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 May 19 2024, 09:56:15 PM

Jordan Catalano said: "Matt Gould’s Curtain Call “Speech”."

I have such secondhand embarrassment for the lot of them.

This actively makes me dislike the show even though I sorta enjoyed it when I saw it.

Any luck moving to a closer, empty seat once you’re in the theatre?
 May 4 2024, 08:38:31 PM

Moved to seats closer to the side exit doors at THE OUTSIDERS recently.  We needed to bolt as soon as curtain call ended to make it to OH MARY by 5 pm (which we did!) and it wasn’t an issue at intermission.  In fact then others moved to the seats we vacated.

 May 2 2024, 09:57:05 PM

Robbie2 said: "djoko84 said: "Thank you!Soyou recommend sitting orchestraleft rather than right for this show?"

Mezzanine is great for this show better than orch

I am going to be sitting Rear Mezz Row A in the very center on the aisle.  Will all the actors be visible even when they go into the booth upstage?

SUFFS Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Apr 17 2024, 06:05:38 PM

I was never once bored but I do think the pacing in the middle of Act 2 slowed a bit - but that was during the first week of previews.  I have seen all the new musicals except heart of rock and roll and SUFFS by far was my favorite.  I have been humming the opening and closing songs ever since the performance I saw and cannot wait for the cast recording.  I hope their reviews are favorable.

Merrily We Roll Along -- End of June Scheduled Absences?
 Apr 8 2024, 08:43:03 PM

Just please don’t have your heart set on Ms Mendez.  I saw the show in October and March and she had unplanned absences both times.  Disappointing.

 Apr 2 2024, 12:03:22 AM

I sat in Mezz E2 on Saturday.  Very happy with the view at the price I paid.

And the show was fantastic!

Merrily Attendance - Spring 2024
 Mar 27 2024, 06:27:45 PM

Well she is out tonight.  I am now 0 for 2 in getting to see her.

THE WHO’S TOMMY Broadway Previews
 Mar 27 2024, 04:55:17 PM

quizking101 said: "…anywho. I went again tonight as a guest of a press night attendee.

I stand by my original review for the most part.

The only differences were that Adam Jacobs and Christina Sajous were in the show tonight. Jacobs was vocally fantastic and definitely had good chemistry with Luff and command of his role.

However, Christine Sajous…yikes. I never expected someone who has done rock musicals before to be so middling. She se

 Mar 27 2024, 04:36:30 PM

LuckyDipster said: "I'm in the UK. Does The Kelly Clarkson Show usually have performers in the studio? I did think it odd when I saw the performance."

Most of the performances on Kelly’s show are pre-tapes except for thr kellyoke at the beginning of each episode.

Have you ever seen a musical on Broadway that didn't get a standing ovation?
 Mar 23 2024, 11:44:31 PM


The ten of us in the Mezz didn’t stand.

2024-2025 Touring Season
 Mar 4 2024, 11:04:43 PM

Kansas City just announced:

FUNNY GIRL - Dec 3-8, 2024

CHICAGO - Jan 7-12, 2025

PARADE - Jan 28-Feb 2, 2025

BEETLEJUICE - Feb 18-23, 2025

BACK TO THE FUTURE - April 1-6, 2025

LION KING - May 22-Jun1, 2025 (optional)

THE WIZ - July 8-13, 2025

Pretty satisfied with this lineup but I was hoping for at least one or two from last season's shows - KIMBERLY, SOME LIKE IT HOT, SHUCKED, & JULIET - hopefully these will be part of the

MAMMA MIA! 25th Anniversary Tour recoups in 13 weeks
 Mar 4 2024, 10:59:11 PM

The show is in my city this week - going on Sunday.  Really looking forward to this - haven't seen it since Broadway with Carolee Carmello as Donna.

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway
 Feb 6 2024, 12:08:50 AM

Can I make the 5 pm performance after seeing THE OUTSIDERS at the Jacobs?  I have high-tailed it after a musical down to Union Square for TITANIQUE with no problem.  Would this be similar?

Telecharge issues?
 Jan 19 2024, 03:16:51 PM

StageJunkie2 said: "Sorry to report that the same issue continues. To their credit, Telecharge PM'd me shortly after my initial post, apologizing and acknowledging the problem they were having and that they were working on it. If I still wanted to buy the ticket to Stereophonic, I should call them. Didn't have time yesterday, so today I went back online to order it. Same dang error message. So I broke down and called them. Unfortunately, when trying to order the ticket and te

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along
 Jan 14 2024, 01:50:07 PM

BernadetteJD said: "Honestly- I think it would just be nice for the show to post something on instagram of the schedule when/if they know. It would at least curtail expectations. All the interviews are the three of them; it’s clearly how the show is being marketed so I was a bit disappointed. Further, seems to happen at a fairly high %. Unfortunately, was just in town for weekend, booked these tickets back in March 2023 and don’t know if I’ll be able to come back to

Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... at the Lyceum February 2024
 Jan 12 2024, 10:45:15 PM

Scarywarhol said: "MY SON'S A QUEER (BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO?)

Sounds like the title of a hokey off-Broadway musical comedy in like 1998.

All I can think of is Thenardier’s lyric from “Beggars at the Feast” at the end of Les Miz at the wedding:  “this one’s a queer but what can you do.”

Telecharge Website Update
 Jan 9 2024, 05:47:47 PM

Broadway Bob* said: "Anyone else having trouble with TeleCharge today (1/9)? I haven't been able to get on it all day. Anyone know what's going on?"

Same - accessing this site today is a freaking mess.

West End Recommendation: THE LITTLE BIG THINGS
 Jan 7 2024, 06:22:43 PM

The cast recording to this has dropped and I must say I am really enjoying it.  The score sounds like Dear Evan Hansen but that is not a negative to me - I enjoy the pop sound and the vocals here are pretty great, too .  Recommend you give it a listen.

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?
 Dec 9 2023, 05:17:48 PM

I have heard rumblings the next Audrey could be Evan Rachel Wood.

New Musical HELL'S KITCHEN, Based on the Life of Alicia Keys, to Premiere This Year
 Dec 8 2023, 09:27:57 PM

Got my ticket for the first preview - first time I have ever attended a first preview in my 30 years of Broadway theater going!

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