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Steven Spielberg's WEST SIDE STORY - News & Discussion Thread
 Aug 12 2021, 03:52:47 PM

Yes she is an Executive Producer, so I doubt she'd ever say it wasn't great if it's indeed not great... but Rita Moreno is effusive in her praise of the finished product:

DEAR EVAN HANSEN film sets September 2021 release
 Aug 31 2021, 11:35:01 AM

Huge piece on DEH in Hollywood Reporter this morning (both the evolution of the stage musical and the movie)... some pretty interesting stuff:


DEAR EVAN HANSEN film sets September 2021 release
 May 27 2021, 12:06:42 PM

If they add a song that wasn't in the stage production, I hope it's "In the Bedroom Down the Hall"... an already-great song that was cut before the show opened. 

Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 22 2021, 10:22:44 AM

darquegk said: "Everyone says Steve Martin, but Martin Short might be interesting as the Wizard... I think he’d get the “corny and smarmy with something nasty and cold hidden underneath” better than anyone since Joel Grey."

^ THIS!  

Martin Short would be amazing as the Wizard.  He's a great actor - both comedic and dramatic... and he's got a terrific voice.


Wicked Movie Seeks New Director
 Apr 9 2021, 12:19:48 PM

Variety recently posted a very interesting interview with Amanda Seyfried where she said she is actively seeking the role of Glinda in the new Wicked movie:

It went so far as saying she recorded "Popular" and sent it in to Casting.  Also, that she and Samantha Barks have driven around LA singing "For Good"...hoping to be cast as Glinda and Elphaba.

I love Seyfried and think she'd act the part really well.  Not sure if she's up for the vocal demands... but maybe she's improved since Mamma Mia and Les Miz. 

What is your Most loved Episode from any TV show 
 Sep 3 2020, 10:44:40 AM

"Walkabout" - LOST

"Hush" - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"Pilot" - Modern Family

The King and I 1996
 Aug 7 2020, 12:32:03 PM

I saw this in '96 and thought it was terrific.  Donna Murphy was outstanding... yes she does tend to sing a bit under pitch, but I've just gotten used to it and feel her voice is unique and powerful.  But what stood out to me was her acting.  She showed so much emotional range as Anna, and you could truly feel her transformation thoughout the show... and as others have said, she was really great at the light humor, esp with LDP.

Did any of you see Marie Osmon

Greatest Song of All Time From a Musical
 Jul 30 2020, 10:58:34 AM

"Being Alive" is a great choice...

I'll also throw in "Wheels of a Dream" from Ragtime...

Musicals that were announced but never materialised.
 May 26 2020, 01:08:39 PM

2 musicals I've been looking forward to, but whose development seems to have stalled:

13 Going On 30

Unbreakable (Adam Pascal)

Wicked Movie 2025??
 Apr 1 2020, 03:51:22 PM

.... not a surprise.  I would have expected another delay even without the effects of COVID-19.  I'm betting it moves to the holiday corridor of 2023, with 2022 a slight possibility.  I think Universal will release this around Christmas regardless of the year...

Loudest gasp you've heard in the theatre
 Feb 12 2020, 01:05:54 PM

WldKingdomHM said: "End of Act 1 -Proof"


You beat me to the punch... ^ THIS!


Girl From The North Country - Broadway Previews
 Feb 10 2020, 10:48:56 AM

Wow... after hearing reactions from the West End I truly thought this would be a huge contender for awards this spring.  I know we have to wait for critical notices, but this isn't looking good so far.  I thought JLP might be a longshot to get a nomination, but perhaps its chances are much better now...?  Moulin Rouge FTW?

Wicked Movie 2025??
 Jan 14 2020, 04:22:04 PM

It's all pretty interesting... this last time they bumped it they made a BIG deal about dating it for 2021.  Before then, it really felt like a soft date.  This time, it felt much more permanent.  The reason?  A major movie studio is not going to sit out an entire holiday movie-going season without releasing at least one big release.  If you look at Universal's slate of releases in 2021, there is NOTHING dated for late 2021 except for Wicked... so either they

Frozen Tour
 Jan 10 2020, 04:32:00 PM

bdn223 said: "@A-Mad yes the tour has opened to significantly better reviews then the Broadway production. The Broadway production opened to mixed reviews at best, with the tour opening to near unanimous praise with some slight reservations. This is not saying the tour opened to Hamilton, Book of Mormon, or Dear Evan Hansen levels of reviews, but much more in line with Aladdin saying. Basically they aren’t saying its a must see, but rather its everything you hoped it would be.<

Frozen Tour
 Jan 10 2020, 11:47:52 AM

bdn223 said: "wish i were here2 said: "RWPrincess said: "Nice interview with the Carolines:

It also specifically states that the new song hasn't come to Broadway "yet". I think this is the first I've seen of this in writing. I know we've speculated about it quite a bit.

