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 Apr 19 2024, 02:46:35 AM

dramamama611 said: "I thought it was funny."


 Apr 17 2024, 08:19:21 AM

"Putting out the message that an already struggling show is not for certain people may rally your core audience, but it's also explicitly telling a lot of other people not to come."

And message received, at least by me. Had thought of giving this a shot but the righteous indignation that a critic dared to not like their wonderful show in an attempt to rally the public to their side is a complete turn off for me and quite frankly a technique that I can't

Patrick Page + Shakespeare Villains = Great!
 Feb 27 2024, 12:31:36 AM

I saw this back in early December and couldn't agree more. Patrick Page is delivering a master class on Shakespeare and acting. And that voice...

It really is a wonderful evening of theater.

What's Going On?
 Jan 4 2024, 03:28:31 AM

BeingAlive44Ever said: "Plenty of people like Six, but it's just an objectively bad musical."

SIX got great reviews across the board including a New York Times critic's pick and was nominated for 8 Tonys, winning 2. It has been doing consistently strong box office on Broadway for well over 2 years and now on tour. How exactly is it an "objectively" bad musical? Because you didn't like it? Cause you're not its target demographic? Cause it

Harmony word-of-mouth
 Jan 3 2024, 05:07:15 AM

Sebastian said: "I think someone mentioned it in a grosses thread but that tweak may be letting Manilow himself play Old Rabbi for a few weeks, lol."


"Hey Chip, most people think you're the best part of the show but business is business so hit the bricks, my dude."

It may squeeze a few more weeks out of it but if it didn't work for Sting, it's probably not going to work here.

What's Going On?
 Jan 3 2024, 04:51:04 AM

Gesualdo said: "I thought that the reputation of Barry Manilow by itself would have propelled the musical Harmony into instant success similar to what they do when casting a Hollywood movie with recognized star actors.

So is it naive of me to believe that Ken Davenport's investors where following this "yellow brick road" to an imagined success?"

Had it been a jukebox musical of his greatest hits, perhaps more people would have been interested

Why on earth was New York New York nominated??
 Dec 29 2023, 06:39:16 PM

BroadwayRox3588 said: "I love these random, sometimes unhinged, rants from Broadway Flash that seem to come completely out of nowhere.

Never change, BF. ❤️

I have this mental picture of him sitting alone in a darkened room, rocking his chair back and forth for almost 8 solid months mumbling to himself throughout until December 28th when he finally stands up and says "Gatdamit, somebody's got to say something about this" ... and here we are.<

APPROPRIATE -- Rush Question
 Dec 24 2023, 04:25:05 AM

broadway86 said: "spicemonkey said: "did they show you the seat location when you got the rush ticket? I know for some shows they do, like & Juliet - I really like that feature"

Not yet, but it's possible that I'll get a seat location a few hours before the show.

Just out of curiosity, where did they end up seating you?

Story of the Week: The Average Broadway Theatergoer Earns a Household Income of $271,277 a Year
 Dec 24 2023, 03:51:05 AM

As others have intimated, I think this "average" number is heavily distorted by the inclusion of a small group of very rich people and is a virtually meaningless piece of data. Anyone who works with statistics knows it is very easy to analyze the data and present it in a way that backs up and validates whatever point you are trying to make.

Harmony word-of-mouth
 Dec 24 2023, 03:25:24 AM

I saw Harmony a few weeks ago and thought it was a good but not great show. Glad I saw it but not one I'm going to rush to recommend to friends that they must see. For reasons I can't explain, I saw Manilow's name and assumed that it was some sort of jukebox musical. Obviously, that was a completely incorrect assumption,. Candidly, I thought the score was OK but pretty forgettable. I thought the show itself felt like "Indecent light" in a musical form. It just felt a lot

I posted a very negative review of Kimberly Akimbo on YouTube and got a threat to delete it.
 Dec 17 2023, 02:38:51 AM

You got a threat to delete it? Who made this threat and what did they threaten?

If YouTube told you your video violated some website rule and you had to change something, then it's because you violated that rule, not because you didn't like the show. And if some rando threatened you, why would you care? What were they going to do, find you and key your car?

