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Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 2/18/24  Feb 21 2024, 12:03:32 AM

I'm not one to agree with Broadway Flash 99.999% of the time, but I did walk into another show with one of Hadestown's producers early last year where we discussed their possible upcoming closure in light of sales. 

Of course, they are still running, so the decision to close did not happen, and they began casting some "notable" folks.

But, I myself had a conversation with a producer about it. That is all I want to offer here.

Jeremy Jordan missing in-person rehearsals because he had a few concerts! OUCH  Feb 19 2024, 05:30:48 PM

Just how many concerts does he have, aka how many actual in-person rehearsals is he missing?

Lea Salonga's initial Broadway rehearsals for Allegiance on Broadway were fully remote from the Phillippines while the rest of the cast was in NYC. Do you take issue with that as well? For context, she had also already performed the show out of town.

Idina Menzel to star in new stage musical REDWOOD at La Jolla  Feb 19 2024, 01:35:07 PM

Broadway Flash said: "Michael park said he has to climb trees in the show and that it’s so physically demanding"

Makes sense given on the video of Idina learning how to climb trees.

As I mentioned back in November, I've already seen a presentation, but I am very excited to see it staged/choreographed! Counting down the days.

The music is wonderful and feels cinematic. Kate Diaz, the composer, is not a theater composer - she's scored T

Is Satine really gone at the end of the play?  Feb 18 2024, 06:57:02 PM

this entire thread is great entertainment, but i can't get past 'we assert...' as if it's the opening argument in a court of law

What Next For The Majestic?  Feb 17 2024, 02:19:39 AM

Broadway Flash said: "Not happy about them putting up a digital marqueeat all. What’s the big benefit of having it anyway? It looks so much more elegant the way it is. Do you know what show is coming in?"

Digital marquees allow shows to run multiple messages about their production - show times, quotes, other information or designs, and they can be changed with the push of a button and for a few hundred dollars of design work. And when there isn't a show

Taylor Tomlinson's new Netflix special includes an extended BC/EFA Auction bit  Feb 17 2024, 01:18:43 AM

She's hilarious as is this bit - I've watched the special roughly 4x this week (just to have something enjoyable on in the background while I work).

Idina Menzel to star in new stage musical REDWOOD at La Jolla  Feb 16 2024, 10:10:09 PM

This video was shared today - Idina and Tina Landau discussing (and showing) how Idina learned to climb trees and rappel down walls.

Idina Menzel to star in new stage musical REDWOOD at La Jolla  Feb 13 2024, 01:29:57 PM

Can't wait to see what the first audiences think!

I'm going next weekend.

Little Shop...Who Leads? Anyone know?  Feb 7 2024, 10:12:07 PM

DramaTeach said: "Honestly, this casting seems very boring to me. Criss hasn’t had a role in a while and he’s hasn’t even done Elsie Fest, a thing that wins him brownie points with theater nerds. Evan Rachel Wood’s name has been more in the press because of drama with Marilyn Manson that anything else as of late. Eh."

Ah yes, one must run a mediocre theater-focused music festival every year to have clout in the Broadway communtiy year

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Feb 4 2024, 02:18:12 PM

TBFL said: "The main cast have just finished filming a 'behind the scenes' feature for NBC. They put up various sets to film on, went to wardrobe and make up departments and then fake filmed it, as filming has already wrapped.

There are some great merch tie in's coming, including Barbie and the one i'm most looking forward to - Lego.

LEGO????? Ohhhhhh wallet.....

New Musical, WILD, World Premiere at ART - Previews & Reviews  Jan 23 2024, 03:57:02 PM

They were working on an album (concept album?) after the fact, and some of the cast performed a song from it not terribly long ago at some type of climate change event in NYC. There was no indication that Idina or Javier were involved in the concept album based on the posts on social media - just the main young folks.

And sometimes folks just do a little workshoppy shoppy out of towner for the creative experience of it and who they got to collaborate with, etc. even if the material isn

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 21 2024, 06:14:38 PM

Springtime said: "Lately she is missing either the matinee or evening performance on Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week. I'll keep monitoring her attendance record while producers choose not to announce her clearly scheduled absences. The frustration/anger on social media from attendees who keep missing her is also increasing."

Thank goodness you are monitoring and reporting here as the producers have no idea about audience feedback on social media because the

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 14 2024, 02:07:24 PM

Shubert Alley Cat said: "BernadetteJD said: "Honestly- I think it would just be nice for the show to post something on instagram of the schedule when/if they know. It would at least curtail expectations. All the interviews are the three of them; it’s clearly how the show is being marketed so I was a bit disappointed. Further, seems to happen at a fairly high %. Unfortunately, was just in town for weekend, booked these tickets back in March 2023 and don’t know if

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Jan 4 2024, 01:16:20 AM

Dancingthrulife2 said: "Hmm since Lindsay Mendez is above title, if the producers do not exercise their due care and inform the audience that Mendez would be out reasonably ahead of time, they would probably be required to refund an audience member for frustration of purpose even if the person has sit through the show, citing Krell v. Henry."

Attendees are informed of cast absences through the usual methods (Playbill insert/houseboard) and anyone who wants a refund c

Casting Call for a Female Zombie Type with Killer Vocals Pun Intended  Dec 4 2023, 05:54:10 PM

I hope Betsy Wolfe gets the job - her auditions have been great.

GUTENBERG! THE MUSICAL! Reviews  Dec 4 2023, 02:15:02 PM

DramaTeach said: "Gad posted on Instagram asking if people want a cast recording, so it seems like it’s coming. I sort of hate all the social media stuff that’s come along with this show including the guests, but I also kind of admire them for committing to it. Especially Gad. His laugh at the cheesy puns from the “producers” is a lot, but the man’s working. I know these seem like backhanded compliments, but I really do love it and hate it at the same ti

What Next For The Majestic?  Dec 3 2023, 06:29:08 PM

It's amusing that two posts back to back completely contradict one another.

Someone with connections says they heard it has a tenant, timing TBD. Followed immediately by someone saying nothing is scheduled regardless of timing.

Who's right?

Lindsay Mendez in Merrily We Roll Along  Nov 28 2023, 09:00:58 PM

DramaTeach said: "mshalo18 said: "dramamama611 said: "Falsettolands said: "every time I try to give the real reason, mods delete my post.

Mendez's absences are not industry or filming related.

I think that is obvious to many of us - which makes it even less of our business.

If people are that interested in knowing what's going on, Google is their friend- they can get an inkling that way. A

We need to soundproof the theatres  Nov 20 2023, 07:37:09 PM

ErmengardeStopSniveling said: "It's much more complicated than just adding insulation or stronger walls/doors, and like I said above I'm sure the landlords have explored options and decided that it's not financially feasible or wouldn't be effective enough to spend the money on.

I wonder if the new Palace being up high off of street level will help? Does sound bleed still happen in the Marquis and Gershwin?

I've never noticed stree

We need to soundproof the theatres  Nov 20 2023, 02:02:10 PM

For once, I agree w/ BroadwayFlash.

I don't think theaters need to rush to incur the costs of doing this, but whenever a renovation of any scale occurs, it would be nice for it to be considered to help bring down the infiltration of the street noise. I was once at a show and an ambulance was stuck in traffic right outside the exit doors for several minutes, siren blaring so loudly I couldn't hear the dialogue. It's not like the ambulance can turn off its siren, nor can the

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