2024, 01:53:26 PM

Unfortunately they will never be a Mame revival during our current pc times as the title tune glorifies the Jim Crow era South.

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 to open in London
 Jun 26 2024, 11:31:20 AM

TBFL said: "With Tim Sheader directing, who knows what you'll get. His time at Regents Park saw him have massive hits and big mis-fires. His Ragtime and Carousel were 2 of the worst things I have ever seen."

But his Into the Woods is still the greatest production of that show I've ever seen. Though I hear it didn't go quite as well in Central Park...

LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA to transfer to Broadway?
 Jun 26 2024, 11:28:36 AM

I guess I just don't pay enough attention to board names and avatars. Is this Jesse St James character a liar or does he just exaggerate?

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 25 2024, 10:43:47 AM

SisterGeorge said: ""I so agree about Kelli's Babe and Nellie. The roles were sung beautifully, of course, but she was too reserved and, well, stiff. Itwasn't until "Far From Heaven" that I fell in love with her and I've loved her ever since."

Yes! That is exactly the show where I finally fell in love with her myself!!

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 24 2024, 04:30:34 PM

binau said: "The fact that someone is defending Ashford for Sally would embarrass Ashford of all people. She is 10-15 years too young and probably doesn’t have the voice. But Kelli DOES have the voice, is practically or will soon be age appropriate and can act. It’s not even a question. I don’t think anyone would seriously think otherwise."

Dude. Read my entire post about WHEN I'm imagining this production.Plus. She was a friggin' Glinda, of

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 24 2024, 03:43:17 PM

TotallyEffed said: "Kelli is a master at subtly and subtext and that is what is needed for Sally. For the first half of the show, Sally is lying. She is lying about her life, her feelings, her fantasies, and her yearning. She has a girl next door quality that would suit the role beautifully. We've seen her desperate and hysterical side in Piazza and Wine and Roses. She is an absolutelyterrific actress. And obviously she would sing the hell out of it."


Sam Mendes to direct new Jack Thorne-penned play about the Richard Burton/John Gielgud 'Hamlet'
 Jun 24 2024, 03:30:06 PM

I was disappointed to see Middleton's name still attached. Where Flynn and Gatniss are doing marvelous impressions of their real life characters (and acting their boots off while doing so) she goes for generic 50's movie star accent, where Taylor had a speaking voice as distinctive as the men in the play.

MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING musical, featuring Burt Bacharach catalogue songs
 Jun 24 2024, 01:24:33 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "In terms of composers who can do "light & melodic"...

and then there's a separate category of "very busy and fairly high profile" --

Tom Kitt
Alan Menken
Shaiman & Wittman
the Lopezes
Jeanine Tesori
Tim Minchin

but for a catalogue show like this it's never a matter of not being able to find a composer. It's a deliberate choice to pull from

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 24 2024, 01:10:53 PM

TotallyEffed said: "binau said: "I know this sounds like ridiculous fan fiction but I would not be too surprised if we see abartlett sher follies at LCT with Kelli and Laura Benanti in the next few years. Would not be surprised to see Patti as Carlotta and Bernadette as Hattie. Or even Danny B reprise as Buddy. Raul Esparza Ben."

I don’t think it’s ridiculous. I think Kelli as Sally will happen. Would love Norbertin the cast as well.

Article: OPERATION MINCEMEAT... plots its course to New York
 Jun 23 2024, 01:03:11 AM

I don't quite understand all this controversy about the size of the theater it would go into! That show is so big on Talent it doesn’t have an even slightly intimate feel to it! It may have started at a fringe theater and is encased in a smaller West End house, but any midsize Bway house would easily do! You people be crazy.

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 23 2024, 12:53:25 AM

Of those five, Annaleigh Ashford's the one you have problems with..?

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 22 2024, 07:59:10 PM

ljay889 said: "Ebersole is in her 70's now. I'm tired of the old Sallys, at this point. Bernadette didn't look her age at all, but Staunton certainly did. The character is very specifically 49-years-old. While I think Audra would be phenomenal, my gut says the next big revival is being saved/planned for Kelli, and likely at LCT. "

No. The next Broadway revival (in about 10 years) will star Jeremy Jordan, Sutton Foster Annaleigh Ashford and Corbin

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 21 2024, 12:25:47 AM

Ebersole's Buddy's Eyes was as wonderful as you can imagine... so it really wasn't surprising. That's the way I felt halfway into Kate Baldwin's Losing My Mind but then something happened and she switched it up and blew me away!

And I don't just want to concentrate on the women. Alexander Gemignani's simple The Road You Didn't Take was one of my early favorites and the second act had a fantastically sung and danced Michael Bereese Right Girl (do

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 20 2024, 11:25:32 PM

One may not have lived a complete musical theatre life without hearing Jennifer Holiday sing "I'm Still Here". Another standing ovation.

FOLLIES at Carnegie Hall
 Jun 20 2024, 09:25:41 PM

I'm here at intermission (in shorts) and the first acr was lovely, especially the finale with Karen Ziemba and a cast of wonderful older and younger dancers recreating the original Michael Bennett choreography to Who's That Woman. Standing ovation!

"Untitled Immersive Musical Attraction" from POTO LLC
 Jun 19 2024, 04:10:51 PM

If indeed it is Phantom of the Opera no matter how good it is, it will be accused of just jumping on the Sunset Boulevard/Cts deconstructions. Sometimes unoriginal is worse than bad.

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