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HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...
 Dec 2 2016, 07:04:19 PM

Really impressed with the singing from everyone overall on this soundtrack. Solid voices all around. Right for the characters and the material. Looking forward to the live broadcast!

Beauty and the Beast
 Aug 26 2016, 02:47:18 PM

Love the design and the look of the film.

Sutton Foster to lead SWEET CHARITY Off-Broadway Revival!
 Aug 25 2016, 12:37:25 PM

I love the show and the music, and I think she's a good fit for this. It's a great role for a singer-dancer-actress.

My only concern is re-imagining a vehicle that is so closely associated with Bob Fosse. It's like taking the Bennett out of "A Chorus Line" or taking Robbins out of "West Side Story."

Good luck.

Actors who have reprised/returned
 Aug 10 2016, 04:03:01 PM

Streisand returned for the closing performance of "Funny Girl."

CATS Reviews
 Aug 2 2016, 05:53:02 PM

trpguyy---thank you for posting that original NY Times review of "Cats" in 1982. Frank Rich nailed it as to why this show has (in Rich's case it was a prediction) endured. He understood the appeal:

"No, the reason why people will hunger to see ''Cats'' is far more simple and primal than that: it's a musical that transports the audience into a complete fantasy world that could only exist in the theater and yet, these days, only rarely does. Wha

Highest Note Belted on a Cast Recording
 Jul 31 2016, 06:05:45 PM

Forgot about this gem. Melba Moore stopping the show and winning a Tony Award in "Purlie!" Her notes toward the end are off the chart. This is her live performance from the Tonys that year.


Highest Note Belted on a Cast Recording
 Jul 31 2016, 12:43:56 PM

Here's Betty nailing it in the theatre ...


Highest Note Belted on a Cast Recording
 Jul 31 2016, 12:39:25 PM

How high is Betty Buckley's last note in "The Writing on the Wall" from Edwin Drood? It's pretty crazy-high and she holds it for a long time. Most others who played the part (including Donna Murphy) didn't go up the fourth interval for that last note and opted to hold the previous not instead. For the revival, they lowered they key for Stephanie J. Block.

As a belted note, I remember my jaw dropped in the theatre when she did it.

Laura Benanti as Melania Trump
 Jul 20 2016, 04:40:50 PM

I don't want Laura to host SNL, I want her to sign on as a regular for a season or two.

Javier Muñoz - the most famous replacement actor in Broadway history
 Jul 15 2016, 12:10:42 PM

I still don't know Muñoz's name.

Here's the harsh truth. The only "name" that people will remember associated with "Hamilton" is Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Just ask the cast of "A Chorus Line."

Cats Previews
 Jul 15 2016, 12:07:53 PM

Thank you, Blaxx. So many people here don't get it.

WAR PAINT - Pre-Broadway Thread
 Jul 15 2016, 12:01:24 PM

I didn't realize Patti Cohenour is in the company! I'm assuming she's standing by for both leads?

Javier Muñoz - the most famous replacement actor in Broadway history
 Jul 15 2016, 10:12:12 AM

"This is the most, best, fantastic, wonderful, famous thing in the last five seconds!"


GREASE LIVE nominated for 10 Emmys and more!
 Jul 14 2016, 02:11:02 PM

Grease should take a lot of those technical awards ... and perhaps even Special Class Program.

George Takei in Doyle's PACIFIC OVERTURES
 Jul 14 2016, 02:08:00 PM

Great casting, and I'm excited to see what Doyle will do with the production. It was experimental to begin with. I hope they do a little re-imagining ... as long as Takei doesn't have to play the tuba.

Rachel York and Betty Buckley Grey Gardens in New York?
 Jul 11 2016, 02:37:53 PM

I really don't get the disdain for Act 1. If you want the documentary, then go watch the documentary.

The musical's Act I is not superfluous at all, and sets everything up beautifully for the events and relationships in Act II.

It's like complaining that Dorothy isn't in Wicked until the very end of the show. It's not her story. Be patient and let them tell their own story.

This isn't the movie, nor should it be. It's a story about what le

In honor of the revival - CATS! Original Production Photographs
 Jul 8 2016, 03:28:27 PM

I saw the full OBC about two months after the show opened, then saw it again about 14 years later. The OBC was fantastic, but the show was in very good shape (after a big dip, so so I understand) when I revisited it.

I'm on the "love" side of the fence. A wonderful mood-piece of a show. And yes, I like cats in general, too.


EDIT: And these photos served as a reminder of just how special it was when it opened.

John McMartin has passed
 Jul 7 2016, 07:05:03 AM

Very sad to hear this. I saw him on Broadway in "Show Boat" and "Grey Gardens." He was always memorable, and so talented. RIP

SHUFFLE ALONG Sets Sudden Broadway Closing After Audra McDonald Departs
 Jun 24 2016, 10:35:48 AM

Smaxie, thank you for posting that. Rhiannon Giddens is incredible, judging from that clip. When she switched to opera after the first few songs, I was blown away. Now that's versatility and range. Wow. So sad she won't get a chance in this show.

Riedel on Groundhog Day being in big trouble
 Jun 22 2016, 03:48:38 PM

What would be the "spectacle" in this story that would merit a $16.5 million budget?

That's a show ready to close before it opens.

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