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2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 08:40:10 PM

Anybody else unable to hear the singers that well in all these performances? Trying to figure out if my sound is messed up or if the telecast is weird.

 May 30 2024, 02:47:23 PM

Jarethan said: "DJD4 said: "BrodyFosse123 said: ""

I meeeaannn......... Thanks? He could'vesaid that a year ago and it might've meant more but now it just feels like he's trying to save face. At least he's commented on it now though so that's a start.

WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE? Nothing else to whine about. There are a number of nepo baby successstories and probably a lot more that are not. Who really gives a flying -buck!!

Oh my. Shame on me for contributing to the conversation. No need to pull daggers out, this is a broadway chat board, not a boxing ring.

 May 29 2024, 02:46:24 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: ""


I meeeaannn......... Thanks? He could've said that a year ago and it might've meant more but now it just feels like he's trying to save face. At least he's commented on it now though so that's a start. 

 May 29 2024, 02:01:42 PM

CurtainsUpat8 said: "I am pretty sure i am pointing out the obvious here. I look at this event from a more historic viewpoint.
The Palace Theater. Playing the Palace as a solo has been reserved for entertainment titans. Liza, Judy, Shirley, Bette... etc.
I saw Ben in DEH at 2nd Stage and thought it was one of the most perfect combinations of actor and role I had seen in a long time. He was excellent in that role. He deserved the Tony Award. I did not see him in Parade. I wi

What is the BEST Show You Have Seen on Broadway
 May 28 2024, 08:06:58 PM

mtcond said: "I post rarely, but I can't resist the opportunity to bask in some positive memories. 

Best Play: "August: Osage County" with Estelle Parsons and Amy Morton was a thrilling night. I happened to be there with an audience that was especially plugged into the play, so the communal experience (not always great with cell phones, talking, and eating) was terrific. It was a BCEFA fund-raising evening, and the actor who gave the speech also com

 May 28 2024, 07:48:26 PM

god this has all been so entertaining to read. Almost as fun as the old "Funny Girl" thread that deleted any slightly critical comment about Lea Michele. 

Look, I'm no fan of Ben and I have expressed that opinion, and even I think that some of the vitriol against him is a little extreme. HOWEVER, I am far more concerned by the people avidly and vehemently defending him to the point of attacking and questioning practically every poster that isn't directly pra

What is the BEST Show You Have Seen on Broadway
 May 24 2024, 03:47:49 PM

Best musical experience:

I got the chance to see the original cast of Next To Normal a few weeks before the Tonys (where it won quite a few) and it was possibly the most amazing theatre experience I have ever had in my life (cheesy I know). I knew absolutely nothing about the show, not even a single song, and I was absolutely floored. My family has a history of mental health struggles, so seeing this with my mom was an extremely powerful night at the theatre. I've seen many great shows, but this experience will always stand out as one of the best.

Best play:

Hands down August: Osage County. Once again I had absolutely ZERO context of what this play was about before walking in, and it turned out to be one of the most haunting and amazing theatre experiences ever. Estelle Parsons was on as Violet, and her performance was mesmerizing. I was still a pretty new theatre goer at that point (in my late teens), so I hadn't given plays too much thought (I thought they all might be boring, silly me), but this play made me change my mind about plays.

Silly honorable mention:

I saw the first preview of that Bye Bye Birdie revival in 2009 with John Stamos and Gina Gershon. The production wasn't all that great, but just knowing that I was at the first public performance was really exciting. Mistakes were made, some jokes didn't land, and the entire cast looked visibly nervous. As someone who had never seen a first preview before, this was incredible to me. I was at the height of my broadway obsession at that point (which, of course, I never grew out of), and being able to see a rocky and unbalanced first performance really showed me that even the pros need time to settle into a show. That production didn't last long, but to this day that is my only experience seeing a first preview and it was a very special experience for me.


forgive my unnecessary and cringey organization, I'm a teacher so I always overdo and over-explain things cheeky

Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?
 May 22 2024, 03:45:19 PM

Impeach2017 said: "Wow, the level of vitriol against this performer by the jealous haters on here is really quite astounding! From the never-weres to the has-beens to the embittered gay people who resent him because that is what they do - the whole conglomeration of nastiness just keeps rolling along."

I love how "jealous haters" is always the go to. Sometimes its just okay for people to not care for a rich and famous person. I can absolutely admit that

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 May 15 2024, 04:23:46 PM

wow this looks GORGEOUS!! Amazing trailer that is definitely gonna hook a lot of people and spark a lot of interest.

