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Spring awakening is cooked
 Jun 19 2024, 04:58:00 PM

Yes, you're so right. The show is "cooked." Moving on....

Spring awakening is cooked
 Jun 19 2024, 01:47:04 PM

Please delete this thread on the account of stupidity. 

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 11:24:46 PM

Super sad for Kelli. Poor woman has had to sit through this crap EIGHT times and lost 7 of those times....

2024 Tony Awards
 Jun 16 2024, 10:22:40 PM

Do nominees have a general idea of when their category is going to be presented? 

Menzel-led REDWOOD to transfer to Broadway this season
 Jun 13 2024, 09:22:46 AM

I've heard less than great reports about this from several friends. I hope they put the work in to improve it. 

The Drama Desk Awards 2024
 Jun 10 2024, 11:25:03 PM

blaxx said: "I don't really remember these awards having multiple ties in different categories, especially three way ties, is that common?"

I think since the categories are not gender specific, they choose two winners from the nominees. In the case of three winners, I would assume there's a tie. Interesting to note that Brian is the only male-identifying actor to win a performance award. 

Darren Criss and Helen J Shen Will Lead MAYBE HAPPY ENDING on Broadway
 Jun 6 2024, 10:31:11 PM

Not a great video, not a great song. Genuinely asking - is Darren Criss still a draw for audiences at this point?

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024 ART
 Jun 3 2024, 09:26:05 PM

My favorite seats at the Loeb are the “obstructed” aisle seats in the middle of the orchestra- they are technically obstructed because the row in front of you is at the same level, and the aisle could cause an issue with people walking in, but you cannot beat the leg room."

THIS! I always purchase these seats. They are hardly obstructed, much less money, and perfect for us tall folk. Highly recommend them. 

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 May 31 2024, 10:56:18 AM

Any reports of the new cast?

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 May 29 2024, 03:59:04 PM

Is there a mention someplace (sorry, I'm lazy) if this is an open run?

Audra McDonald-led GYPSY for 2024-2025 Season?
 May 29 2024, 03:48:07 PM

LOVE the trailer!!!! (hate that we're calling it the best musical of all time, but fine). Nicole is somewhere weeping. 

City Center’s MATTRESS transferring to Broadway this summer
 May 29 2024, 12:37:07 PM

I know it'll be long closed by the time of the Tonys but I do hope Urie and Foster are remembered. It's looking to already be a crazy actress category. 

Welch’s GATSBY to premiere in 2024 ART
 May 29 2024, 12:38:02 AM

This didn't do it for me. Lots of thoughts here but overall I think it still needs a lot of work. The score is currently its best feature. While it's hard to get all the lyrics in one sitting, I thought overall the score was successful. I'm excited for the inevitable cast album.

The book is not great. Character development is all over the map. You would think after the first half hour this was The Great Myrtle because this character gets A LOT. Too much, honestly. Nick cont

What is the BEST Show You Have Seen on Broadway
 May 24 2024, 03:13:13 PM

Fun Home

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/5/24
 May 7 2024, 05:11:20 PM

Six is also starting to struggle. Do we think it'll close soon and move off-Broadway? Moulin Rouge is still selling super well - do they currently have a famous person in the cast? I didn't think so...

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd'
 May 2 2024, 01:14:44 PM

I'm so impressed with how well this has sold. I expected huge dips after Josh left but they've been fairly stable with Sutton/Aaron. 

2024 Tony Predictions
 Apr 30 2024, 09:27:56 PM

If predictions hold, I can see this being a year when best musical goes to a show that wins nothing else. The Outsiders or Hell's Kitchen look like frontrunners and with book/score going to Suffs, acting/direction awards going to revivals/Kelli, choreo going to Illinoise...what else can they win? Orchestrations? Lighting?

Or they will (correctly) award Illinoise as best musical and all will be grand. 

Do Elphabas or Glindas get nominated for more Tonys?
 Apr 30 2024, 05:38:38 PM

I love this! Thank you for sharing.

We need to get Robin De Jesus back to Broadway and finally win his Tony. 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 4/28/24
 Apr 30 2024, 01:54:55 PM

Jordan Catalano said: ""The Wiz" doing well should surprise nobody. I've always known reviews for this wouldn't matter, much like "Back to the Future". It's a family show that's also a cultural staple that people want to experience and going into the summer, it's just going to continue to rake in the tourist dollars."

Agreed and this makes me even more sad that we didn't get a better quality production. The show and fans de

Your Single Favorite 2024 Tony Nomination
 Apr 30 2024, 12:03:19 PM

So many to be excited about! I know that Daniel Radcliffe was a guarantee nom, but I'm so happy for Mr. Radcliffe after being ignored so many times by the nominating team. His work in Merrily (and other shows!) is exemplary and I'm so glad he has finally been recognized. 

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