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Roundabout season includes PENZANCE, YELLOW FACE, and more
 Jun 14 2024, 03:51:07 PM

Thanks for the link! I guess I wasn't paying attention! When I saw the message today, I thought it was new info, so I jumped on getting tix. Better late than never, lol.

Roundabout season includes PENZANCE, YELLOW FACE, and more
 Jun 14 2024, 02:53:30 PM

 I received a message today from TodayTix that Ramin Karimloo and David Hyde Pierce are appearing Pirates/Penzance. That's the first I learned of their casting, although I see someone posted about it earlier. Perhaps the late opening is based on their availability leading up to rehearsals. 

What Tony Upset Are You Hoping For?
 Jun 12 2024, 08:03:02 PM

Kelli O'Hara and Brian d'Arcy James for their lead performances in Days of Wine and Roses.

Bebe Neuwirth for Cabaret

Stereophonic for score.

William Jackson Harper for lead actor in a play.

 Jun 12 2024, 03:42:39 PM

In her original response to me, Melissa said the offer was only valid through June 9:

Jagman106: Has anyone seen anything for JOB at the Hayes? TIA. Job is offering “downtown” pricing for the first 14 performances - $89 orchestra and $59 mezzanine, purchase by 6/9 on Telecharge. No code needed.

How did the dueling Wild Party's affect box office
 Jun 9 2024, 03:10:11 PM

I think your comparison of the two Wild Parties or Gatsbys to Barbenheimer isn't a very valid one, with all due respect. Barbie and Oppenheimer are based on two entirely different subjects, each having different social implications with no similarities. Also, people were/are more likely to see both films based on the much lower cost to see movies or even download them, so you're talking about two different mediums. The Wild Party x 2, as well as Gatsby x 2, are based on the same sourc

 Jun 9 2024, 12:01:13 PM

Melissa25 said: "Jagman106:Has anyone seen anything for JOB at the Hayes? TIA.

Job is offering “downtown” pricing for the first 14 performances - $89 orchestra and $59 mezzanine, purchase by 6/9 on Telecharge. No code needed.

Thank you! Got my tix for July 29.

How did the dueling Wild Party's affect box office
 Jun 8 2024, 05:47:14 PM

Based on my memory, the Lippa production was better reviewed than the LaChiusa production, but that Broadway version boasted Toni Collette just coming off her starring role in The Sixth Sense and the real star IMO, Eartha Kitt, who along with Patinkin to a lesser extent were the real draws. The show featured many theater regulars. The Off-Broadway production boasted a number of theater regs before they really reached stardom or recognition, although Menzel and Diggs already had a Rent fo

 Jun 7 2024, 11:07:22 AM

Has anyone seen anything for JOB at the Hayes? TIA.

Why Aren't Theatre History Classes Mandatory for High Schools?
 Jun 6 2024, 03:05:01 PM

When I was in  high school, we had a pretty strong arts program with many different courses focusing on the various arts. None of this courses were mandatory; they were all offered as electives. The arts aren't considered core courses of, discipline. I took a Theater Arts course that included a theater history component. I took a course in Contemporary American Drama that focused on the classic playwrights (Williams, O'Neill, Miller, Albee, etc.). In senior year, as part of

NYP: Broadway sings New York’s blues as crime, costs slow post-COVID comeback
 Jun 3 2024, 10:48:01 AM

Wick3 said: "I think Broadway is doing fine when clearly there are investors willing to gamble $$$ on new productions each year.

That article compared this past season with 2018-2019. It didn't mention back then there was an outlier called Springsteen on Broadway that had an average ticket price of over $500! If you took that outlier away, I think the 2023-2024 season fared the same if not better than 2018-2019.

Here are some stats that Ken Davenport posted on LinkedIn:

If you can't open the link, here is the data from that article:

2023-24 Broadway Season Statistics

Total Gross: $1,539,278,706

Total Attendance: 12,287,708

Total # of Playing Weeks: 1,471

Average Ticket Price: $125.27

How did that compare to the 2023-23 season?

2022-23 Broadway Season Statistics

Total Gross: $1,577,586,897

Total Attendance: 12,283,399

Total # of Playing Weeks: 1,474

Average Ticket Price: $128.43

So, last season looked like this compared to the previous one:

Gross: DOWN 2.46%

Attendance: UP .04%

Playing weeks: DOWN .20%

Average Ticket Price: DOWN 2.49%

In other words . . . the #s were flat.  Barely a change.

Which is . . . not great.  We’re supposed to be in a recovery phase.  And we were flat.  And remember, Broadway expenses escalate much higher than inflation every year (union contracts go up annually, advertising rates, etc, etc).  That means: a flat year is a financial regression.

