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Horror On Broadway?
 Jul 4 2024, 12:01:41 PM

TheatreMonkey said: "carolinaguy said: "There was Frank Wildhorn’s musical version ofDraculaabout 20 years ago. That was a horror on Broadway, but not in the way this thread intended.

Carrie was the same.

While I totally get (and largely agree with) your assessment, I think that the "Eve Was Weak" sequence to be a truly wonderful, horrifying, and expertly done, scene in musical theatre. Betty Buckley le

Horror On Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 11:44:48 PM

There was Frank Wildhorn’s musical version of Dracula about 20 years ago. That was a horror on Broadway, but not in the way this thread intended. 

Carrie was the same. 

TAMMY FAYE will transfer to Broadway in 2024-2025 Season
 Jun 18 2024, 10:55:16 AM

For anyone who purchased from Telecharge:

I emailed this morning and they did respond quickly. Since it is not a Telecharge-owned show, they had to request a refund from the independent box office due to star absence. They sent that for me and said they would follow up when they received a response.

Robert Downey Jr to make Broadway debut in Ayad Akhtar's McNeal at Lincoln Center
 May 21 2024, 02:22:10 PM

Had a 90-minute wait in the queue, but no technical issues and plenty of availability on a Saturday night in November.

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 21 2024, 09:08:20 AM

The discussion of The Gin Game made me remember Deuce, with Angela Lansbury and Marian Seldes. When that was announced, I remember thinking, "I'd pay to see those two read the phone book." That would have been vastly preferable to what ended up on the stage at the Music Box. It all seemed like an excuse for La Lansbury to use the c-word. It was a truly terrible play; occasionally the lights on the two legends would go dark and we would see tennis commentators i

What is the worst production you have ever seen on Broadway? What is the worst show?
 May 20 2024, 04:21:26 PM

On Broadway, the worst thing I ever saw was The Scarlet Pimpernel. I saw the first cast, with Terrence Mann and Christine Andreas. There was just nothing to it; the story was not well told and the songs were generic, though at least "Madame Guillotine" tried. I also remember thinking that I liked Linda Eder's recording of "Only Love" much more than the version in the show.

The worst thing I ever saw that purported to be professional theater was the tour

The Best Of Frank Wildhorn
 May 20 2024, 01:12:00 PM

I like the songs he wrote with Jack Murphy for Linda Eder's It's No Secret Anymore and It's Time albums much more than anything he ever wrote for the stage. I think he's a song writer, not a musical writer. B&C was the only time he ever even came close to trying to have a musical language across a whole show. Otherwise, his songs could be interchangeably plunked into any of his shows. 

TODAY Show “Best of Broadway” Week 2024
 May 16 2024, 02:51:03 PM

I'm not sure The Notebook was done a favor with this showcase. The characters presented at different ages is made clear in the theater, but it looked clunky and confusing on TV, with all those people wandering around in random circles. Vasquez sounded off to me, like he was trying to find his pitch in the pre-recorded backing track. I was hoping Joy Woods would do "My Days," but maybe they don't want to give that one away for free.

STEREOPHONIC Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 May 9 2024, 03:22:00 PM

If you pre-order the album on iTunes, "Bright" and "Masquerade" download immediately.

77th Tony Awards Performance Predictions
 May 6 2024, 12:20:07 PM

I also think it would be money well spent for The Notebook to ask for a performance slot, as it's a familiar title, will almost certainly tour, and has a range of songs to choose from that would make sense removed from the show.

Balcony experience at Merrily?
 May 6 2024, 11:35:40 AM

I was in C15 (far house left aisle) and the height was fine. For the most part, the view was fine, but there were a couple of things far stage right that were screened and I remember some of the actors' heads being screened by the multiple door setpiece. I thought it was expensive for the location, but all the seats are expensive at Merrily and it was a spur-of-the-moment trip, so I had to take what I could get. I'm glad I went, as this is the best production of a problematic

Stereophonic seats
 May 2 2024, 01:49:41 PM

Concur. The further off center you are, the more I would lean to house left.

 May 2 2024, 12:11:31 PM

I would say anywhere around the eighth row or back in the orchestra is fine as long as you're not too far to the side. If you sit house left, there is a short bit of pratfall business that you might miss and house right a couple of entrances into the booth, but not a big deal at all. If you're several rows back and not too far to the side, you shouldn't miss anything in the upstage recording booth. Too far house right and there is a very funny scene with the drummer that might be

 Apr 29 2024, 09:58:12 AM

I highly recommend giving yourself time to read the Playbill insert before the show, as it will prepare you for the structure of the storytelling. Otherwise, just let the music wash over you. I knew nothing about it and found it hypnotic and enjoyed discovering it in the context of the show. 

 Apr 27 2024, 12:06:26 AM

Eden was also in tonight (Friday) and sounded healthy. She went raspy and lost her tone for a brief passage in “I Will Paint Her,” but otherwise all the notes were there. 

Canceled Productions That Eventually Happened?
 Apr 25 2024, 03:06:08 PM

^^I got mine via phone (so old school as well). I saw the matinee the day before the Tonys. Lea Salonga was still doing the Saturday matinees then with the alternate in the evenings. (At some point, they switched.) So I saw her final performance before winning the Tony. It was definitely a memorable experience!

Canceled Productions That Eventually Happened?
 Apr 25 2024, 02:09:03 PM

Well, the original Broadway production of Miss Saigon was cancelled after selling $25 million worth of tickets. No one really believed it wouldn't open, and indeed the power play got Actors Equity to fall in line.

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24
 Apr 24 2024, 07:46:47 PM

I believe the nomination meeting is Monday. The rules require that for shows opening after April 15, producers must make tickets available for at least eight “paid performances” prior to the nomination meeting. That’s why you’re seeing eight shows crammed into this week with no previews. 

I’m seeing it Sunday night. 

ILLINOISE at the St. James Beginning April 24
 Apr 24 2024, 07:26:29 PM

Dan6 said: "I’m flying in for the weekend and am thinking about grabbing tickets for Illinoise on Sunday night, which is my only open slot. My concern is that with the packed performance schedule this week (2 shows today, 2 tomorrow, 2 Saturday, and 2 Sunday), some of the principals might be in need of rest and out by Sunday night. Really want to see Ubeda in particular. Any thoughts on how arduous the show is and whether performing 8 shows in 5 days is realistic?"

Idina Menzel announces Take Me Or Leave Me tour
 Apr 23 2024, 01:53:56 PM

I'm going to Chicago the weekend before for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Drat!

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