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JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 08:23:06 PM

A lot of us wanted to believe that her original statements about trans people were perhaps misguided but still genuine and innocent, but if you go back and read them you will see they were blatant dog whistles from the beginning. I encourage everyone to listen to the J.K. Rowling episode of the podcast titled A Bit Fruity with Matt Bernstein. He has Natalie Wynn aka ContraPoints as a guest and they break the whole saga down. If you haven’t seen any of ContraPoints YouTube essa

Why do so few New World Stages shows transfer to Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 08:13:40 PM

Because that is where Broadway shows go to die.

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 07:30:13 PM

WhoCouldBeBlue said: "Of course people on here will be concerned, throw books away, hate her for her opposing views and disavow their love for Harry Potter.

How pathetic can you be when you completely erase a person because their opiniondiffers fromyours.”


I won’t be throwing anything away and I will never deny the joy Harry Potter gave me growing up. But if you think supporting and defending a relentlessly attacked

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 05:44:13 PM

Compared to the movies or even the theme parks, this play means very little in the grand scheme of things.

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 05:21:02 PM

I sincerely hope this thread doesn’t get deleted. This needs to be discussed.

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 04:55:32 PM

Her bullying responses on Twitter are so immature and bizarre they are truly Trumpian in nature.

JK Rowling Concerns  Apr 16 2024, 04:43:37 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "Jay Lerner-Z said: "Her ongoing campaign against trans rights has ramped up even further.

Should this prevent us from supporting Cursed Child?

Campaigning?! The woman is simply being vocal with her unmerited opinion. In no way is she “campaigning” anything. An interviewer asks her a question and she stupidly answers it and stirs the pot sending certain people in a tizzy. Nothing more. Her most recent nonsense

Kit Connor and Rachel Zegler to star in ROMEO & JULIET on Broadway?  Apr 16 2024, 11:40:55 AM

Broadway Forever2 said: "is Rachel singing in this? What's the point of her in it if she's not singing?"

Uhh well she’ll be acting in it, dear.

HELL'S KITCHEN Previews  Apr 15 2024, 12:59:55 AM

Shoshana was on Saturday night and sounded absolutely amazing. The whole cast is extremely talented and they sing the heck out of this score.


The plot, however, is paper thin and it drags on way too long.

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 13 2024, 03:53:43 PM

The show is a hodgepodge mess that will quickly fade into obscurity, but Eden sounded fierce last night. This is a beast of a role for her and any vocal flaws have to be forgiven. Maybe she was particularly “on” last night (I’m sure critics were there) but this was leaps and bounds better than her much easier role off-Broadway last season, which I must confess sounded like nails on a chalkboard. She impressed me last night despite the show being a total mi

Patti LuPone Will Return to Broadway in THE ROOMMATE Opposite Mia Farrow  Apr 12 2024, 10:24:35 AM

Robbie2 said: "Interesting pairing but 2 grannies an 80 year old looking for a roomate that happens to be around 75? Heard the play is terrible and basically nothing there and a bore but with these 2.........indecisionwe shall see????”


I have an idea for all the people who hate Patti LuPone and older women: don’t go see this play! There, that was easy!


I, on the other hand, can’t wait to see these two legends together on stage.

Rialto Chatter: Will OH, MARY! and JOB Transfer to Broadway?  Apr 11 2024, 04:13:12 PM

Bettyboy72 said: "quizking101 said: "This show would DIE in the Lyceum. That balcony is a crime"

Stage is very high too. There is nothing intimate about that theatre. Title of Show was dooomed in that space."


[title of show] was doomed anywhere on Broadway but I am glad I got to see it five times. Great memories.

Patti LuPone Will Return to Broadway in THE ROOMMATE Opposite Mia Farrow  Apr 11 2024, 09:53:42 AM

Holy sh*t.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Apr 10 2024, 10:55:48 PM

BrodyFosse123 said: "Globefan said: "Dillamond is Peter Dinklage"

He’s voicing the character so he’s not physically playing him in the film.

shut up lol

 Apr 10 2024, 01:07:06 AM

The trailer looks absolutely mind-blowingly phenomenal.

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 7 2024, 01:21:26 PM

Wick3 said: "If they stunt casted an A-list celebrity in the lead role, the likelihood of recouping is higher."

Well, yes.

The Official TDF Thread  Apr 5 2024, 01:46:55 PM

Broadway Flash said: "This is an issue in almost every broadway house. Happened to me twice this week at Lempicka and Notebook. The whole theatre couldhear the siren of an ambulance stuck in traffic for a prolonged period of time. It’s disgraceful. We should not have to accept that this is NYC and this is just the way it is, especially when people r paying top dollar."

How inconsiderate. Fires and medical emergencies should really be more mindful of theat

LEMPICKA Previews  Apr 4 2024, 06:04:17 PM

Broadway Flash said: "See, I actually thought that off key tone was kind of intentional.”


Of all the moronic things you’ve said on this board (and there are many), this takes the cake.

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 4 2024, 03:39:11 PM

Wick3 said: "TotallyEffed said: "Some of y’all are acting like they aren’t in the first week of previews."

lol true but at the same time this is a transfer from London’s West End which has been playing there since 2021. Sure there will be tweaks here and there but I doubt they’ll do any major cuts/changes.


I'm talking about performances still settling in, obviously they won't be making any &

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 4 2024, 09:57:49 AM

Some of y’all are acting like they aren’t in the first week of previews. 

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