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Here Lies Love and Live Musicians
 May 30 2023, 05:01:45 PM

off topic a bit but i wonder if byrne will finally release the sheet music now that it’s going to broadway, i’ve always loved the score 

Millennials Are Killing Musicals
 May 13 2023, 11:24:36 PM

what’s this post about

Lea Michele's Next Broadway Project Post-FUNNY GIRL?
 May 10 2023, 10:29:03 AM

her as florence would own my ass tbh

World Premiere of Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH & More Set for Playwrights Horizons 2023-24 Season
 May 10 2023, 02:34:34 AM

the joy with which i learned teeth is indeed based on the film of the same name. it’s a wacky choice for a musical and i’m really excited to see how it goes 

Criss, Hall, Karimloo, and Pfeiffer to star in CHESS Benefit Concert
 Apr 3 2023, 10:14:01 PM

would kill to hear Lea as Florence, they can take my money now

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread
 Mar 14 2023, 06:59:58 PM

seems weird to change the date after they’ve been advertising it for like 5 years now

KIMBERLY AKIMBO Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Feb 21 2023, 02:36:46 PM

this recording f%#ing destroying me. i only knew the basic premise of the setup so i knew of course it might get a bit misty. was not prepared for the full on sobbing when Kim sings that song towards the end. of course listening one week after my grandmother was on the hospital for pneumonia for 5 days made this hit even harder for me. a gorgeous recording.

Victoria Clark Attendance
 Feb 19 2023, 01:54:30 PM
given the fact that many broadway performers are filled in by understudies or standbys every week is is it really offensive to ask if the star of a show is consistently there? does it have to be a diatribe against victoria clark?
PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 10 2023, 05:36:50 PM

if this is a success would it be Jason Robert Brown's first hit ever? i know he hasn't had much financial success with his shows but wasn't sure if he's technically had one that made money

What is an Original Musical?
 Dec 12 2022, 01:57:40 PM

CATSNYrevival said: "Mamma Mia, for example, is an original story that didn’t really exist in a prior form of entertainment that uses pre-existing music. It was eligible for best musical as a new musical but it’s up to the individual to decide if it’s an original musical. There are no concrete rules."

except for how Mamma Mia! is a complete rip-off of Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell which was also the basis of Carmelina.

Criss, Hall, Karimloo, and Pfeiffer to star in CHESS Benefit Concert
 Nov 18 2022, 03:21:31 PM

barcelona20 said: "Very skeptical about Criss in this."

he seems like he may be a good fit for the character possibly but those high keys of Freddie’s are done for

FUNNY GIRL 2022 New Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Nov 18 2022, 03:16:09 PM

the inclusion of what do happy people do makes me sad they didn’t include i’d rather be blue over you

FUNNY GIRL 2022 New Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Nov 18 2022, 12:08:30 AM

anyone have the apple music link? or a link tree? surprised it’s not posted on the funny girl instagram

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Oct 24 2022, 10:10:30 PM

latitudex1 said: "I'm surprised Beanie didn't have the cast recording in her contract. I'm sure other stars won't make the same mistake in the future."

if those other stars can’t sing the score they should be happy that their mediocre vocals aren’t preserved for all time. idk why they would consider it a mistake.

Unfinished Sondheim Material
 Oct 16 2022, 03:14:16 AM

“Second, while some time has passed now when Sondheim just died I imagine there are a number of commercial and personal affairs that needed to be worked through and I doubt the priority of the estate and associated parties was to try and mount Square One. In addition it probably would seem a bit opportunistic and tasteless for people to circle the estate about Square One (assuming there are interested producers). So conversations about this might have only just started recently (if

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Oct 9 2022, 08:26:39 PM

Robbie2 said: "Review: Lea Michele rides waves of love in Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’

Come Tony Awards time next spring, the committee is going to have an issue. Lea Michele’s show-stopping lead performance in director Michael Mayer’s revival of “Funny Girl” will be a formidable competitor for best lead performance by an actress in a musical. But since she’s technically (and famously) a replacement for Beanie Feldstein in that sa

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Oct 1 2022, 02:18:26 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Someone correct me if I’m wrong (and I very well could be) but I swear I was told that Beanie’s contract had something in it about a cast recording being hers (should they record it), so wouldn’t that mean they’re not able to do it with anyone else for this production?"

wow if they did that after hearing her sing the producers are even dumber than previously displayed 

Music Man Cast Recording
 Sep 30 2022, 09:56:03 PM

i love sutton but the good sis was not right for these songs. probably one of the more shrill performances on a cast recording in recent memory. why give such gorgeous soprano songs to someone who can’t sing them how they were written?

Lea Michele as Fanny - Funny Girl
 Sep 29 2022, 11:46:53 AM

brdwybound04 said: "Any chance this show gets recorded to preserve Lea’s incredible vocals??"

they are morons if they don’t record it. regardless of her recording 5 of the songs on Glee her performance of the songs is much more nuanced from the intervening decade it would be worth it to have it on record (not mentioning the shame it would be to have the first ever revival of the show unrecorded). seems like an easy win to me - plus Vanessa Williams and Br

Music Man Cast Recording
 Sep 23 2022, 03:04:43 PM

fashionguru_23 said: "Seriously, what is this version of "My White Knight"?

it’s the original version of the song that i believe was replaced out of town by the shorter ballad-only version

here’s Barbara Cook’s recording

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