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The Cher Show
 Apr 8 2018, 03:08:55 PM
Yeah, because Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen both becoming cultural phenomena, in sequential years, means nothing. Broadway should dim the lights permanently, already.
Official Bernadette Peters in Hello, Dolly! performances thread
 Apr 3 2018, 01:16:30 PM
I'd marry goldeboy, just based on that post.
Mean Girls Musical: Washington DC Fall 2017
 Sep 5 2017, 04:38:03 PM

They better book Madison Square Garden. That's the only way that this cast is going to read as juniors in high school. 

ONCE ON THIS ISLAND Returning to Broadway
 Dec 17 2016, 12:41:14 PM

John Doyle is a master of concept revivals, and unlike Michael Arden, he realizes that you don't always have to slap on a, "Look at me, I'm directing!", concept. 

M. BUTTERFLY Spring 2017 Broadway Revival, Directed by Julie Taymor
 Dec 13 2016, 07:19:33 AM

Anyone who says that Taymor can not direct feelings or emotions, clearly, did not see GROUNDED at the Public. 

Cynthia Erivo off days
 Nov 28 2016, 12:06:52 PM

I understand that Celie is an extreamly demanding role, but is anyone else annoyed by Cynthia's attendance? It seems like she's spending a lot of time going to galas and enjoying her new fame. I think that she's brilliant, and good for her if she has some arrangement with the producers, but she's the main draw for the production, at this point . With just a few weeks left, you'd think that she could buckle down and honor the vehicle that catipulted her to Broadway sup

 Nov 13 2016, 01:35:36 PM

I enjoyed myself because I love Gypsy, but count me in as disappointed. I thought that Imelda was fine, her Rose's Turn was the only part of her performance that I found to be extraordinary. I really felt her pain and regret in a new profound way. Otherwise, I thought that it was a pretty standard, somewhat boring production of Gypsy. I had hoped that this production was a fresher take on the material, like the controversial Mendes production. I don't understand why this  pr

 Nov 6 2016, 06:12:00 PM

The Whats  the T episodes that feature recent All Stars guest host, were recorded on the day of the filming. So, that interview is over a year old. I'm assuming that, at some point she backed out, or they decided to move on with Beth Behrs. 

Donna Murphy is DOLLY alternate
 Oct 20 2016, 11:31:18 AM

It's a brilliant role for her to take, considering that she recently lost her husband. Seem s like a bold choice to want to "go there", so soon, but she's a brilliant actress. I was sort of quietly wishing for Darlene Love, knowing their relationship and fondness for each other, but this casting will certainly do! 

School of Rock's Mamie Parris to Succeed Leona Lewis as Grizabella in Cats
 Sep 23 2016, 08:48:20 AM

This sort of keeps with the tradition of the original run, casting lesser known but established ensemble/understudy ladies with unbelievable voices. 

Looking for a Hamilton Off-Broadway Playbill
 Jul 10 2016, 02:00:11 PM

GreasedLightening, I'll take a spanking for my rudeness. 

Looking for a Hamilton Off-Broadway Playbill
 Jul 8 2016, 01:06:51 PM

You're looking for an extremely valuable item. Whether it's justifiable or not, Hamilton is a once in a lifetime phenomenon, and one day that playbill will be worth even more than what's currently listed on eBay. The prices are that high on because that's what the item is worth. So, I don't know why you're looking for someone to do you a favor, and give up an extremely valuable collectible. The entitlement here is ridiculous. 

Fool for Love at WTF - Anyone Seen It?
 Jul 29 2014, 10:36:18 AM
The who leads, a relatively inexpensive running cost, and a rave in the Times could certainly make a transfer feasible.
Fool for Love at WTF - Anyone Seen It?
 Jul 29 2014, 10:35:45 AM
The who leads, a relatively inexpensive running cost, and a rave in the Times could certainly make a transfer feasible.
Into the Woods Movie Cast
 May 19 2014, 03:18:21 PM
I've never seen a production of Into the Woods that didn't drag in the second act. So, that's understandable.
Buyer & Cellar: Hanke
 Apr 15 2014, 04:58:18 PM
It looks like he was just filling in, until someone with more name recognition could take over. Foa's TV schedule probably ends around now. So, that gives him time for a rehearsal period, and maybe a vacation in between. I think a lot of people were wondering how Hanke could keep the show running through the summer.
Lady Day Previews
 Apr 8 2014, 04:07:27 PM
I checked out the line at around 9:45 last Saturday. There were maybe 15 to 20 people in line for a two show day. I'm assuming that the number will go up, after what are sure to be stellar reviews.
Anybody Missing SMASH
 Mar 23 2014, 08:33:22 PM
I'll have to respectfully disagree about season 2 being superior, but I did like Hit List's score. The Jeremy Jordan character was insufferable.
Anybody Missing SMASH
 Mar 23 2014, 06:52:53 PM
It's hard for me to miss the show because that second season was just atrocious. Kyle is a perfect example of what went wrong. We were presented with a whiny, talentless fanboy, who cheats on his boyfriend, and then dies for the sole purpose of a tasteless Rent parallel. I'm okay with a pulpy plot, but we need to have some understanding of a characters motivations to relate to them. I didn't really know who Kyle was, or why I should care about him. I had similar issues with just about every othe
 Mar 23 2014, 04:11:25 PM
I'm all for looking at that chest, but this crap is just gratuitous. Only in p*rn, will you see a long-term prisoner with a bare chest and a lean six pack.
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