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CABARET at the Kit Kat Club Previews  Apr 9 2024, 01:49:37 PM

henrike said: "I caught the show tonight, and overall, it's solid. But given that Cabaret is produced everywhere (colleges, community, regional), it's been explored to death. And this production wasn't revelatory for someone who has seen multiple productions of it.

One thing must be said: Ato Blankson-Wood gives the most amateur acting I've seen in a principal role on Broadway.

His book scenes with Sally in act 2 were just truly awful. Basically

John Cardoza held at gunpoint, Michael Stuhlbarg attacked with a rock  Apr 1 2024, 11:18:10 PM

dramamama611 said: "Except the only reason we're hearing about them is because they are broadway actors. If they were regular Joe Shmoes, it's unlikely we would have known at all - or taken much notice except to think, tsk tsk."

I'm guessing you don't watch local news? Because lately it's been non-stop with attacks, shootings, stabbings, pushing, robbing, you name it. There's literally not enough airtime for it all.

Congestion pricing will destroy broadway  Mar 26 2024, 01:18:02 PM

Considering the tolls just to get in and/or out of the city keep going up, adding that to the congestion pricing, higher pricing on everything in general, or the generally not feeling safe coming into the city any longer - there's a good chance the straw will break sooner rather than later.

TAMMY FAYE will transfer to Broadway in 2024-2025 Season  Mar 22 2024, 01:26:25 PM

Can Tammy really fill the Palace? 

Smash -- Series Discussion  Mar 22 2024, 01:23:46 PM

lenovox1 said: "And isn't Hudson one of the most prominent Black women in the industry that consistently financially supports new musical productions on Broadway? Her presence is very significant, even if it's "marketing" or "symbolic.""

Once. She's only done it once before. And unless I'm mistaken, her name made no difference at all for A Strange Loop.

Back in the day people did it before, but for example with Whoopi, I did

Smash -- Series Discussion  Mar 21 2024, 02:06:50 PM

KevinKlawitter said: "Jennifer Hudson joins as Producer; Show aiming for Spring 2025 opening on Broadway "

How exciting for nobody.

CBS Sunday Morning Did Not Ask Nicholas Sparks About Racist/Homophobic Comments  Mar 18 2024, 01:42:46 PM

BETTY22 said: "CBS Sunday Morning is under the NEWSdivision at CBS - not the entertainment division.

Asking about racist remarks while promoting a color blind show is an important question.

Sparks might have had a great answer - I can't imagine what that would be, but he might have. Now we will never know.

Or maybe he's moved on and/or grown up because clearly he's fine with it. 

Is Ben Platt Reopening The Palace theatre with a concert for his new Album?  Mar 18 2024, 01:38:01 PM

"From Judy Garland and Harry Belafonte to Liza Minnelli and Elvis Presley, Broadway’s past and present will come together as Platt graces the stage, adding a new unforgettable chapter to the Palace’s storied legacy."

I can only hope that he sings mostly songs from those artists, because I think I've only heard one of his songs and it's not enough for me to buy a ticket. 

Chicago The Musical Appreciation Thread  Mar 9 2024, 11:05:44 AM

Says a lot that no one here seems to have any interest in seeing Madix.

Denzel Washington to return to Broadway in OTHELLO?  Mar 6 2024, 01:50:04 PM

BroadwayNYC2 said: "I’ll obviously see this but I feel like I’ve already seen this before despite never happening."

Literally me reading the news today. I mean Denzel and Kenny just seem so "been there, done that."

SLAVE PLAY headed to London?  Feb 28 2024, 10:05:01 PM

I'd more excited about Fisayo Akinade who's been in a bunch of stuff.

New musical in development with Idina Menzel  Feb 28 2024, 04:45:46 PM

ACL2006 said: "Hopefully it's better than IF/THEN."

Based on the production photos, they might've just recycled her IF/THEN costumes.

A WONDERFUL WORLD To Open On Broadway Fall 2024  Feb 28 2024, 01:59:32 PM

Someone point to the "rave reviews" the show received out of town. Because those I definitely don't remember!

Second Stage to Leave Its Off Broadway Theater  Feb 23 2024, 01:33:21 PM

Wow. Is that a typical lease term? 8 years, you're responsible for upkeep, and they can kick you out with little notice?

Explains a lot about the city's current lack of commercial tenants.

What's Next for the Broadhurst?  Feb 22 2024, 01:43:07 PM

I can't imagine it staying quiet until the spring, this one is known for it's fall/winter limited runs, starry plays galore

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd'  Feb 21 2024, 11:57:19 PM

Saw the show tonight. As I've mentioned before, I hated just about every comic bit of mugging that Groban and Ashford forced upon us. While a lot of it was sadly still there (bad director, bad) there was one saving grace...Sutton Foster.

Foster is unbelievable in this role. While that mugging is still there, I actually laughed more than I did the first time I saw the show. Her ability to ground anything she does so her actions just make sense? It's a powerful skill I wish they

Tom Holland Will Star in ROMEO & JULIET in London's West End  Feb 13 2024, 01:27:16 PM

By comparison, front row at Little Shop is going for over $300 with Darren and Evan.

On a related note, I know the front row can be a little problematic at some West End theatres - I think the Pinter is particularly bad - how is it at Duke of York's?

Aaron Tveit, Sutton Foster will next star in ‘Sweeney Todd’  Feb 13 2024, 01:24:47 PM

I bought return tickets for next week really hoping a lot of the nonsense that Groban and Ashford brought to their roles was their choice, and we'd be done with them with the actors leaving. I guess it really is just the director not trusting the material. I guess I'll have to prepare for the worst.

Universal's WICKED Film - News & Discussion Thread  Feb 11 2024, 11:13:15 PM

Every bit as visually dazzling as I knew John M. Chu would imagine it.

Still not convinced it should be two parts.

Still not sold on Cynthia.  That run did nothing for me at the end.

Smash -- Series Discussion  Feb 11 2024, 10:53:00 AM

DaveyG said: "Where’s Bonnie Milligan? I heard she was amazing in the last workshop!"

It's a pretty big commitment right now when her current show is closing, maybe she's focusing on those last few months of shows and working on other things when shorter time commitments.

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