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Zadan/Meron: Next NBC Live Musical & Upcoming musical w/ Shuberts
 Feb 11 2021, 07:00:20 PM

JSquared2 said: "brian1973 said: "Uh oh.. someone’s justrealised how un-diverse this team is......"

In other words, you simply can’t fathom how a person of color could be hired based on their own merits? How racist of you...

I’m not racist thanks. You completely misinterpreted my comment but I forgive you.

Zadan/Meron: Next NBC Live Musical & Upcoming musical w/ Shuberts
 Feb 10 2021, 06:23:23 PM

Uh oh.. someone’s just realised how un-diverse this team is......

Fired Color Purple actress sues for religious discrimination
 Feb 10 2021, 05:19:58 PM
She sounds like either a very stupid person, or a horrible one.

She will never work in theatre ever again after this, and rightly so. She tried to get into the wrong industry if she thinks gay people are ‘wrong’.

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem as Lucy and Desi?
 Feb 10 2021, 05:17:42 PM
I love Lucies response. Plus, she looks fabulous.

I’d MUCH a rather Cate Blanchett was still playing this, but hopefully Nicole might regain some movement in her face by the time filming starts.

I love her as an actress, but the lack of movement in her face is actually a real issue now and a major distraction. It’s such a shame.

MATILDA movie musical confirmed.
 Jan 9 2021, 07:56:50 PM
Sadly we live in a time where many people are quick to get upset over anything.

Case in point is casting a man in a woman’s role.

I do think though, that what works well in the theatrical setting of a live show, like Edna in Hairspray- is harder to justify on film. Especially in these sensitive times!

MATILDA movie musical confirmed.
 Jan 9 2021, 01:39:41 AM

JBroadway said: "brian1973 said: "They are going to struggle to find an actress that’s A List at this late stage.

In what sense is this a "late stage?"

Well it’s due to start shooting in March.. so....

MATILDA movie musical confirmed.
 Jan 8 2021, 07:38:33 PM
They are going to struggle to find an actress that’s A List at this late stage.

All the obvious choices like Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson have turned it down.

Nathan Lane’s Greatest Performance
 Jan 8 2021, 04:22:55 PM
He is always very good. But he’s always the same too.
MATILDA movie musical confirmed.
 Jan 8 2021, 04:22:09 PM

Not sure I can make that any clearer..!

Nathan Lane’s Greatest Performance
 Jan 8 2021, 10:05:42 AM
He’s pretty much just Nathan Lane in everything though so not sure I could single out one performance.

I guess The Producers at a push.

MATILDA movie musical confirmed.
 Jan 8 2021, 10:02:42 AM

She is dreadful and would be dreadful in this. The comment about Fiennes just repeating his Voldemort is just bizarre and stupid. Are you saying he has no range? Have you seen all of his film performances? 

MATILDA movie musical confirmed.
 Jan 8 2021, 04:22:14 AM
Raph Fiennes is no longer Trunchbull. They are scrabbling round to find a woman to play the role as they fear a huge backlash from the trans community which could be really bad publicity.
Rebecca Luker Has Passed Away
 Dec 23 2020, 01:28:59 PM
This is devastating.

Her voice was just so pure and glorious .
‘Come to my Garden’ is THE most beautiful sound you will ever hear.

RIP Rebecca . And Thankyou.

Ugh , this year is the absolute worst.

THE PROM soundtrack
 Dec 4 2020, 03:04:33 AM
It sounds fantastic. Great orchestrations.
Methyl seriously impressed me I’m Not all About Me.

I’ll just skip the James Corden songs for my sanity.

Netflix's THE PROM trailer premieres 10/22
 Dec 1 2020, 04:32:24 PM

When is America going to realise that James Corden is talentless ? One of the most disliked people by people in the UK.

ALW Participating In COVID-19 Vaccine Trial
 Aug 13 2020, 03:30:25 PM

He’s never done anything to help much less successful people in the industry , like new writers etc, so why should he start now?


Rosie/Gaga lead Funny Girl to reopen the Palace!
 Jul 20 2020, 06:14:50 PM

fosterfan2 said: "Brave Sir Robin2 said: "Idina is very talented, but her age and her voice aren't right for this role. 15 years ago, sure. I'd rather see her in a revival of "Gypsy," where I think she has the allure and spirit for Rose. Honestly, it would be just as big as her doing "Funny Girl," and a better fit.(Realistically, she's one of four Broadway names who would do the next production. Her, Donna, Audra, or Sutton.)

Lots o

RIP Nick Cordero
 Jul 5 2020, 09:13:23 PM

Just awful. Such a wonderfully talented guy, 

Company Previews Thread
 Mar 3 2020, 04:16:16 PM

Really glad Pattis costume has been redesigned..has her wig too ? Her whole look in London was just wrong. 

 Mar 3 2020, 04:05:34 PM

The set is mainly bookshelves and doesn’t look very exciting. You can see the pics on Instagram by someone who works at the theatre.

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