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Is Broadway quieter during the Jewish holidays?
 Jul 10 2024, 11:57:19 PM
You can check the weekly grosses year over year here on BWW.
new release
 Jul 9 2024, 10:48:56 PM
bryan32 said: "so how come water for elephants is not on yet."


new release
 Jul 9 2024, 10:05:32 PM

I checked Amazon and found this information:

Suffs - currently no CD is listed

The Great Gatsby - August 2

Heart of Rock & Roll - currently no CD is listed

Water for Elephants - August 16

BroadwayCon 2024
 Jul 5 2024, 05:33:53 PM
Search this board for 'BroadwayCon' and you'll find threads for years past!

They will continually update the website and use social media to announce guests and events and you should use that information to decide how you will be spending your time. I suggest you identify the photo ops and panels you wish to attend and start making a schedule for yourself, and remind yourself to be flexible as this event changes up to the minute in terms of programming.

They might have an app t

Chances of Caissie Levy Led NEXT TO NORMAL Coming to Broadway?
 Jul 3 2024, 08:35:35 PM
Well I, for two desperately need this. And I'll double-down and say EVERY show from the West End that hasn't played Broadway needs to transfer! I NEED IT ALL. ALL OF IT!!!!!
Menzel-led REDWOOD to transfer to Broadway this season
 Jun 13 2024, 11:18:10 AM
ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "No theatre or dates always makes me skeptical

Sometimes (not always)that’s wishful thinking or a way to drum up investors and never transpires. Such as Landau’s other recent musical, Transparent.

It's coming. :)

STARLIGHT EXPRESS will return to London in 2024
 Jun 8 2024, 07:14:59 PM

I'm going to London in August to see Taylor Swift and chose this as my one West End (I know it's not in the West End) show to see while there, before her concert since it's right by Wembley and I am as excited to see Starlight as to see Taylor.

The arena looks SO cool.

I know nothing of note about the musical beyond the previously posted Family Guy clip (one of my favorites) and a documentary I watched about the super fans in Germany, and that the show is widely cons

 May 30 2024, 12:23:22 AM

Shubert Alley Cat said: "So Kristin was his guest tonight? Can anyone confirm?"

Yes, there are photos and videos online, and post 105 right above yours talks about it. 

The Official TDF Thread
 May 28 2024, 09:55:50 PM

My Illinoise location tonight, May 28 - Orchestra right, D14. Perhaps the best seat I've ever gotten from TDF? Though one more seat to the right and I'd probably have been bothered by speakers impeding my eyeline.

2024 Cast Albums ?
 May 27 2024, 11:52:02 PM

MichelleCraig said: "I was reading a piece in The New Yorker, about Rachel Chavkin, that referenced a forthcoming cast album of LEMPICKA. This may have been covered on another thread, but is there an imminent cast recording of LEMPICA? I know there were three cuts from a 2022 recording that have been released…but I’m wondering if a complete Broadway Cast Album is coming?"

They announced it weeks ago, however, it's been delayed at least once now, if n

 May 25 2024, 06:57:09 PM

All we need now is for someone to say "nanananabooboo" and we'll have fully devolved into a second-grade playground fight.

 May 23 2024, 01:34:48 PM

TheatreFan4 said: "So with the cast recording coming out on digital next week, is it normal that there's just no promotion for it?"

It might actually not be out next week; there's been confusion about this. Eden stated last Saturday that it was delayed (she didn't know how long) and Playbill, later that day, re-tweeted their article about the album which said it will release on physical AND streaming on July 8.

And since the show closed, their adve

 May 22 2024, 09:59:26 AM

hearthemsing22 said: "Yesterday Eden posted a story saying they would have been doing act II by now.

Matt Gould posted something as well that I almost rolled my eyes at.

Here come the tributes, but now they're just annoying me so much.

You can unfollow them if it bothers you, you know.

People are allowed to "grieve" the closing of something they cared so much about and invested so much of their time and energy in, even if s

Is "gentle" theater gone forever?
 May 19 2024, 07:43:36 PM

i'll be sure to stay off your lawn, OP

 May 19 2024, 01:33:40 AM

Jonathan Cohen said: "veronicamae said: "Madonna was at the show tonight (as was I) and I amstill trembling."

I'm glad Madonna got to see it and you got a chance to see her.

But that's got to be pretty frustrating for the producers, that even a Tamara de Lempicka. super-fan like Madonna didn't get around to seeing the show until closing weekend.

To be fair, she was on tour until 2 weeks ago.

But I agree with your sentiment - if she could have attended opening night and done a photo opp it could have really amplified the show.

 May 18 2024, 11:54:14 PM

Madonna was at the show tonight (as was I) and I am still trembling. 

LEMPICKA closing May 19
 May 14 2024, 09:32:59 PM

Miserent said: "Is Eden still having bad pitch issues? I’m debating seeing it one more time, but if she’s still super pitchy most of the time, I dont think I wanna do it."

She was great at the May 5, 2pm show, and I think reports have generally been positive since she came back from her sick leave.

I might suggest not going to a 1pm matinee (only 2 of those remain) - she said on Instagram that they are very hard for her to wake u

Scott Rudin returns:
 May 13 2024, 04:19:46 PM

TotallyEffed said: "veronicamae said: "TotallyEffed said: "He also understood how to market his shows in a much more sophisticated way than most shows on Broadway."

Ah yes -by not paying for it, if I recall.

He treats everyone around him and those who are behind the scenes like worms. He can get out and stay out of this industry.

I meant design.

Too bad he did not pay for that design (done by his then-agency SpotCo) and subsequent usage to the tune of $6.3 million.

Scott Rudin returns:
 May 13 2024, 03:50:35 PM

TotallyEffed said: "He also understood how to market his shows in a much more sophisticated way than most shows on Broadway."

Ah yes - by not paying for it, if I recall.

He treats everyone around him and those who are behind the scenes like worms. He can get out and stay out of this industry.

Pineapple Room
 May 11 2024, 06:03:57 PM

BobNC said: "I have front row mezzanine tickets to an early June evening performance of "Cabaret.".  I have no interest in the 75 minute early arrival, purchasing the Pineapple Room upgrade at $95, or anything other than seeing the show.  

Will I be able to arrive 15 minutes before the 8pm start of the show and expect to get seated before it begins?

From the posts in this thread, sounds like I should be able to skip the pre-show stuff, b

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