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Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition

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Mr. Wormwood
#150Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition
Posted: 10/28/23 at 4:54pm

Broadway Flash said: "Circle in the Square, shubert, golden, James earl jones are the only ones now that don’t have a tenant for the spring. Hudson could possibly sneak something else in there but some say merrily will extend. Will Kimberly close?"

There could still be winter closings that could open up theaters. Maybe Kimberly but I'm feeling better about its chances. Broadway seems likely to be open. Maybe Broadhurst or Walter Kerr too... Or perhaps Belasco or Barrymore if either Ohio or Harmony doesn't work. 

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Broadway Flash
#151Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition
Posted: 10/28/23 at 8:24pm

will something open this spring?

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Dylan Smith4
#152Empty Broadway Houses Summer 2023 Edition
Posted: 10/28/23 at 9:42pm

I could see the Scherzinger-led Sunset Blvd. transferring to the Shubert from London in the Spring. Perfect stage for it, plus...

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I don't know if Brokeback Mountain has any plans to transfer from London, but Circle in the Square would be good for that. 

Merrily isn't going anywhere until at least awards season, especially with the grossings it's getting currently. Someone on another thread said they heard the leads signed 10-month contracts. So I see that extending again. 

Don't know about the Golden, but I said Operation Mincemeat should go in there but they're looking further down the line to transfer that. 

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