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Purpose at Steppenwolf  Apr 17 2024, 03:14:14 PM

That's good to know! 

I avoid talking on the phone at all costs... but I'm sure many people will find that helpful! Haha.

Purpose at Steppenwolf  Apr 17 2024, 12:10:30 PM

Seconding that its very easy to call and get tickets if there are any available. Unfortunately, I believe the 20for20 are sold out for the run. 

I thought this play was just smashing (and it was almost universally praised) but it is still very clearly in development. The top of the first and the back half of the second need to be tightened and cleaned up. The play did not have an ending when it went into rehearsal and the playwright delivered 30+ new pages at the start of previews

Sheridan Smith Staring in new Rufus Wainwright/Ivo Van Hove Musical OPENING NIGHT in London  Apr 12 2024, 12:46:03 PM

This musical was a world premiere but Van Hove had adapted/director a very successful version of Opening Night several years ago (I believe it also played at BAM) that wasn't a musical. I'm surprised that this is such a horrible failure given how lovely I thought that version was. To be fair, the film Opening Night is somewhat incoherent itself.

Patti LuPone Will Return to Broadway in THE ROOMMATE Opposite Mia Farrow  Apr 11 2024, 10:21:58 AM

This is a swell showcase for two actresses but it's mostly a nothing of a play. The production at Steppenwolf was really enjoyable but I can't say I've thought about it for a moment since. Also. This play is written for women in their mid-50s, this casting changes the meaning significantly.

Sondheim Estate Permissions Custom Stephen Sondheim Musical Tribute Revues (Music + Lyrics)  Apr 10 2024, 12:18:12 PM

"As well as the off-Broadway and Broadway versions of "Putting It Together". Also, the lesser known revues "Marry Me a Little", using cut and trunk songs from 1981, written by Craig Lucas; "

These aren't revues. You're right about Sondheim on Sondheim. Very licensible and with upcoming productions.

SUFFS Previews  Apr 10 2024, 12:03:32 PM

"as it stands, I think the show does an incredibly lousy job with any of the black perspective and narrative. Borderline comical how it feels Taub gave up completely after Wait My Turn."

Except that's the point? The suffragists failed their own ideology. The show itself is about how the white suffragists excluded everyone who didn't conform to straight, white, middle/upper-class status. 

Every show is not about everything and everyone. For me, I thoug

SUFFS Previews  Apr 10 2024, 10:42:13 AM

I've heard people on Tiktok and X (and here) talking about how the show "centers white feminism" as a complaint. At the Public, this was one of the points of the show. The loss of Nikki M James character was consistently palpable. Has that changed? It's true the show is about "the white ladies" but it's also about their exclusion of everyone else (which is historical). Were folks hoping this show centered people who history sidelined? Are people having trouble

John Cardoza held at gunpoint, Michael Stuhlbarg attacked with a rock  Apr 1 2024, 03:55:57 PM

"Almost every big city is seeing an increase in violent crimes"

Except that's not true. Most recent statistics from the FBI show that violent crime is down. The fearmongering is what makes it seem the violent crime is up. We know about the random punching because of Tiktok. We know about these incidents because they are Broadway celebrities. These things happened before Tiktok we just didn't hear about them in the same way. They weren't covered the same way. 

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24  Mar 21 2024, 12:49:34 PM

"Except that the creative team is calling it a musical and treating it as such."

That's an odd choice to me. As it stands it's a dance piece. A good one. It's not a musical. Even Movin' Out! had a clearer story with lyrics that aligned better with the story being told. I get classifying it as a musical for the Tonys. I don't get describing it that way on the poster. 

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24  Mar 21 2024, 09:45:46 AM

Yes, I understood. I was just trying to add that, for many, the album is so important that they could have wheeled out a victrola and played the album and it would have sold out the Armory for at least a few dates. Adding Justin Peck choreography certainly helped but the emotional response much of the audience is having has more to do with a time in their life than it does what is actually on stage. Nothing needed to cohere (and it very much does not cohere IMO), nostalgia is a powerful drug.

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24  Mar 21 2024, 09:27:25 AM

"scratching my head about how this became such a runaway hit."

This album is a touchstone for a whole generation of a certain kind of person. I think it sells a lot of tickets on that fact alone, it certainly did here in Chicago. I liked this a lot (particularly the Superman number and the tap dance) but figured it would be absolutely confounding to folks not intimately familiar with the album. 

King Lear, Kenneth Branagh – The Shed, 2024  Mar 20 2024, 03:59:10 PM

No. It is not.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews  Mar 20 2024, 11:23:27 AM

There are set pieces that suggest a pinball machine. Generally, this production is less concrete than the original and it sort of goes with that vibe. In some ways, I think it's sort of smart it moves away from pinball being such a central image... but I too missed the pinball machines.


Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?  Mar 18 2024, 10:43:19 AM

"he sold tickets to Dear Evan Hansen and Parade just fine."

It's certainly possible that this will be a smash... but he's singing his pop music, not starring in a show. Do people like his pop music that much? I really liked his first album but not his second. Are there 32,000 people willing to pay 80$+ dollars to see him sing his original songs? Interested to watch it play out. 

Steppenwolf announces 2024-2025 Season  Mar 13 2024, 07:29:07 PM

From 8 productions to 5. Noises Off?! I understand times are tough but... yeesh. 

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews  Mar 10 2024, 12:13:58 PM

"I’m not so sure this is traditional first preview sound problems."

It's certainly possible. It's a different ballgame for sure. But they have hired the expert at this kind of sound design and there weren't reports of this in Chicago so... I'd lean toward it being preview issues and things get worked out in time. I hope!

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews  Mar 10 2024, 11:35:51 AM

“iT’s PrEvIeWs, YoU eXpEcT sOuNd IsSuEs!” except we didn’t pay for them at those prices."

It's nearly impossible to have a perfect sound design in the first few previews. Things change when all the seats are filled with bodies. 10th preview? Sure. But you "sent" your family to the first preview. 

THE SHINING opera will receive a cast recording  Mar 8 2024, 02:26:27 PM

"a portly Jack"

We're still body shaming opera singers? Really?

"with some sort of mallet instead of an axe"

You mean like in the book?

Why did Shuffle Along fall off the face of the Earth?  Mar 5 2024, 12:16:49 PM

"Wasn’t Audra always expected to be leaving the production to go do the London production of Lady Day?"

Yes but she was scheduled to return. A pregnancy related absence would have been much longer than what was originally planned and accounted for. It's also possible she said she wasn't planning on return at all. I'm not arguing the lawsuit had merit but it was a genuinely different situation

A WONDERFUL WORLD To Open On Broadway Fall 2024  Feb 28 2024, 12:12:15 PM

In Chicago, the book to this was incredibly misguided and truly awful. You could sort of see how good a show it could be during some of the musical numbers but... it felt like it needed to be reconceptualized to be successful. Doesn't really seem like they have taken enough time to do so? But. I hope! Great songs and a good central performance (though even that was hampered by the book).

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