My ONE hesitation is that they essentially told the entire plot of act one in the trailer. Now this could be a smart move because it will show people who are unfamiliar with the show just how interesting the story is. I also love that they are perfectly comfortable promoting that its a musical, I think this will work to its benefit.

I was a bit nervous about Arian

Your Single Favorite 2024 Tony Nomination
 Apr 30 2024, 08:14:57 PM

Call me basic, but it's Eden Espinosa.

She was my first Elphaba when I was a teenager (2004 I think?) when she did a small stint in San Francisco before she took over the role on broadway, and I've been obsessed ever since. I know the show is cringe and she's almost certainly not gonna win, but my inner 14 year old is jumping with joy.

Dream Two Show Day
 Apr 17 2024, 10:09:58 PM

I love two show days!! Back in 2009 I had two of the best two show days in the same week.

On Wednesday afternoon we saw the 2009 revival of HAIR, and then that evening we saw Billy Elliott. 

Then on Saturday we saw the matinee of West Side Story, and then that evening we saw Next To Normal.


Hilty & Simard to lead DEATH BECOMES HER in Chicago spring 2024
 Mar 5 2024, 04:53:24 PM

PipingHotPiccolo said: "i have no idea if Michelle Williams can act in or out of a paper bag, but it seems silly to base that opinion on how she handled a beast of a role like Aida 25 years ago. A smaller, lighter part might be perfect for her, and we know she can sing it. And she's somewhat of a Name. Seems like a coup for this production."

Never saw her in Aida, but I did see her in The Color Purple on tour and she was a perfectly good Shug Avery. 

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Feb 27 2024, 10:18:02 PM

PipingHotPiccolo said: "BAREly_Wicked said: "7thbighero said: "I’m trying to figure out who the new Audrey and Orin are"

Someone on Reddit stated Storm Lever and the silhouette looks very close.

Storm Lever has a really cool voice but she just started in SIX two months ago, and would not sell any tickets.

I mean, crazier things have happened. I would LOVE to see her play Audrey.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Feb 20 2024, 07:26:25 PM

This is such a weird thing to complain about. Cynthia sounds great in that clip, and judging her entire vocal performance on a 4 second riff is ridiculous. I can't wait for more footage to come out so people can find something else to hyper focus on. 

I tried...
 Feb 20 2024, 04:24:48 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "MagicalMusical said: "DJD4 said: "I also loved her performance! I feel like nobody was talking about how good her acting is in this. I watched this with my partner (who doesn't love musicals), and he was like "why the hell is everyone freaking out about Margot Robbie when Fantasia gave a performance like THAT". In a less competitive year she might've won."

I completely agree! Margot was good but Fantasia wa

I tried...
 Feb 13 2024, 09:27:44 PM

MagicalMusical said: "Fantasia's performance as Celie was so beautiful to me, and really touched me. I loved how she acted. It was so moving. I wish she had been nominated for the Oscar."

I also loved her performance! I feel like nobody was talking about how good her acting is in this. I watched this with my partner (who doesn't love musicals), and he was like "why the hell is everyone freaking out about Margot Robbie when Fantasia gave a performance lik

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 12 2024, 03:09:37 PM

I haven't watched the film yet so I can't give an honest opinion yet, but wow that soundtrack is bleak!

What did they do to "stupid with love"? Its almost like they said "we're sorry this is a musical, but we made the songs sound nothing like a broadway show so maybe you'll like it more!". I guess now we know what Billie Eilish or Lana Del Rey would sound like as Cady.

LEMPICKA announcement teased for next week
 Jan 5 2024, 08:56:05 PM

Wow, I haven't listened to too much from this show, but that song is Gorgeous! Beautiful video too, Eden sounds amazing. I just got real excited for this one.

Trio songs 2 Female 1 Male
 Dec 29 2023, 02:31:20 PM

A step too far - Aida

Nicole Scherzinger to star in West End Sunset Boulevard at the Savoy
 Sep 1 2023, 02:33:53 PM

theatregoer3 said: "I saw the original production and then the concert version with Glenn. I thought the original production was spectacular. Truly incredible. The concert was a big letdown but the biggest issue I had with it was that the score was constructed around the original set. These big musical swells and long pauses in the signing are meant to accommodate grand set changes and big scenic reveals. When you have a minimalist version using the original score it's full of de

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