If they had read your past show scores on here where among other things, you gave Hamilton a 1 and Diana the Musica

Henry Winkler Hypothetical Stage Role
 Nov 6 2023, 05:37:09 AM

BoringBoredBoard40 said: "UncleCharlie said:

So whether the quote was taken out of context, or it wasn't and at 78 after a career being known largely for one TV role 40 years ago, it would mean a lot to him before he's done to receive validation as a stage actor, I'm inclined to give him a pass.


I would certainly believe he is known more then just as the Fonz now with Arrested Development and Barry giving him qu

Favorite Solo Shows?
 Nov 6 2023, 04:47:10 AM

Fordham2015 said: "Prima Facie

700 Sundays

Latin History for Morons

Colin Quinn solo shows (Long Story Short, New York Story, Red State/Blue State, Small Talk)

You have impeccable taste. Didn't see Prima Facie but the others you mention were all first rate. I love Colin Quinn and will see anything he does. He's brilliant. And don't forget about Unconstitutional.

I would also 3

Henry Winkler Hypothetical Stage Role
 Nov 3 2023, 08:42:30 PM

dramamama611 said: "I found that comment a turn off, too. Perhaps it's out of context .. or there was more to his conversation. (Like his childhood daydream was to someday win a Tony.)"

Winkler is consistently mentioned as one of the kindest, genuinely nicest people in Hollywood. Willie Geist of NBC news was on Seth Meyers last night. He recently interviewed Winkler for his Sunday morning news program. They did the interview at a table at Katz's deli during r

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea
 Nov 3 2023, 04:33:02 PM

On most review sites including this one, most people just click on a rating without bothering to write a review. That said, I'd be interested to know thoughts on it as well. I already have a ticket cause I would pay to see Aubrey Plaza read the phone book for 2 hours. But still curious.

Alfred Molina, John Douglas Thompson & Chris Perfetti to lead INHERIT THE WIND at Pasadena Playhouse
 Sep 29 2023, 04:04:25 AM

Saw the announcement today. Had already bought my tickets for mid-November. What a cast led by two powerhouse actors going at it. 

Pasadena Playhouse is absolutely killing it. They're finishing up a run of the Sound Inside with Amy Brenneman knocking it out of the park in the role that won Mary-Louise Parker a Tony and now Inherit the Wind. And this is coming off a hugely successful Sondheim season for 22-23.

Great job!

 Sep 2 2023, 06:40:02 PM

quizking101 said: "It’s mostly the understudies and covers from the Broadway production, which is pretty good. I saw Schiappa as Nick Laine when Jay O. Sanders had COVID, and I heard good things about Jennifer Blood as Mare Winningham’s U/S.

Matt Manuel is a HUNKY choice for Joe Scott (saw him in ATP) and he’d sing the hell out of it

Mare Winningham was out the day I saw it and Jennifer Blood was on. She was absolutely wonderful.

CTG LA to present A Strange Loop, Funny Girl, and more for 23-24
 Jul 25 2023, 05:26:00 AM

Disappointed that they've only scheduled one show for the Kirk Douglas. It's a wonderful venue and it's a shame season after season to see it sitting vacant for longer and longer periods. I guess they didn't want the optics of having shut down both the Taper and the Douglas but shoving one show of questionable appeal in for six weeks is hardly what anyone would classify as a "season".

As far as the Ahmanson season is concerned, some if not most shows may do we

Sag strike, what will happen to Sag members on Broadway?
 Jul 15 2023, 05:10:01 AM

Plannietink08 said: "The SCREEN actors guild strike won’t affect STAGE actors. Even if they’re in the guild if they’re on STAGE, and not SCREEN, they can still work.

The clue’s in the name.

OK, but some stage productions project images during the stage production onto a screen. Do the SAG actors have to leave the stage during the part of the stage production while the image is projected onto a screen?

TRANSPARENT musical (based on the TV series) to premiere at the Mark Taper Forum in 2023, directed by Tina Landau
 Jul 10 2023, 09:29:26 PM

This show didn't draw flies in Los Angeles. I must have received half a dozen e-mails from CTG begging people to please come and support the show. It was probably the final nail in the coffin for CTG deciding not to program a Taper season for 23-24. It's stunning to me that they're thinking of bringing this to Broadway. Someone must need a tax write off pretty desperately.

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