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Michael R. Jackson & Anna K. Jacobs' TEETH Musical at Playwrights Horizons (Winter 2024)  Feb 21 2024, 08:14:00 PM

Looks like the show needs a BITE taken out of its run time.

AMADEUS to be adapted into a series starring White Lotus' Will Sharpe  Feb 21 2024, 08:36:11 AM

I agree that although this may turn out to be great, on paper it's a real head-scratcher to me. Why Will Sharpe? Is this color-conscious casting, or color-blind casting? And why call it Amadeus and reference Shaffer's play if it's really just a completely new series (or mini-series?) about Mozart? I'd be more interested in watching a new pair of (preferably A-list) actors tackling the two leads in Shaffer's play.

Jeremy Jordan missing in-person rehearsals because he had a few concerts! OUCH  Feb 19 2024, 06:00:42 PM

The concerts are also basically free publicity for the show. I’m sure he will be doing a Gatsby song.

Besides, he is a genuine Broadway star. He can kinda do what he wants.

Any chance we'll see Daniel Fish's Oklahoma! again?  Feb 16 2024, 01:26:09 AM

To piggy-back on what joevitus said, it was a “deconstructionist” take. These definitely-not-what-the-author-intended productions can be fun experiences for theatre fans, but this Oklahoma was specifically a response to a cultural moment in time. I don’t think it would have the same effect in 2024. Similarity, if the recent 1776 had premiered a few years earlier, it probably would have been better received.

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 15 2024, 04:11:14 PM

That Vulture article is really funny.

Timothy Nolen, first American Phantom, has died  Feb 14 2024, 09:04:33 AM

What a wonderful Sweeney Todd he was. He will live on as my BWW profile picture!

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 11:07:50 PM

I am a white guy married to a Latina and our daughter is also mixed, so I have a bit of a vested interest in the subject. Our last name is very “white,” and if she grows up, wants to become an actress, and decides  to use her mother’s maiden name (also Cruz, incidentally) as a stage name in order to book more Latina roles, I would 100% understand and support that. However, I don’t want to speculate any further about Ms. Cruz’s motives for chan

JRB's THE CONNECTOR at MCC will star Scott Bakula, Jessica Molaskey, Ben Levi Ross, & more  Feb 12 2024, 09:47:43 PM

At the risk of adding to this idiocy, I will note that Hannah Cruz was known as Hannah Rose Deflumeri until only a few years ago. I have known who she is since she was in high school and a clip of her teenage turn as Mama Rose on YouTube gathered major attention. She subsequently starred in some non-Equity tours and I had always thought she was white until she suddenly became Hannah Cruz and was starring in Hamilton. It seemed like a self-marketing move, which a lot of peop

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 10 2024, 02:45:02 PM

I've now listened to the full audio of Tveit's "Barber and His Wife," "My Friends," and "Epiphany." He Aaron Tveit singing the role of Sweeney Todd. He can hit the low notes well enough and of course has a gorgeous voice. But that's part of the problem for me (and was with Groban too): Sweeney is not supposed to sound like Frederic in The Pirates of Penzance. This is an operetta, and Sweeney is a bass-baritone rol

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 10 2024, 12:32:12 AM

I would love to hear more, and, like other posters here, don't want to judge their entire performances based on two short audio clips. But...both of them sound pretty bad in these clips, especially Sutton. I'm shocked.

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston  Feb 8 2024, 01:31:41 PM

JSquared2 said: “Yeah, I never miss an F. Murray Abraham musical!!"

I’m saying that given standard industry practice, it was strange. He is not a star, but he is very well known.  


Rob Madge's MY SON'S A QUEER... not at the Lyceum February 2024  Feb 8 2024, 01:27:45 PM

Most of the failed (or in this case, cancelled) Broadway shows post-pandemic have just been bad business ideas. Representation and diversity in the theatre is great, but things like My Son’s a Queer or How to Dance in Ohio are — unless done exceptionally well — going to appeal only to a small, niche audience. Especially given modern Broadway economics, that is just not going to be enough to make anything even close to a return on the inv

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES musical will have pre-Bway tryout this summer in Boston  Feb 8 2024, 11:44:30 AM

TaffyDavenport said: "F. Murray Abraham! I guess that's old news that I missed."

Yeah it is very strange that they left him out of the headline in the press release. He's friggin' Oscar winner for chrissake.

Sweeney Todd, question about extension  Feb 8 2024, 11:41:04 AM

binau said: "Has anyone posted who else have been considered for the roles :)? Always want to know the casting that could never be."

Someone on the board said Hugh Jackman was asked, but of course he was.

I would also like to hear who else was reached out to before they settled on Tveit and Foster. I also find that kind of stuff fascinating.

Equity / Non-Equity tour prices  Feb 5 2024, 10:16:26 PM

I grumbled about this very thing in a recent thread…I think it varies venue to venue, but my understanding is that most touring houses generally charge the same prices regardless of the tour’s union status (read: how much the cast and crew is getting paid). That is the main incentive for producers: a larger profit.

I find it very annoying when the term “Broadway tour” is used for non-Equity tours, especially when the production itself was never a Broa

DOUBT 2024 Previews  Feb 4 2024, 02:14:01 PM

Congrats to Isabel Keating! What a pro.

Regarding Father Flynn, I agree that it is probably better if he is in his thirties or forties, but it doesn't really matter that much, and at a Hollywood 56, I doubt Schreiber's age is too much of an issue. Tyne Daly is also 77, so the age difference between the two characters is still the same.

Great songs given to minor/insignificant characters  Feb 3 2024, 02:36:13 PM

Surprised no one has mentioned “Zip” from Pal Joey.

Non Equity Tours  Feb 1 2024, 10:22:06 PM

DiscoCrows said: "IronMan said: "There is currently a non-equity tour out now, and the base pay for the ensemble is what I used to get for doing non-equity tours... THIRTY YEARS AGO. It used to be that those tours were the only place that young performers could be paid well and gain valuable experience, but it seems things have changed and producers are taking advantage of them. "

Huh? A non-eq tour of what show exactly?


New WICKED Cast Replacements this month and next?  Jan 31 2024, 05:14:51 PM

Happy for Alexandra Socha. She is great on the Off-Broadwway Fun Home recording, and I always felt so bad for her that whatever issues she was having at the time prevented her from transferring with the show and probably getting a Tony nomination. This feels like the showbiz universe balancing things out for her.

Alex Newell in Pippin  Jan 31 2024, 05:10:35 PM

I agree that the dancing is absolutely essential to the role. I saw a (professional) regional production of Pippin many years ago that cast a man of a similar build to Newell, and he was clearly more of a "mover" than a dancer, and they made it more of a "stand and sing" kind of role. It just did not work having a chubby dude just sort waving his arms around and doing the occasional twirl when the role was written to be played by a slinky, sexy Fosse dan

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