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Nicole Scherzinger to star in West End Sunset Boulevard at the Savoy  Apr 15 2024, 11:21:27 AM

It's ONE NUMBER staged that way. Pretty much everything else in the show is performed in front of you on the stage, with video usage as an addition. 

The Wiz Rush  Apr 12 2024, 06:24:04 AM

I was around 10th in line last Saturday at 9:15 and just missed out on matinee rush. They did offer $59 PV side orchestra which I took. There was around 15 people behind me when the box office opened.

TAMMY FAYE will transfer to Broadway in 2024-2025 Season  Mar 22 2024, 10:16:53 AM

inception said: "What was the running time inLondon? Is it one act ir two? I have plans to be in NYC just after this opens.

TaffyDavenport said: "Presale starts at 10 am today with code TAMMY."


Two acts. Standard sort of 2.5 hr runtime

Duet Musical Numbers that have a gay guy and straight girl well any girl. (We’re both NOT poc)  Feb 12 2024, 01:01:03 AM

“Wishing for the normal” and “It’s hard to tell” from Soho Cinders

New Steps jukebox musical  Jan 26 2024, 07:43:40 AM

A true guilty pleasure. 

I saw them in concert when I was 8 years old. I think I saw them twice more as a child before the split, and then again in 2012, 2017 and 2021. They're the best type of cheese pop and still hugely popular in the UK. Faye in particular has gone on to do a lot of work in Musical Theatre and from what I gather there's a massive cross-over of people who love musicals and people who love Steps.



SUNSET BLVD to transfer to Broadwa  Jan 4 2024, 09:29:33 AM

The most thrilling and daring revival I think I’ve ever seen. Saw once with Nicole twice with Rachel.

Best musical revival/director Tony and likely some others.

Jonathan Groffs chances at a Tony  Nov 10 2023, 08:22:29 AM

I was at the second Off-Broadway preview and thought there and then that if it transferred, he'd be a major contender for the Tony. I hope it's his year.

Question About A Rush/Lottery Strategy  Nov 3 2023, 06:36:22 AM

Often there are set tickets set aside for rush/lottery, for example front row/far aide orchestra seats. That said, if a show is vastly unsold, they're likely to sell additional lottery/rush tickets.

West End shows for the coming holiday  Oct 10 2023, 06:47:05 AM

Surprised you feel there isn't a full slate of productions to enjoy. London theatre is really buzzing at the moment with lots of great options.

Along with the 20+ shows mentioned by imeldasturn above, you have Operation Mincemeat playing which has really turned into the little show that could, and is a huge hit now in the West End after multiple fringe runs. The Little Big Things just extended into March, another great show to see. The Enfield Haunting looks promising at the Ambass

West End Recommendation: THE LITTLE BIG THINGS  Sep 24 2023, 01:32:15 PM

Agreed. Wonderful new musical with lots of affordable options. 

September/London theater recommendations requested  Sep 5 2023, 01:34:11 AM

She doesn’t disappoint! It’s a great night out at the theatre.

September/London theater recommendations requested  Sep 5 2023, 12:48:36 AM

I saw Little Big Things last night. It’s wonderful. Have seen nothing but positive reviews for the first two previews.

Will there be any more shows for the fall?  Aug 28 2023, 04:14:55 PM

OlBlueEyes said: "I see that Crazy for You West End is selling tickets through January. Originally a limited run was planned, because there had been a revival of it only six or seven years ago.

Nice to see Susan with a hit financially as well asartistically.


The limited run in London has always been selling through to January. To call it a financial hit is wrong though, it’s really struggling to sell and is being really heavily discounted. Tha

September/London theater recommendations requested  Aug 21 2023, 11:29:00 AM

Please do not miss Guys and Dolls!

Theres a new musical “The Little Big Things” opening @sohoplace at the start of September. Looks promising! Also if you can get a return for Next to Normal it’s an outstanding production, as is our Open Air production of La Cage aux Folles.

Frank and Percy (Ian Mckellen) is… fine. 

Shows that Never went to London  Aug 18 2023, 07:21:39 AM

RippedMan said: "The VERY American shows tend to flop there - Avenue Q, Rent, Memphis (apparently?) - so I don’t know that audiences will line up for Shucked. What about Tootsie? Is Doubtfire doing well there?"

Avenue Q ran for 5 years in London, a very respectable run. Memphis ran for a year - not exactly a smash but good for an original musical in London, and it really put Beverly Knight out there as a West End leading lady.

Doubtfire seems to be

London Recommendations  Aug 11 2023, 07:21:07 PM

Operation Mincemeat for sure!

Also, next to normal will be running by then. It’s sold out but returns have been appearing.

Good Night Oscar - rush as of late  Jul 31 2023, 05:46:20 AM

Was fourth at 8:30 on Saturday. Atleast 20 in line by 10am. Steady flow of people arriving from around 9:30.

The Cottage TDF Seats  Jul 30 2023, 04:09:07 AM

I got furthest seat to the side row A mezz for Friday night. $49 full price but full view. Great seat.

ASSASSINS Chichester Festival Theatre  Jun 7 2023, 04:22:19 AM

Seeing it tomorrow.

What I will disagree on is a cast of “relative unknowns”. There are lots of very familiar West End names on that cast list.

London Theater Trip July 28-August 7 Help  May 18 2023, 01:43:47 PM

Mincemeat is an absolute must. They do a Tuesday matinee too so options to fit in an extra show.

Choir of Man is fun and they have Friday matinees.

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