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THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews  Apr 15 2024, 05:05:49 PM

The show has definitely gotten the Broadway upgrade. The money is literally on full display from the new sets, costumes, pyro, etc. 

The show feels more like something inspired by Great Gatsby than a direct adaptation. I really enjoyed the show at Paper Mill and had a very good time with the updated version on Saturday. Is it the best written musical of the season? No. Is it breaking new ground? No. But, it’s a damn good time. 

As stated by others, this s

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Previews  Apr 15 2024, 04:21:08 PM

I saw the show on Friday and had a ball!

This show had so many things going for it for me to enjoy it - from Corey Cott’s return to Broadway and several other cast members I’ve loved in other things to Huey’s music which I grew up listening to via my dad - but what a joy!

It’s giving Wedding Singer with a dash of Kinky Boots and a sprinkle of the essence of Rock of Ages without the crudity. 

Huey’s music works so well with th

THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews  Apr 15 2024, 01:45:31 PM

I saw the show on Saturday evening and it was really fantastic. 

I had friends who showed up a little earlier than me who found out that Brody was out, but because I really wasn’t too familiar with the cast, it didn’t make a big difference to me. They held the house for a while presumably to give Trevor some time to work through some of the beats of things since he hadn’t had a rehearsal or put in yet. They let the audience in around 7:55-ish and the show started

Maybe Happy Ending at the Alliance Theatre  Apr 12 2024, 11:27:18 PM

^ Darren Criss is Filipino

The Official TDF Thread  Apr 5 2024, 06:09:02 PM

Has anyone done TDF for Heart of Rock and Roll and if so where were your seats? 

I'm debating doing TDF for next week and was curious where seats have been. 

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Previews  Mar 28 2024, 01:29:02 PM

I'm excited! I love a lot of the cast members and I'm thrilled Corey Cott is back on Broadway. 

My dad used to play Huey Lewis's music on weekends when he would deep clean our house, so I have fond memories of his music growing up. 

I'm excited to see this and hear what they've done with Huey's music. 


Once Upon A One More Time Cast Recording  Mar 25 2024, 09:45:08 AM

I am so sad we've not gotten a cast album for this show and I hold out hope someday down the line we'll get one for the reasons Scarlet mentioned. 

It was such a fun show and the arrangements and orchestrations were great. 

The fact we don't have a professional recording of Aisha's 'From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" is a crime. 

Thank god for unoficial recordings.


BCEFA Spring 2024 Collections  Mar 25 2024, 02:06:27 AM

[Delete - double post]. 

BCEFA Spring 2024 Collections  Mar 25 2024, 01:47:37 AM

Frozen on tour is offering: 

• Frozen friendship bracelets (a la Swifties at the Eras Tour) - $20 

• Belt bag - $20 

• Baseball hat - $20 

• Tote bag - $30 

• Signed window card - $80 

• For $120, you can get a combo deal including 1 baseball hat, 1 belt bag, 1 tote bag, and a signed window card. 

Happy 10th Anniversary, ALADDIN!  Mar 20 2024, 12:41:29 PM

I really love this show and I've been lucky enough to see it several times on Broadway and on the first national tour. It has just such a magic to it that continues to enchant audiences. I went to see it a few weeks ago on Broadway and the gentleman in front of me was having the time of his life and it made me just so happy.

Aladdin was one of the last shows I saw on Broadway the day before Broadway shutdown and during the shutdown, I would think of A Whole New World and the ly

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS Broadway, not the production seen in earlier previews!  Mar 19 2024, 01:22:59 PM

I saw the show on Saturday night having never seen the film nor read the book and I really enjoyed it.

The story is compelling and kept me invested through out and curious as to what was to come next. I thought the book was done well and my only real issue was Act One was a long one and they kept almost faking out the audience with - THIS is the finale, nope - THIS.. nope, just kidding - THIS is.. almost the act finale. 

The music was very pretty and I would and definitely

ALEX EDELMAN: JUST FOR US Reviews  Mar 13 2024, 01:48:41 PM

I saw the show a few weeks ago in Philly and it was really hilarious but with a potency given the current state of the world. Alex is so energetic on stage that I was shocked at how much more laid back he was off stage when he came out into the lobby after the show. 

I'm so glad this was filmed so more people can see it, because it's really fantastic. 

Paper Mill’s THE GREAT GATSBY musical will transfer to Broadway  Mar 12 2024, 11:38:16 AM

It's at the very bottom of the article [easy to lose it amongst the photos]:

They both have never sounded better and I really love this song (despite it being pretty basic). 

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 3/3/24  Mar 6 2024, 04:01:15 PM

^I fully blame the producers for Once Upon A One More Time's failure as they didn't market it well enough. I think the audience was there, but they dropped the ball. 


NYC Trip Advice  Mar 6 2024, 01:25:11 PM

I would say book your must see's in advance and leave the rest to rush/lottery. Also, definitely see if any shows are offering discount codes so you can book in advance and save. 

I have The Notebook and Water for Elephants next weekend that I bought via discount codes, then I have both The Great Gatsby and The Outsiders in April that I got via Audience Rewards with a mix of points and a discounted price. 

The only show I'm really excited to see but hav

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Mar 4 2024, 02:29:53 PM

To the folks asking about stage door: I went on Saturday matinee and several members of the cast (including Ben, Max, Eliseo, and Hannah) came out into the lobby area and stopped and signed/took photos with people. 

There was a talkback after the matinee with JRB and a bunch of the music team, and I noticed people lingering around attempting to catch him after. I left before the talkback ended, so not sure if he ended up coming out or not. 

I went into the

The Avett Brothers’ SWEPT AWAY musical at Arena Stage  Feb 24 2024, 03:04:01 AM

I saw the final matinee and echo a lot of the comments made here. 

I wasn't familiar with the Avett Brothers nor their music, but I'm a fan of Stark and John from their previous work. Both of them [along with Adrian] are superb and really elevate the material. 

The book needs a lot of work as stated here as there's many times during the 90 minutes where it dragged. I think the choice needs to be made to either attempt to streamline some of the plot or

Audience Rewards ticket locations  Feb 16 2024, 12:19:39 PM

HunterK said: "Does anyone happen to know where Audience Rewards seating locations for THE JACOBS THEATRE (The Outsiders) are?"

My seat for my performance in April is Orchestra | Row L | Seat 6. 

2024-2025 Touring Season  Jan 24 2024, 01:37:37 PM

Philly announced prior to a full season announcement that Hamilton will return to Philadelphia (October 29th-November 23rd 2024) and MJ The Musical will make its Philly premiere [January 9th-January 15th 2025]. Both will be playing the Academy of Music. 

The full season will likely be announced mid March-early April. 

2023-2024 Touring Season  Jan 11 2024, 10:00:42 AM

Philly soft announced 2 shows for next season - the return of Hamilton [October 29th through November 23rd 2024] and MJ The Musical [January 8th to January 19th 2025]. 

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