Now, and more importantly, let’s compare this past season to 2018-19.

2018-19 Broadway Season Statistics

Total Gross: $1,829,312,140

Total Attendance: 14,768,254

Total # of Playing Weeks: 1,737

Average Ticket Price: $123.87

So, here’s the big question . . . here is the answer to “How is Broadway recovering post-pandemic?”

Drumroll please . . . here is how this past season compares to the last complete pre-pandemic season:

Gross: DOWN 17.22%

Attendance: DOWN 18.34%

Playing weeks: DOWN 16.58%

Average Ticket Price: UP 1.12%

Three of the four major indicators of Broadway’s financial health are down.

And the last is flat.

This data, and the “flat” data of this past year to the year before it, tells me that the recovery has stalled.  And the return to the “health” we had prior to the pandemic is going to take much longer than anyone expected.

Add in the aforementioned hyper Broadway inflation we are feeling right now, when expenses are 10-20% higher . . . and we’re seeing an approximately 30% swing in the bottom line . . . then you add a gross that’s down 17.22% and expenses that are up around 15% . . .

No wonder more shows are closing quicker.

No wonder fewer shows are recouping.

Unfortunately, based on historical data . . . the current year that we’re in is only expected to get a little worse.  The research shows that we have a “down year” every four years . . . that coincides with the Presidential Election and the Summer Olympics. (See this post for that analysis.)

So it’s going to get a little rougher.

Davenport goes on to discuss possible solutions, and in that discussion he made this observation:

Second, we must get the Suburban Audience back.  The local market outside the city is down a whopping 30+% from pre-pandemic levels.  They are reluctant to return for a whole bunch of reasons, from the perception of crime, to the cost of commuting into the city, and the fact that their habit of theatergoing was broken for 2+ years.

The BWW Tech Support Thread
 Jun 2 2024, 03:18:01 PM

I started getting the gateway errors late last night, but they seem to be resolved this afternoon. One request, though. Is it possible to see the date when a thread was started after the name of the person who started it in the series of threads? It might make it easier to identify older threads that often get resurrected. 

The Outsiders is the most Genre elevating musical since Hamilton (IMO)
 Jun 2 2024, 03:06:20 PM

Personally, although I enjoyed the show, I don't think it's genre-elevating or even a very outstanding show. Along with most people, I thought the rumble scene was brilliant, but I also agree it could have started maybe a quarter of the way through its current form. Although the staging was interesting, i didn't see anything groundbreaking. I didn't think the special effects were anything special (one crucial scene looked cheap to me). A lot of people are commenting about the

The Tony Awards Quiz
 Jun 2 2024, 02:55:22 PM

100/110 - darn bonus question! lol.

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 May 29 2024, 03:37:42 PM

 May 19 2024, 11:17:41 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "Sometimes when people have a breakup, there are a lot of raw feelings. Feelings of hatred or betrayal.

It's usually best to talk it out privately with a loved one or therapist,channel those feelings into a project, or go sleep with someone you shouldn't.

Sometimes, instead of doing that, people write a longFacebook/Insta post about how much they hate their ex. While some readers will say "yes gurl drag him!", most

 May 19 2024, 10:49:35 PM


 May 19 2024, 08:34:24 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "The writing was spray painted on the wall the second the “Eden Espinosa is best known to gay men across the country as one of the best Elphaba’s of all time” ad came out.

THAT is what the show will be remembered for.

I agree, and the fact that they discounted/papered tickets to many women who identify with or advocate for the gay LGBTQI-plus community, who were extremely vocal during certain scenes, may have tu

 May 19 2024, 08:18:50 PM

I disagree that Broadway is ruined forever. In regard to "gentle plays," I'm not quite sure what you mean with that description, but this season had a slew of good plays that were mostly well-received that I don't consider "brutish." Good theater is good theater regardless of where it plays. There is a niche for every style of production, and I don't find a dearth of Broadway shows to attend, also having attended theater since the 70s. Further, in tho

 May 19 2024, 01:03:51 PM

binau said: "Can't wait to hear what the closing was like today."

On another theater website, the producers are lamenting that 8 weeks of performances is not enough time to build word of mouth. Actually, there has been plenty of WOM, and for the most part, it wasn't very good. I imagine they'll be playing the victim today, complaining that no one gave them a chance, reviews were unfair, people don't want new or original musicals, and every other excus

Scott Rudin returns:
 May 18 2024, 01:52:38 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Maybe he will bring back the Laurie Metcalf Joe mantello who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf"

I would love that as it's the only show that I had tickets to in Spring 2020 that I wasn't able to see post-Covid. Does Rudin or his company still have the rights to the show? I don't know how that works, but I am curious.

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