I wouldn't be surprised if all the tour changes come next month when the new Anna and Elsa start. To be honest, it doesn't really make any sense for Caissie and Patti to rehearse and learn these new changes, if they are about to leave in a month.

I was honestly thinking the same thing. The last time a heavily revised touring production opened to significantly better reviews then the Broadway production while it was still running was The Addam’s Family. Brook Sheilds even stated in interviews the cast had done some rehearsals to install the touring version into the Lunt Fontanne, but she stated the show would likely have to go dark for a week or so to retech the show. Unfortunately for the cast of the Addam’s Family,Neaderlander’s decided to enact the show’s stop clause instead to transfer the Lunt’s next big budget flop Ghost the Musical. As Frozen is or at least seams to be in a much healthier state, and Disney wouldn’t mind footing the bill to make the changes, then “reopen” the show to get the praise/buzzthe tour has gotten compared to its current “meh, its ok, but nothing special”, I’ve been wondering when Disney would pull the trigger. Implementing the tour changes seems like a much larger undertaking then simply adding a new lighting plot, or shifting around some dialogue here and there. As such I don’t see Disney wanting to pay Patti and Cassie to have to go back into the rehearsal room during the day when they are only with the show another couple months. Add to that by implementing the changes with the new leads it allows Disney to market the show as a fresh start with an official “reopening” and havecritics rereview the show as if it were a revival/brand new production.
I am honestly suprised how much effort Disney put into reworking the show from the ground up for the tour. I expected some typical cosmetic changes that a touring production has to make to be able to move from city to city, but not this. It makes me wonder if Disney purposefully pushed up the tour timeline to give them a chance to rework the show and fix the Broadway production, as this this the first Disney production to tour before the Broadway production had hit the 2.5 year mark. Add to that Disney does not/has not until nowannounced let alone toureda production until the Broadway production has turned a profit.

Has the tour recieved great reviews?  I read a couple of pieces that were favorable, but didn't seem too far off the Broadway reviews... but I haven't looked too close either.  That's great if that's the case.  We have tickets to see it in April when it rolls through SLC. 

Remdiner Universal pushed back the film adaptation of Wicked for Cats
 Jan 2 2020, 12:05:34 PM

There is so much to say right now... but I'll just state the following prediction - The film adaptation of "Wicked" (once it's finally released) will make more domestically in it's opening weekend than "Cats" will gross in it's entire run.  

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/29/19
 Dec 30 2019, 03:25:54 PM

A great week all around, as expected.  Nice to see Frozen have such a huge increase.  Yes, it was expected, but I'm wondering if the sequel is helping drive some ticket sales.  It will be interesting to see what develops this Spring. 

Best Songs of the Decade
 Dec 30 2019, 02:46:13 PM

Great picks so far... I wholeheartedly agree with:

Answer Me - The Band's Visit

When I Grow Up - Matlida

She Used to be Mine - Waitress

Before and After You/One Second and a Million Miles - Bridges of Madison County

Hamilton - so tough to pick one or two of many... but I'm going to say One Last Time and Burn

I'll add a couple more:

For Forever - Dear Evan Hansen (the score is full of great songs... t

RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April
 Dec 19 2019, 11:31:30 AM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "a-mad said: "I know she might be a little old for the part, but I would love to see Donna Murphy as Mother... plus it would be a little tribute to Marin as they starred in "Passion" together."

Donna Murphy did play Motherin the original workshop of RAGTIME, so I doubt she'd do this. She's also not a soprano anymore. (I seem to remember Joel Grey playing Tateh in the original workshop too, but I don't see him mentioned here.)

I had no idea she played Mother in the original workshop.  Wow.  I would have loved to have heard her sing that gorgeous score. Yes, I realize range might be an issue for her now... that role does hit some pretty high notes. 

RAGTIME Reunion Concert Happening This April
 Dec 19 2019, 11:10:55 AM

I know she might be a little old for the part, but I would love to see Donna Murphy as Mother... plus it would be a little tribute to Marin as they starred in "Passion" together.

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