Spamalot Stagedoor

#1Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/3/23 at 8:58pm

When you have gone to see Spamalot, who has been stagedooring?

Updated On: 12/3/23 at 08:58 PM

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#2Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/3/23 at 9:21pm

They didn’t even have the barricades set up after the matinee yesterday.

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#3Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/3/23 at 9:35pm

It seems dependent on the day. 

The first time I went (after 2nd preview), it was Walker, Smagula, Kritzer, and Killam. (I also happened to catch Iglehart as I was heading toward the end of the block).

The second time (day before opening) was Smagula, Urie, Walker, and Iglehart.

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#4Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/4/23 at 10:11am

Interesting, good to know! If anyone else has their own experiences to share I'd love to hear!

#5Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/4/23 at 10:56am

jordgoldberg said: "Interesting, good to know! If anyone else has their own experiences to share I'd love to hear!"

The day before Thanksgiving was at least Urie, Iglehart, and Walker. I had to leave before everyone had come out so there may have been more.

#6Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/4/23 at 9:24pm

Has Slater been stagedooring?

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#7Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/5/23 at 6:01am

spongealot123 said: "Has Slater been stagedooring?"


#8Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/5/23 at 5:36pm

BrodyFosse123 said: "spongealot123 said: "Has Slater been stagedooring?"

just a question lol



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Posted: 12/6/23 at 8:01pm

spongealot123 said: "Has Slater been stagedooring?"

Very curious about this as well. Both because it's always a pleasure meeting him and because of the obvious. Would love to hear experiences if people have any 👀

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#10Spamalot Stagedoor
Posted: 12/6/23 at 8:02pm

Every principal cast member stage doored at my performance except for Fitzgerald and Kritzer.

Oh look, a bibu!