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Profile: I've arranged the music for several shows on Broadway. I love puppies and hate mean people.

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 May 20 2024, 09:12:01 PM

Well yes…Merrily…But out of the thousands of flop shows over the last hundred years Merrily is the only one. Will Lempicka be the 2nd one? We’ll see…

 May 20 2024, 12:54:03 PM

Are people truly suggesting we not post negative opinions here since it might influence public opinion, thus hurting a show?

Do people who accuse others of being “haters” ever hate things themselves?

People who call others “haters” are just insulted that some people don’t share their opinions. They feel disrespected, so they call people “haters” to feel better about themselves. 

The 77th Annual Tony Award Nominations for 2024
 Apr 30 2024, 09:54:35 AM

When Billy Joel won the best orchestration Tony for "Movin' Out," I realized there's not a lot of people who understand what an orchestration is.

Have there ever been so many new musicals in one season?
 Apr 7 2024, 08:36:15 PM

The season of 1927-1928 had 36, but I’m not sure if that’s a record.

More recently, 1971-1972 had 17 or so.

Who has had the most 1000 show runs on Broadway?
 Apr 3 2024, 10:31:29 PM

I’ve had 5, but I’m only a lowly dance arranger.

 Mar 9 2024, 04:18:12 AM

I thought this show was beautifully staged, and compellingly acted. I was expecting something pretty terrible, based on the reviews I've read here. I disagree...I think this is terrific.

NY City Center Encores 2024 season: ONCE UPON A MATTRESS with Sutton Foster (adapted by Amy Sherman-Palladino), JELLY'S LAST JAM, and TITANIC
 Mar 1 2024, 04:37:57 PM

I saw the show last night, and Billy was in. In my opinion, this is the best musical in New York at the moment, a complete triumph.

THE NOTEBOOK Broadway Previews
 Feb 12 2024, 08:27:04 AM

“Probably the fact that he's directing two other shows besides this one this spring. Kind of irresponsible really.”

It’s probably not his fault. Directors generally develop several projects at once, but have no control on when they get to production.

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’
 Feb 11 2024, 07:20:01 AM

It’s true Sondheim didn’t mind his songs being transposed. I asked him once why so many of his songs are in such difficult keys, and he said it was for the performers.

By the same token, I wouldn’t mind if Tveit had all of his songs transposed into tenor keys, if that’s where his voice lives. The problem is that it’s expensive to do that, since a major shift in keys means a re-orchestration is necessary.

Seth MacFarlane to Broadway?
 Feb 1 2024, 10:55:39 AM

There’s always been a rivalry between him and Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I really thought after Book Of Mormon he would write his own show, especially considering how much he loves musicals. I still wish he would.

Cole Escola is Mary Todd Lincoln in OH, MARY! Off-Broadway
 Jan 29 2024, 04:19:46 PM

One of the most consistently hilarious evenings I’ve ever spent in the theater. Unmissable.

A lack of great new choreographers and director-choreographers?
 Dec 28 2023, 03:46:57 AM

Tommy Tune is 84 years old. We’re not getting another Nine from him.

re: 'I Love Fosca' - from Passion Sheet Music..
 Nov 15 2023, 03:54:12 PM

I'm already preparing my medley of I Love Fosca and I Love Louisa from The Bandwagon.

MasterVoices will present Sondheim's THE FROGS, Korie-penned GRAPES OF WRATH, and more
 Nov 4 2023, 09:17:56 PM

I’m biased, as I wrote the dance and incidental music for the 2004 production. However, I saw it this afternoon, and I thought it was simply tremendous! I hear it’s sold out, but if you can get there, you’ll have a wonderful time!

Sondheim's Final Musical: HERE WE ARE (Off-Broadway) - Critics' Reviews
 Oct 21 2023, 04:28:17 PM

Well, call me a Philistine.

THE GREAT GATSBY @ Paper Mill Playhouse Thread
 Oct 13 2023, 04:13:43 PM

I miss the old days, when songs would occasionally modulate away from the tonic.

Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 9/17/23
 Sep 21 2023, 11:27:44 PM

As Sol Hurok once said, "If people don’t want to come, nothing will stop them.”

 Sep 20 2023, 11:01:14 PM

I thought this was tremendous, and am a little surprised by some of the cooler responses here.

Bryan Cranston returning to Broadway
 Aug 16 2023, 03:10:11 PM

I wish it was Spamalot.

SPAMALOT To Play The St James This Fall
 Aug 2 2023, 02:26:34 PM

For those that saw it in DC, were there any rewrites from the original version?

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