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Robert Downey Jr to make Broadway debut in Ayad Akhtar's McNeal at Lincoln Center
 May 14 2024, 10:32:35 AM

Argh. I was in the queue for 30 minutes, then when told it was my turn, it told me I’d missed my chance and needed to re-enter the queue. Hope I can get something!

LEMPICKA closing May 19
 May 3 2024, 07:47:56 AM

This is a bummer. I won’t say it’s a great show, but I did genuinely enjoy myself at it. More than I did at several other new shows this year.Yes, it’s messy. And parts are super campy. The design is bonkers. But it has a lot of heart, some great vocals, and a killer cast. I might try to sneak back once more before it closes. At the very least, I’m glad that I saw it.

THE WIZ Previews
 May 3 2024, 07:39:40 AM

I don’t want to spend much on this given how brutal word of mouth is, but…it’s still The Wiz, so I do want to go. Can anyone speak to how partial the view is from the partial view seats all the way to the sides of the orchestra?

Best Group of Best Musical Nominees
 May 1 2024, 02:28:40 PM

I don’t know one of the nominees (Take Me Along), but 1960 gave us The Sound of Music, Gypsy, Once Upon a Mattress, and Fiorello which is a pretty astonishing group.

The Lonely Few @ MCC
 Apr 29 2024, 09:12:57 AM

yyys said: "You gotta applaud MCC forbringing mediocrity to us over the years - Alice by Heart, The Connector...."

I’m not going to argue the notion that MCC produces a lot of mediocre shows, but for my money, The Connector, while imperfect, was light years better than major misfires like Walk on Through and The Wrong Man.


By my accounting, their hit rate with plays is much, much higher with productions like School Girls, Collecti

"My Neighbor Totoro" Stage adaptation to be staged by RSC; Tom Morton-Smith adapting script to English
 Apr 23 2024, 11:15:10 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "I’ve rarely been as bored in my life as I was watching this."

Just curious if you know the original film and, if so, how it compares. I love the movie so much that I so hope the play would win me over.

2024 Outer Critics Circle Nominations & Awards
 Apr 23 2024, 05:49:03 PM

CoffeeBreak said: "

It's good the the acting categories are at 5-6 nominees after de-gendering them. Every other category in awards are de-gendered with similar nominations.

Actors should receive no more, or less,than any other contributor to a show, male or female, or in number of possible nominations. If it's about equality, it's going in the right direction to give equality to the awards, in general.

The Tonys should do the same.

THE HEART OF ROCK AND ROLL Opening Night Critics’ Revies
 Apr 23 2024, 07:37:02 AM

ACL, can you share the $89 discount code? I’m curious about this one!

2024 Drama League Award nominations announced
 Apr 22 2024, 11:02:23 AM

It usually goes to a Broadway performance, so my money is on Best Performance going to Groff or Paulson, but if someone from off-Broadway were to sneak in, I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Cole Escola managed to nab it. 

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Apr 21 2024, 10:49:25 PM

I hated this production in London, and while I never WANT bad reviews for a show, there is a sense here, for me, that I finally feel less alone in my opinions.

JK Rowling Concerns
 Apr 16 2024, 04:26:51 PM

She’s been saying offensive things for a few years now, but I will confess it was only about a week ago that I found myself so disgusted that I finally threw out my Harry Potter books. I saw and loved the play when it was in two parts, but I couldn’t in good faith support any of her output any more.

2024 Tony Awards
 Apr 4 2024, 12:18:13 PM

I LOVED Brian D'Arcy James in Days of Wine and Roses, but I think he's out of the running for the win as the show was polarizing and will have been closed over a month before final voting. To me, Best Actor in a Musical is a horse race between Eddie Redmayne who cleaned up in the UK for Cabaret and Jonathan Groff, a beloved theater performer who has never won. I think that a small handful of factors (import production vs. homegrown; already has a Tony vs. doesn't yet) could tilt t

SUNSET BLVD to transfer to Broadway
 Apr 2 2024, 09:47:28 AM

Thank you, thank you!

SUNSET BLVD to transfer to Broadway
 Apr 2 2024, 09:36:38 AM

I'm HOPING to take advantage of the presale, but I got an email when I signed up saying that an access code would be sent at 9 today, and nothing has arrived. Anyone else have different luck?

THE GREAT GATSBY Broadway Previews
 Mar 30 2024, 07:58:28 AM

Has anyone seen a show at the Broadway from the boxes? I see they’re selling them as partial view and wondering HOW partial and whether it might be a good deal.

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!
 Mar 26 2024, 11:58:35 AM

The dead even 50-50 split currently between Sound of Music and Fiddler is an exciting race.


Elsewhere, everything I voted for is winning save for Book of Mormon, and I don’t mind too much because I also love In the Heights. 

Erivo, Graham, Gotay, and more to lead A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC IN CONCERT
 Mar 26 2024, 10:14:58 AM

The prices are ABSURD. I want to see Cynthia Erivo sing The Miller’s Wife, but I’m not paying $150 for the last row of the third tier. Or $338 for an actually good seat, for that matter.

Actress Predictions - 2024 Tonys
 Mar 18 2024, 06:38:02 PM

Yeah, I’d replace Ruff or Leavel with Shoshana Bean in Hell’s Kitchen. I also feel like The Cottage will be forgotten but am not sure if I know who might sneak into those spots. Will be especially eager to see how the Vanya cast does.

BroadwayWorld Announces Ultimate Best Musical March Madness Bracket - Vote Now!
 Mar 18 2024, 06:35:53 PM

Cats being ahead of La Cage makes me want to throw my phone into a wall. Ha.

Mr. Burns @ Playwrights
 Mar 11 2024, 04:55:23 PM

I would LOVE to revisit this play. I wonder if they’re going to do a return production (which would be a first from them, I think?) or if it might be getting a Broadway debut… Color me excited for 3/26

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