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Bryan Cranston returning to Broadway  Jun 10 2023, 02:25:07 PM

I want a revisal that doesn't alienate the Satanists. 

Walking Out at Intermission - The Thread  May 25 2023, 02:39:50 PM

I walked out of a torpid community theater production of "Millennium Approaches" after the first act. Most of the audience was friends and family of the cast so everybody LOVED it but the actor playing Prior chose to use a falsetto voice, which one of his friends assured me was not how he spoke as a human being, Anyway, it was best for all concerned if I left.

I left at intermission for "Gatz" by Elevator Repair Service, because I felt like I got what they were doin

Would love to see a revival of Bells are Ringing with Beanie  Jan 11 2023, 11:47:36 AM

Two words: "Master Class."

Wish Broadway was open on 12/25  Dec 3 2022, 05:44:03 PM

Gwen Verdon would have done a show on Christmas. Not like the stars of today with their call outs. Christmas is some sort of The Show Must Not Go On day. I mean, sure, if Christmas falls on a Monday, no show. but since movie theaters are dying out, it really is up to Broadway to pick up the Christmas slack. 

1776's Sara Porkalob Brutally Honest Vulture Article  Oct 19 2022, 01:42:06 PM

I liked the Vulture article. It seems clear to me that in the world since Covid happened, workers are stating the facts of their employment as they see them because they are human beings who are not defined by their jobs and nor are they Gwen Verdon skipping her mother's funeral because it is a show night. People in power are rightfully scared that workers will speak honestly about the conditions they are in, and now it seems like more workers are totally out of effs to give about what th

One Shubert Alley gift shop to close October 2  Oct 1 2022, 12:08:38 PM

That's where I got my Carrie souvenir program a few months after seeing the first preview. Just more proof that nothing gold can stay.

Doug Wright’s GOOD NIGHT, OSCAR starring Sean Hayes will open at the Belasco April 2023  Sep 20 2022, 02:06:14 AM

I hope to see the production one day. I find Hayes completely endearing as one half of the team that brings us the podcast Hypochondriactor. He seems like a real mensch.

Sneak Preview of SOME LIKE IT HOT Released Today  Jul 13 2022, 08:05:34 PM

I think that SWINGS. I smell a HIT.

Thoughts on ART tryout  Jun 1 2022, 01:23:36 PM


Julie Benko as Fanny - Funny Girl  May 24 2022, 01:46:09 AM

Of course everything was coordinated. You don't get anymore showbiz Illuminati upper level than this.

Corden leaving Late Late Show; could FORUM revival still happen?  Apr 28 2022, 11:55:37 PM

He single-handedly ruined the CATS movie which I was prepared to hate because I have taste. But I only hated him and his sabotage of the movie when it was released ("I haven't seen it and I won't ever see it and I won't talk about it" paraphrased) showed that he's only about himself.  Even Idris was a good sport about it. But not old History Boy.

MACBETH 2022 Reviews  Apr 28 2022, 11:51:12 PM

"It’s beer, and soup, and other random things."

I'd have this on my tombstone if I were to ever have a tombstone. Or die.

Confirmed: Radcliffe to lead MERRILY revival at NYTW  Apr 25 2022, 01:00:06 AM

I saw Friedman's production at the Huntington, where Eden Espinosa was the stand out for me. But then again, I'll always find a woman who drinks too much way more interesting than boys who think they're clever.

It was a lovely production and the going backwards in time stuff just felt like a bit the creatives were fully committed to even though it doesn't really serve any purpose. The songs were, of course, glorious. The overall effect was like leafing through a photo a

FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 20 2022, 04:25:57 PM

¿Dónde está P. Murin? ¡Envía soporte Patti, por favor!

FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 15 2022, 11:17:52 PM

Bwaygurl2 said: 
At any rate, the dictionary says that both of you are correct in your use of 'crescendo.'"

So only one of them is wrong and owes the other an amends?

FUNNY GIRL on Broadway - News & Discussion Thread  Mar 30 2022, 12:27:07 AM

There's the kinda chatter on this thread that almost got this whole place shut down by one very angry Broadway performer and the crowds that piled on with them. I'd just like to remind a lot of you that you are not being very supportive of Broadway, which we all love. I mean, most people encourage constructive criticism and a little light snark, but really. My word.

Be a people who supports Broadway.

HARRY POTTER CURSED CHILD as 1 Part  Mar 26 2022, 06:53:00 PM

FWIW I had quite a good time at the two-part show and felt so enthusiastic about it that I actually heard myself say OUT LOUD: "The cool thing about this is it doesn't really feel like a cash grab."  Then they threw half of it away and I realized I was oh, so wrong.  It's funny how you invest money in something and it fundamentally changes your critical abilities.

HARRY POTTER CURSED CHILD as 1 Part  Mar 26 2022, 02:11:10 PM

This is the stuff I love:


"I have not seen the 2-part production, but from what I've read, I think the condensed version is probably a more fulfilling experience - to me, I know it was."

"Their deep friendship, which is as explicitly romantic as I assume JKR's estate will allow..."




A CHORUS LINE Spanish Cast Album - Antonio Banderas  Mar 18 2022, 02:17:04 PM

It's gorgeously recorded. Thanks for the heads up.

PLAZA SUITE To Begin Previews at The Hudson 2/25/22  Feb 20 2022, 02:26:33 PM

Do white rich people actually pay for anything?

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