Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival

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#1Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival
Posted: 3/29/20 at 12:07pm

I know she's made the move to Hollywood for the moment, but after watching this new (to me) video:

Do you think there's ANY chance of her in the revival? 

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#2Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival
Posted: 3/29/20 at 2:30pm

I’ve been thinking this too, I doubt she would do Papermill and a subsequent tour, but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of plausibility to think they could bring her in for the Broadway run.

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#3Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival
Posted: 3/29/20 at 2:46pm

I don’t think she’d do this on broadway. If they make a film adaption I could see her in that, though.

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#4Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival
Posted: 3/29/20 at 4:02pm

Zero chance. I think the next thing we see her do is an original musical that she gets involved with early and helps shape it. Or, a play, to show that she's not just a musical theatre actress on stage.

But, commitment is a big issue with stars and musicals. In a commercial production of a new musical, an actor needs to give a year, or at least 10 months, for any chance of recoupment. There's also developmental work and an out-of-town engagement, which could take years. It's a lot of work and time for less money than Hollywood/recording.

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#5Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival
Posted: 3/30/20 at 10:17am

I doubt she'll do another revival for awhile, whenever she does come back to the stage. 

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#6Cynthia Erivo / AIDA Revival
Posted: 3/30/20 at 10:53am

With her doing films now, I highly doubt she'd start off doing the tour. Maybe there's a chance if this comes to Broadway she agrees to it.

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