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COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development  Jan 16 2024, 10:42:08 AM

The Color Purple is still playing in movie theaters. It's pretty common for films to come out digitally and continue to play in theaters at the same time. Some people prefer just to go see it at the movie theater since they are charging almost 20 dollars to rent it digitally.

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 13 2024, 11:31:42 AM

GingerActor said: "I’ve been lurking this board for years and rarely post. Against my better judgement I’m responding to this thread. I had a feeling they would change some of the orchestrations. The new arrangements feature a lot of contemporary synth-pop, rock, and R&B elements. I actually really love a lot of what’s happening here. I don’t love Cady’s voice but everyone else is working hard in their songs and clearly Renee Rapp steals the soundtra

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 12 2024, 10:51:50 PM

Jonathan Cohen said: "Personally I thought "Stupid With Love" was the most successful example of the movie switching up an arrangement from the Broadway version. Lyrically it's Cady vulnerable and insecure. Belting the song out with confidence is at odds with how she's feeling in the moment."

Maybe the song works better in the movie but listening to the soundtrack the song sounds bland. Most of the songs sound bland now with the new orchestratio

Colleen Ballinger / Shucked!  Jan 11 2024, 12:53:15 PM

macbeth said: "A friend just told me that she was cast in Shucked, but after the controversies (which I'm sure the mods don't want re-debated) she was replaced with The Prom'sIsabelle McCalla (who I'm glad got the opportunity!)."

That's probably a good thing. I watched videos of her performance in Waitress and honestly I wasn't all that impressed. She wasn't breathing properly and it was causing her to go flat on a lot of the higher notes.

MEAN GIRLS Movie Musical - News & Discussion Thread  Jan 11 2024, 11:59:39 AM

Streaming the soundtrack now with a VPN. I'm not loving the new arraignments at all. They sucked the life out of some of the songs trying to make them sound more like mainstream pop songs. I get that the music was already heavily influenced by pop but they have stripped all the theatrical elements right out of the songs. Someone Gets Hurt sounds like a Billie Eilish song now. I'd rather be Me just feels one note. The tempo has been slowed down for "I See Stars" and  Ang

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development  Dec 27 2023, 10:27:58 AM

I almost wonder if she is upset that she was not asked to have any involvement with the movie. No cameo or anything so she is directing her bitterness towards the writers.

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development  Dec 25 2023, 10:06:26 PM

rosscoe(au) said: "For a big year end movie, this seems to be dead on arrival. While it doesn’t open in Australia till January 26th ( same as the UK ) the buzz on this is zero. Apart from a couple of trailers it’s like the studio has just given up."

Buzz is definitely not dead and it's been talked about a lot as a contender for the Oscars. It's already been nominated for several awards and I think the buzz is just going to get stronger as the week

COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development  Dec 15 2023, 04:29:29 PM

shomeika said: "The soundtrack is supposed to be streaming now, but on Itunes its only available as singular songs and not the entire album. Perhaps it is forthcoming. There are a bunch of "dance remixes" of songs, which seem a little different. I hope this film is good!


I found the soundtrack on itunes with out any issues. It is also on Spotify

Apple Music



COLOR PURPLE movie musical currently in development  Dec 15 2023, 02:49:05 AM

I've listened to the soundtrack a few times now and I'm loving all the new arrangements for the songs from the stage musical. Everyone sounds great. My biggest complaint is that I feel like they cut too many songs from the stage show. I'm not all that impressed with the new ones they replaced them with. The new songs feel very safe and they are not all that memorable. All the wow moments come from the songs that were already in the stage show. They aren't bad songs either

NEW YORK, NEW YORK Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread  Jun 8 2023, 06:31:00 PM

Ya I've checked Australia and France and only the single of the title song has been released.

CATS Film Adaptation Thread  Dec 26 2019, 03:49:28 PM

I did not enjoy how Tom Hooper directed Les Miserables so i am not surprised this has questionable direction as well. Not that the source material of Cats is great in the first place but I don't think Tom understands how to make a musical work on the big screen. 

Worst Broadway Show of the Decade?  Dec 26 2019, 03:33:10 PM

beetlejuice is on there but not king kong the musical that was torn apart by critics this season. 

Beauty and the Beast  Mar 3 2017, 01:33:14 PM

I think it's silly they even announced  lefou is going to be a gay character. it's obviously just going to be very little subtle things that make it look like he really admires Gaston. It's not like he is going to be openly gay or that the subject is even going to come up in the movie. 

Is it wrong for Denzel Washington to encourage film actors to act on stage?  Jun 25 2010, 12:46:50 PM
Washington never said actors had to go to Broadway. He just said stage training.
Chris Sieber, you're a big fat hypocrite, but still very very sexy /sarcasm  Jun 23 2010, 11:00:42 PM
Perfectly said Jordan! I am now just reading this post for the first time so i am kind of behind. I got a facebook invite to that hateful group of Hunter Fosters and i only joined to give him my two cents. I think it is so sad that actors are treating fellow actors in such a horrific way. Winning a Tony has to be an amazing moment for an actor. For someone in their own community to be so hateful and disrespectful is just pathetic. Hollywood actors have been coming to Broadway since the beginning
Acting Lessons from Miss Catherine Zeta Jones  Jun 14 2010, 02:10:25 PM
It's kinda ridiculous that some people who haven't gone and seen her in A Little Night Music are judging her performance solely on her small 3 minute performance on the Tony Awards. How can you say she doesn't deserve the Tony after seeing only a small glimpse. Yes her performance wasn't the greatest last night. You could tell she was sick and didn't have much of a voice when she gave her Tony speech. She gave an amazing performance when i seen her at the Kerr.

SInging Lessons from Miss Lea Michele  Jun 14 2010, 01:49:23 PM
The girl could just blink and people would find a million things wrong with the way she did it. Sometimes it seems like people are watching performances just to find things wrong with it. Sit back and enjoy it some. She's human everything she does isn't going to be perfect. I thought she sounded great last night.
The Official 2010 Tony Awards Discussion Thread  Jun 13 2010, 09:36:45 PM
Christine sounded great. Why did Ragtime's performance feel so short compared to the other shows?
The Official 2010 Tony Awards Discussion Thread  Jun 13 2010, 09:31:12 PM
Her winning best actress in a musical has nothing to do with that performance. It is her performance in the actually show she would win for. Some tough critics up in here tonight.
The Official 2010 Tony Awards Discussion Thread  Jun 13 2010, 08:46:00 PM
Strange song choice from La Cage. Would of loved to see I am What I am.
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