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Changing Keys for Performers is So Cool
 Jun 28 2024, 06:16:40 PM

Yeah !  It reminds me of a James Joyce novel .

CABARET at the Kit Kat Club (2024) Opening Night Critics' Reviews
 Jun 22 2024, 11:44:56 AM

So could Tveit be a possible Emcee after Redmayne leaves ?

NYP: Broadway sings New York’s blues as crime, costs slow post-COVID comeback
 Jun 3 2024, 08:35:32 PM

So did you move here from Ossining ?

 May 28 2024, 10:42:40 AM

I was lucky enough to see Zack Gonder on as Clark.   He is tall and that helped to exaggerate his lines and extensions.  Is he on a rotation or was it just a one shot deal?

Thanks for any info !


THE OUTSIDERS Opening Night Critics’ Reviews
 May 7 2024, 03:30:26 PM

I saw this 3 weeks ago and know I shall end up going back.  I think after music streams.

But Im seeing Illinoise tomorrow so Ill see how that stirs me and maybe do a doubleheader some Wed.

Two Strangers (Carry A Cake Across New York)
 Apr 4 2024, 05:47:09 PM

Fan123 said: "This show recently released an EP, which I quite like.

Spotify link


Thanks for this. Love the music, especially opening number  New York


 Feb 26 2024, 08:24:31 PM

It costs big bucks to supply all that water for elephants.

 Nov 12 2023, 06:42:24 PM

Not a day goes by that I wish I could afford the tickets.

Since the seat prices are  a bit out of my range, is there a plan for a cast recording.  Hopefully that will be my experience of MWRA.  (unless the cd is $100 bucks too !)

In case no recording any thoughts on the best recording out so far?




Streisand Reworking Funny Girl Ending
 Oct 11 2023, 01:20:20 PM

Who does she think she is?  She thinks she is barbra streisand....a self made god who can do whatever she wants whenever she wants.....and folks love it !

Will the Marriott Marquis ever be demolished?
 Aug 15 2023, 11:06:38 AM

Theater district is like Uninetown.  You have to pay to pee.

Sondheim's Final Musical HERE WE ARE will premiere at The Shed this fall (No, really!)
 Jul 20 2023, 07:35:13 PM

I bought a ticket on line this afternoon and never got to promised confirmation email. 

Anyone else experience this?



CAMELOT to close in July
 Jun 29 2023, 04:51:51 PM

Dollypop said: "If this production WAS set on the Middle Ages, how could Morgan call herself a "scientist"? That term didn't enter the lexicon until the 1800's."

Poetic license .

Great memories at TKTS
 Jun 29 2023, 12:46:09 PM

The owner of Pergola des Artists, I forget her name, would hand out flyers to folks in line.  I always had a few nice words to share with her.  I got free glasses of wine there too! (Never "proof-ed" me!)

NEW YORK, NEW YORK Original Broadway Cast Recording Thread
 Jun 24 2023, 02:28:05 PM

Colton ought be an advertisement for

Balance of Nature.

What high energy and multiple talents

Glad he was nominated for Tony.



New Look for BroadwayWorld!
 May 7 2023, 12:02:56 PM


Musicals that should've won the Pulitzer
 Jan 11 2023, 07:03:08 PM

With all due respect, I think Urinetown is a piss poor choice.

PARADE On Broadway - News & Discussion Thread
 Jan 10 2023, 02:56:46 PM

I signed in for queque and phoned in at the same time and both connected at the same time so either or it probably doesn't matter.  

FYI, "....momentarily..." means just shy of an hour.  

49 years ago today at the Uris (Gershwin) Theater...
 Nov 9 2022, 01:27:54 PM

Jarethan said: "Prior to Wicked, the Uris / Gershwin was essentially a white elephant. Lots of flops, e.g., also Singing in the Rain and Meet Me in St. Louis and I think the Disappointing Rex Harrison MFL revival. Thank GOD for Wicked!!!"

Didnt The King and I have a rather lengthy stay there with Yul ?

Angela Lansbury Has Passed Away
 Oct 15 2022, 03:09:52 PM

¿Macavity? said: "A bit late, it's been a busy week and I just haven't had time to process.

My introduction to Angela Lansbury was seeing her in the recording of Sweeney Todd. She. Blew. My. Mind. I still marvel at that performance everytime I watch it - truly remarkable.

I'll miss her dearly...

And so will the whole Dear World.

What is the lowlight of your theatre going experiences?
 Sep 15 2022, 10:49:01 AM




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